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Celebrate the Perfect Birthday in The Sims 4

Celebrate Birthday Party

How to earn a Gold Medal at Birthday Party’s

Birthday parties come but once a year and they are an event that shouldn’t be missed! Bring cake, a gift, and a smile. Happy Birthday! If you want to celebrate a birthday for your Sims you can select more then one as the birthday Sim. So when you have twins they can age up at the same birthday party.

The minimum requirements to host a Birthday Party is a Birthday Cake. If you want to earn a gold medal at the Birthday party you need to complete as many goals until you filled up the social event bar. A Birthday Party is one of the social events to can choose from the party list.


The first thing you will have to do is prepare for the Birthday party. Set up a great party room or download one from The Sims 4 Gallery. What objects do you need in the party room?

  • Put down enough seats for your guests
  • Place a stereo so Sims can listen to the music
  • Place food on the tables
  • Place a card table to play games with a minimum of 3 chairs
  • Place one musical instrument in the room

Baking the Birthday Cake

If you want to hosts a Birthday party for one of your Sims you need a cake. You can make a cake yourself or let the Caterer do it. You can make a Chocolate Cake, White Cake or even a Hamburger Cake if you have the Digital Deluxe upgrade. When the cake is done, make sure you put birthday candles on the cake by clicking on the cake and select that option. If your Sim is going to bake the cake his/herself you can bake it in advance and put in the inventory. You can pull the baked cake out during the Birthday Party.

Tips to earn a Gold Medal

  • Spend some Simoleons on good quality Caterers, Entertainers and Mixologists.
  • Have more then one birthday Sim so you can complete the goals faster

Birthday Cake

Get the party started!

When you have everything ready for the party it’s time to put it in motion. Go to your phone and click on Plan a Social Event. Select Birthday Party to get more options about who the birthday is for and who you want to invite. Now select the Sims who is celebrating her/his birthday, this can be more then one Sim. Next invite the guests. Select every member from your household so they can also complete goals. If you have enough money you can hire extra Sim to become a caterer, mixologist or entertainer. Choose the place where you want to host your party. This can also be at a venue if you like.

Complete Goals

You need to complete a lot of goals to host a gold medal party. Every Sim can complete goals, this includes invited guests. With every birthday party there is a selection with goals to complete, not all goals listed below will come up at every party but it’s recommended to prepare for it in case they do.

Main goal

For your event to be at all successful, you must meet the main goal. If you complete the main goal you will get a Bronze Reward. In order to get a Silver or Gold medal you need to complete the additional goals show below the main goal.

Blow out the candles on the Birthday cake!
Select your Birthday Sim and click on the cake to blow out candles. This will age your Sim up.

Additional goals

You need to complete a numerous of additional goals to get the gold party medal. Good luck!

  • Make a Group Meal 0/1
    Cook a party size or family size meal.
  • Have Sims Become Playful at the Same Time 0/3
    The best way to do this is to place an object with a playful emotional aura like one the Plumbob Lamps
  • Tell Jokes 0/2
    Click on a Sim to tell jokes
  • Have the Birthday Sim Chat While Happy 0/1
    Get them in a happy mood and talk to guests.
  • Compliment the Birthday Sim 0/4
    You can only do this when a Sim is in a happy mood
  • Eat Cake 0/4
    After the Birthday Sim blew out the candles, guests can grab a serving or you can call them to meal.
  • Eat Food 0/4
    Prepare any food and call to meal to let all guests eat.
  • Have Sims Listen to Music at the Same Time 0/3
    Put down a stereo and dance, after this you can invite other Sim to dance with you.
  • Play a Game with the Birthday Sim 0/1
    This can be chess or cards.
  • Have Drinks 0/3
    Make drinks at the bar or hire a Mixologist. Click on a glass to have a drink.
  • Play Musical Instruments for 1 Hour 0/1
    Works with every instrument.
  • Have Sims Playing Games at the Same Time 0/3
    This can be chess, cards or at the computer.
  • Have an Adult Make a Toast 0/1
    Get a drink and click on one of the birthday Sim to make a toast

Birthday Party Rewards

birthday-silver-reward-balloonsThe only unique item you can obtain is the ‘Balloons and a Banner’ object after you hosted a successful silver medal Birthday party. When you unlock this item you can place as many as you want.

Birthday party rewards

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    1. The game will usually let you know with a pop-up message. Alternatively, you can click on the face icon where you track their moods. After clicking this icon there will be a bar at the top of the pop up window. If this bar is green all the way your birthday is that day. You can also track it this way, for example, if the bar is only half full it means its halfway there.
      Hope this is of some help.

    2. It will say ” Y/N birthday is coming up! ” Or ” Y/N birthday is here!Make sure to throw a party! ” Something like that anyway !

    3. I have a problem with this. I have a toddler to celebrate his birthday. I baked the cake, planned a party etc.. until I click on the cake and the option to blow out candles don’t even show! When I try to age him up manually he’s not even in the list of sims to age up! Something clearly is wrong but I can’t figure it out. Please help!

  1. Every time I make a cake they take a piece of it before they even put it down, let alone before I can get candles on it. Any idea why this is happening?

  2. Same problem as above. I’ve made 4 cakes now, and every time im like waiting for the second they pull it out of the oven, but they are always immediately holding a slice. One of my sims aged automatically, but I can’t get my other one to age up. I had a party on his birthday, but he didn’t age. And every time I try to have a party now, it tells me nobody is having a birthday in my house.

  3. I downloaded the Digital Deluxe Upgrade, and when I try to make my sim bake a cake, there aren’t cake selections to choose from. How do I fix this?

    1. Click on the oven, then click cook, and then cakes will come up. You can make cakes even with a level one cook.

  4. Did you all think of making the cake BEFORE the party? It says you can make it in advance or have the Caterer do it

  5. To make a toast. Make sure the Bday Sims and an adult Sims are both holding a drink. Then click on the “Friendly” action, then “Make toast” action. Your Sim will make a short toast

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  7. Everything worked perfect! Thanks for this guide.
    Btw, is there any chance you can share the pink-hair female sims in the pics? she’s beautiful.
    thanks again.

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