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Social Event Wedding

Social Events are back in The Sims 4! Each social event has goals that you need to complete in order to get a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal. If you complete more goals you will get a better Medal for it. There are also achievements to be unlocked.

Throw a Party!

All of the parties have an Event Window to help you keep track how many goals you need to complete to get a higher Medal. For your event to be at all successful, you must meet the main goal. If you complete the main goal you will get a Bronze Reward. In order to get a Silver or Gold medal you need to complete the additional goals show below the main goal. If you complete one, you will get a new one to complete. Some goals may be difficult to complete because you can’t control all the Sims at you party. When Sims need to dance, call them to the dance floor yourself by clicking on the stereo/jukebox. Make sure you keep the drinks well stocked!

Plan your Party

To plan a party you need to click on your cell phone and select the Plan Social Event option. Choose the party you want to host. Each party will costs some Simoleons and you need to pay up in front.

Now is the time to invite Sims. Start off by selecting the host, this is always one or more Sims in you household. Next step, inviting the guests to your party, birthday or wedding. You must invite a minimum of 2 Sims to a party and a maximum of 20. If you keep the number of guests low, it’s easier to achieve goals. If you are hosting your first party, it’s easier to start off with the Dinner Party.

You can select an Entertainer, a Caterer, and a Mixologist. These can be your Sims, Sims you already know or a random Sim to fill this positions. These are optional but can really help a party. Make sure you have all the requirements for these Sims to do their jobs.

Now select the location! Focus on the main goal of your party and complete additional goals as many as you can to earn a Gold Medal.

Host a Dinner Party

Hosting a Dinner Party

Host an incredible evening of culinary delights and mouth watering table talk. Hire a renowned caterer or show off your own skills!

Main goal: Call Guests to Meal
Additional goals: Have Sims Dance at the Same Time (0/3), Thank a Guest for Coming (0/1), Make Drinks (0/3), Tell Jokes (0/2), Have Sims Become Playful at the Same Time (0/3), Have Sims Eating at the Same Time (0/3)

This is the easiest party to host at this moment. You only need a host and guests, you don’t need anyone else. One of the goals is that you need to prepare a meal so make sure you do that AFTER the party started. You don’t even have to be a good cook to have a successful Dinner Party.

Minimum requirements to host a Dinner Party

  • Enough Tables and Chairs for your guests
  • Stove, counter, and refrigerator

Dinner Party Medal Rewards

Bronze Medal RewardSilver Medal RewardGold Medal Reward
N/AN/AKitchen Appliances

Hints and tips to earn a Gold Medal with a Dinner Party

  • Prepare a meal after the party started
  • When possible, have more then one hosts so you can complete the goals faster
  • Place a bar to mix drinks
  • Make sure you got a speaker/jukebox in the room
  • Put an object like a Plumbob lamp in the room and enable the aura for the right emotion for every Sim

Hosting a House Party

Hosting a House Party

Be the talk of the town. Make your neighbors jealous with your catered spread and awesome drinks. Maybe even invite a few of them!

Main goal: Hosts Socialize with Guests
Additional goals: Eat Food (0/4), Tell Jokes (0/2), Have Sims Listen to Music at the Same Time (0/3), Have Sims Kiss (0/3), Eat Cake (0/4), Flirt (0/5), Have Drinks (0/3), Have Sims Playing Games at the Same Time, Have Sims Become Happy/Playful at the Same Time (0/3), …

House Party Medal Rewards

Bronze Medal RewardSilver Medal RewardGold Medal Reward

Hints and tips to earn a Gold Medal with a House Party

  • Spend some Simoleons on good quality Caterers, Entertainers and Mixologists
  • When possible, have more then one hosts so you can complete the goals faster
  • Make sure you keep the drinks well stocked

Host a Birthday Party

How to celebrate a Birthday Party

Main goal: Blow out the candles on the Birthday cake

Baking the Birthday Cake

If you want to hosts a Birthday party for one of your Sims you need a cake. You can make a cake yourself or let the Caterer do it. When the cake is done, make sure you put birthday candles on the cake by clicking on the cake and select that option. If your Sim is going to bake the cake his/herself you can bake it in advance and put in the inventory. You can pull the baked cake out during the Birthday Party. Read the complete birthday party guide.

Minimum requirements to host a Birthday Party

  • Birthday Cake

Birthday Party Medal Rewards

Bronze Medal RewardSilver Medal RewardGold Medal Reward
Balloons and a Banner
Balloons and a Banner

Hints and tips to earn a Gold Medal on the Birthday Party

  • Spend some Simoleons on good quality Caterers, Entertainers and Mixologists
  • When possible, have more then one hosts so you can complete the goals faster

Social Event Plan Wedding

How to plan a Wedding

A wedding doesn’t make a marriage, but it sure can help kick things off the right way.

Main goal: Get Married!
Additional goals: Have Drinks (0/3), Have Guests Watch the Ceremony (0/1), Talk to Guests for 2 Hours (0/2), Take First Slice (0/1), Have the Betrothed Kiss* (0/1), Eat Food (0/4), Betrothed Flirt With Each Other (0/3), Thank a Guest for Coming (0/1)

*Meaning: Let the just married couple kiss

Weddings are a special type of social event. The main goal of the event is to get married (Thank you captain obvious). You need to have a Wedding Arch to complete the basic objectives. You don’t need a lot of guests to earn a Gold Medal on your Sims wedding.

Fun fact: If a married Sim click on the Wedding Arch you can renew your Sims vows with their spouse.

Baking the Wedding Cake

You can create a Wedding Cake the same way as the Birthday Cake, bake a cake and put Wedding topping on it. You can make the cake before the Wedding starts and put it (with the topping) in your inventory. You can take the Wedding Cake out during the most beautiful event of your Sims. Wedding can be a small affair.

Minimum Requirements to plan a Wedding

  • Wedding Arch

Wedding Medal Rewards

Bronze Medal RewardSilver Medal RewardGold Medal Reward
In Full Bloom Centerpiece
In Full Bloom Centerpiece
Wedding Pillar with Floral Basket
Wedding Pillar with Floral Basket
Standard Kitchen Appliances

Hints and tips to earn a Gold Medal on a Wedding

  • Have a Wedding Cake ready or hire a Caterer (Stove, counter, and refrigerator needed)
  • Put down a plate of food for the guests and your household
  • Put down a bench or chair so guests can watch the Wedding
  • Place a bar so you or a Mixologist can make drinks

Black and White Bash Party

Hosting a Black and White Bash

(Requires The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition)

Nothing is ever black and white, except your very own Black & White Bash! Entertain your friends in high style-black tie or white tie, little black dress or lily-white gown, your guests will be dressed to the nines and ready to party.

Main goal: Discuss Black & White Things with Guests (0/10)
Additional goals: Sims Listen to the Piano at the Same Time (0/3), Craft Zebra Fizz (0/2), Make Shrimp Cocktail (0/1), Craft a Drink of Excellent Quality (0/1), Make an Excellent Quality Black and White Food (0/1), …

This party is exclusive to The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition and it will not appear when you have the ‘normal edition’ of The Sims 4. You can always upgrade your Sims 4 game to the Digital Deluxe Edition on Origin.

When you start this party, all your guests will arrive in Black and White clothes and your household who are attending the party will also change their clothes.

Black and White Bash Medal Rewards

Bronze Medal RewardSilver Medal RewardGold Medal Reward
??????New Musical Object

Hints and tips to earn a Gold Medal with a Black and White Bash

  • Have a Stove, counter, and a refrigerator
  • When possible, have more then one hosts so you can complete the goals faster
  • Place a bar to mix drinks
  • Make sure you got a piano in the room with chairs around it
  • Learn until lvl 3 Gourmet Cooking Skill to your Sims to create the Salt and Pepper Shrimp Cocktail

Weenie Roast

Hosting a Weenie Roast

(Requires The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat)

Get together with your camping buddies and enjoy a night of eating and conversation by the fire!

Main goal: Roast Hot Dogs on the Campfire (0/3)
Additional goals: Tell a Group Story to Guests (0/1), Cook a Meal on the Grill (0/1), Add Logs to the Campfire (0/3), Have Drinks from the Cooler (0/3), Play Violin Around the Campfire (0/1), Enthuse About Wildlife Encounter (0/2), Discuss Adding Another Log (0/2), Hang Out at the Campfire for 3 Hours (0/3), Play with the Campfire (0/1), Have Four Sims Playing Card Games (0/4)

Immediately start with the main goal. roasting the Hot Dogs takes a long time while chatting with people around the campfire. The event only lasts for 6 hours.

Minimum Requirements to host a Weenie Roast

  • Campfire

Weenie Roast Medal Rewards

Bronze Medal RewardSilver Medal RewardGold Medal Reward
Let's Go Fishing Chair
Let's Go Fishing Chair
Hand Carved Chess Table
Hand Carved Chess Table

Hints and tips to earn a Gold Medal on a Weenie Roast

  • Hire a Grill Master
  • Have a Grill, Cooler and a Campfire
  • When possible, have more then one host so you can complete the goals faster
  • Put down benches or chairs around the campfire so Sims can sit while talking


Hosting a Spooky Party

(Requires The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff)

Hosting a Spooky Party is all about Pumpkin Carving! Read the complete Spooky Party guide here

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  1. What on earth is the caterer supposed to do? And how do I get them to make any darn food? I can’t get my host to cook anything whatsoever during the party because there is a caterer, but he isn’t cooking either. I have a whole nice kitchen at my house. He just stands around and talks and there are no commands for “go make food please.” How can I get the caterer to do anything?

    1. Had the same problem, it took a few hours before the caterer was actually baking the wedding cake on my Sims Wedding. It was just in time before the party was over but I think the developers needs to take a look at it.

    1. I had to make three birthday cakes once because hungry guests kept taking a piece before I had a chance to add candles. Now I grab a plate of leftovers and put them on the side so the guests can eat that.

  2. Can”t get anyone to watch the ceramony. The sims just randomly walk off eating, peeing, dancing in the corner and sleeping in a bed while the couple were exchanging vowls.

  3. My Sims Aspiration is to earn gold 3 medals at a party and attend 25 social events. But its so difficult to earn gold! How am i suppose to make the Sims kiss? When her wife is away working?! Should i make him cheat? and the guests just went straight to kitchen open the fridge to take food even before the caterer starts cooking. Its so chaotic. And during my Sim twins birthday i made him the cook. He has high cooking skill but not maxed out and one of goal is to cook roast chicken so he was not able to do that. And most of the time my host sim bakes a cake even the caterer bakes one because the guests would grab whatever food is around (they take from the fridge too even though the caterer already prepared) the goal to eat cake isnt posted yet at the goal list.

  4. I forgot to mention in house party. There is goal to make sims kiss 3/3, flirt 3/3, sima happy at the same time, have 3 sims listening to music at the same time, have 3 sims playful at the same, 3 sims eating at the same time, have food, eat cake. But these are randomized

  5. I have noticed that for parties (specifically the Dinner Parties), I do not have to cook the meal once the party starts. I can prepare it before planning the event, place it in the refrigerator, take it out once guests arrive, and then select the option “Call to Meal.” You get the checkmark without having to cook!

    However, I do have issues getting the guests to “Listen to Music at the same time.” I am not sure how to get them to do that. They will dance but that will not count toward that goal. I will have to try again soon.

    Thanks for the guides!

    1. i had this problem too, and then i realized you can turn up the volume of the music to HIGH. it kind of makes everyone gravitate towards the stereo, and then you just keep clicking everyone until you see “Listen to ‘insert music’ TOGETHER” and then you’re all set. but seriously, turn up the tunes! it’s so easy then!! saved me tons of stress.

  6. for some reason when inviting guest, i don’t have anyone to entertain nor mix drinks! I want a party but can’t! What can I do??

    1. This happened to me so my next party I invited less people and they showed. Mixologist and Caterer. Unfortunately it’s a 50/50 chance she’ll cook. Haven’t been successful with entertainer doing their job half the time they don’t show

  7. This is making me so angry lol. How am I supposed to compliment the birthday sim if I AM THE BIRTHDAY SIM?!?!?! Ugh are there any gold metal rewards for b-day party? I hope not…

    1. it’s obviously easier if you are living with another sim, then you just switch over and compliment them. If you’re not – you have to click on every guest and choose ‘Thank for Coming” and cross your fingers that their response will be a compliment. I got it once that way by the skin of my teeth (time was basically out) and then after being irritated by my inability to complete party tasks, had my bf move in. So much easier with 2 sims. good luck!

  8. Has anyone figured out how to make sims dazed from drinks? The challenge came up during a house party event but I can’t figure out what drink to make to make them dazed.

  9. I was looking trough the items I still have to unlock and I found “Flighing Lama”. You can get it when you’ve earned a silver of golden medaille with a costume party? I never had the option to give a costume party in the Sims 4. Does anyone understand this?

  10. It’s not my first time to pay a quick visit this website, i am browsing this site dailly and take pleasant information from here every day.

  11. My sim was invited by another to a party, this has never happened before and i can’t find anything about it, anyone know how to get invited again? It was a terrible party but cool!!

    1. Paige that happen to me as well. The party was same as yours. I think it was okay but the place where the sim had it was small.

      My recommendation is making the cake and putting wedding topper on it. nobody can eat the cake till your done with the marriage ceremony.

  12. How do you choose a specific area for a wedding that is not listed by default? For example; I built on an empty lot the perfect place for my sim couple to get married but it won’t show up on the list of venues. Even though there is a wedding arch it isn’t on the list, even if you click the wedding arch on the property and click plan wedding it just won’t show up. Yet my sim’s neighbor’s house shows up on the list which I also built so why wouldn’t this place show up? How can I get it to show up?

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