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Reach for the stars as an Astronaut in The Sims 4

Is NASA rejecting your kind offer to join them on their next trip to the moon? Well, now you can live out your wildest dreams and become an Astronaut without them! Well, not for real of course… But your Sim sure can do it for you. Find out all there is to know about the Astronaut career, the most adventurous career in The Sims 4!

Who doesn’t dream of going to space? Become an astronaut and the galaxy will be your playground.

Career branches: Interstellar Smuggler and Space Ranger

Prepare for your job as an Astronaut

Pick up the phone and choose the Astronaut career to get started. We have some tips and tricks for you to help make it easier to get promotions.

  • Level up Logic skill
    Observe the sky (or your neighbors) in the observatory, play chess or use a microscope to improve your Logic skill. Or you can always just pick up a Logic skill book and read…
  • Level up Fitness skill
    Hit the gym and get in shape, your Sim will need to max out the Fitness skill so better get right on it sooner than later!
  • Build your own rocket ship
    Eventually your Sim will need their very own rocket ship and the Rocket Science skill. The easiest way to get both of this done simultaneously is by letting your Sim build their own rocket, leveling up their skill in the process.
  • Pick a helpful aspiration
    Nerd Brain is great if you want to focus on the more scientific side of your job. It will help pick up the Logic & Rocket Science skills more easily thanks to the Quick Learner bonus trait. Bodybuilder is a good choice if you want to focus on the physical side of the career.
  • Go to work with a positive emotion
    Pick the right traits so your Sim gets a happy buff quite easily. Make sure your needs are almost maxed out or you can work from home.
  • Complete the daily task
    This will give a boost to your work performance.
  • Maintain a good relationship with co-workers
    When you completed your first workday your colleagues will pop up in the relationship menu. Give them a call, text or invite them to your home to get a better relationship.

For the Space Ranger branch

  • Get a Physics degree (requires The Sims 4 Discover University)
    A degree in Physics will give your Sim a HUGE head start in their Astronaut career. Regular as well as Distinguished Physics degrees will always boost your Sim to a whopping level 8 – Planet Patrol of their Space Ranger career.

For the Interstellar Smuggler branch

  • Get a Villainy degree (requires The Sims 4 Discover University)
    What better degree to get for a smuggler than the Villainy degree? Any degree in Villainy (Distinguished or not) will boost your Sims’ career to level 8 – Moon Mercenary of the Interstellar Smuggler branch.

Pick the right Traits

It’s helpful to pick the right traits for the job. This will boost the happiness of your Sim while working.

  • Active
    These Sims tend to be Energized, can Pump Up other Sims, and may become upset if they don’t exercise for a period of time.
  • Genius
    These Sims tend to be Focused, can Share Ideas with other Sims, and may become upset if they haven’t improved their Mental Skills for some time.
  • Cheerful
    These Sims tend to be Happier than other Sims.

Career Promotions

Now that you’re settled in a bit, it’s time to work on getting your Sim the promotions they deserve. Your Sim will disappear into a rabbit hole while they’re working, so now all you have to do is wait for them to return home or perhaps play other Sims in your household.

Use cheats to level up the Astronaut career

You can also use a cheat to give your Sim a promotion in the Astronaut career. Make sure the testingcheats true cheat is turned on and then enter the following:

careers.promote Astronaut

If you don’t own a chess table your Sim can visit a park and use one there to complete their daily task.

Daily Task: Play Chess

Between workdays your Sim will have to perform a daily task in order to progress towards a promotion. The first task your Sim has to complete will be to Play Chess. Use a chess table to play a game of chess by yourself or with other Sims. This will also level up your Logic skill which you’ll need to progress in the Astronaut career.

1 – Intern

Your Sim always had dreams about exploring the cosmos, walking among the stars, and discovering places unknown. Their journey begins here, in the file room, categorizing expense reports.

§ 26/hour – § 234/day

  • Enthuse about Space

2 – Module Cleaner

Little-known fact: Space is an absolutely filthy place. When the shuttles return, guess who gets to hose them down and scrub off the gunk? Your Sim hopes the goo is just dirt and not some incurable form of Oozing Space Measles.

§ 34/hour – § 306/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 2 Logic Skill

Promotion Reward

  • Astro Solar System Light

3 – Technician

Your Sim doesn’t think of themselves as just a glorified mechanic. The shuttle costs billions of Simoleons, and any screw-ups would cost lives. They’re more like a glorified engineer.

§ 54/hour – § 432/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 3 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 2 Fitness Skill

Promotion Reward

  • Astro Model Rocket
  • Interaction: Point Out Constellations
Not all activities that increase the Fitness skill count towards the Work Out daily task. If a workout counts your daily task progress should change from Not Started to Just Started in your Sim’s Career interface once they start their exercise.

Daily Task: Work Out

Go for a jog, jump into the pool to swim some laps or use the workout equipment in the local gym… player’s choice!

4 – Command Center Lead

Guiding virtual rockets into place, analyzing the movements of blinking dots on a computer screen, running simulations… Looks like all those hours your Sim spent playing video games are paying off!

§ 71/hour – § 568/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 4 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 3 Fitness Skill

Promotion Reward

  • Star Seeker Original Blueprints
  • Track Satellites (observatory interaction)

5 – Low-Orbit Specialist

Low orbit is where the real action is – satellites, space stations, space walks, daredevils attempting to break the world record for high-altitude parachuting. If something goes wrong, it’s also the closest place to breathable air, which is why your Sim likes it.

§ 96/hour – § 864/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 5 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 4 Fitness Skill

Promotion Reward

  • Portable Galaxy Lightshow

6 – Space Cadet

Your Sim was hoping that if they “accidentally” derailed a shuttle-board “simulation” they might be able to launch the shuttle and get to space… but it turns out that actual spacecraft are pretty well-secured. That’s good because your Sim is still learning how to space brake and star park.

§ 104/hour – § 1.040/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 5 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 6 Fitness Skill

Promotion Reward

  • Mission Control

7 – Astronaut

This is it: Astronaut. The best of the best. The heroic few. The job kids want to be when they grow up that they still want to be as adults. Your Sim will now go boldly into that great beyond to explore the secrets of the universe and eat weird freeze-dried ice cream.

§ 119/hour – § 1.190/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 6 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 7 Fitness Skill

Promotion Reward

  • Salyut Aeronaut Chair
  • New Space Suit outfits in Create a Sim
Until level 7 promotion rewards will include various furniture and decorative items, plus your very own Space Suit. Depending on your Sims’ specialization you’ll unlock the items on the left (Interstellar Smuggler) or the right (Space Ranger).

Choose your specialization

Now it’s time to choose a path for your Sim in order to advance. Both branches will require you to own a rocket ship to do your daily task and to level up your Rocket Science skill. The Space Ranger branch seems to be the more honest route, while the Interstellar Smuggler reflects more of an intergalactic criminal vibe. Promotion Rewards are similar with a recipe, a few new objects (including unique rocket ships) and a representative outfit for each branch.

Build your own rocket ship and Explore Space in order to complete the Space Mission daily task.

Daily Task: Space Mission

Both the Interstellar Smuggler and the Space Ranger branch will need your Sim to complete this new daily task. To complete your Space Mission, click on your rocket ship (see, I told you you’d need it later) and select the Explore Space interaction. If your Sim returns safely from their exploration the task will be marked as completed. 

Tip! This is a great way to complete your Space Rocks & Aliens Collections.

Interstellar Smugglers trade anything you can find in the galaxy, no matter the cost.

The Interstellar Smuggler branch

The Sim who wrangles the most of the stars takes advantage of the ungoverned frontier. Take any job – even if it doesn’t touch the ground.

8 – Moon Mercenary

Any ranger who’s quick with a laser can make more Simoleons in private security than serving the public good. Your Sim protects galactic warlords, exterminates cabals of tribal terrorists, and helps corrupt governments maintain plausible deniability.

§ 201/hour – § 1.608/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 2 Rocket Science Skill
  • Reach Level 8 Fitness Skill

Promotion Reward

  • The Monolith
  • Alien Juice drink recipe

9 – Alien Goods Trader

Want the horn of an endangered zygax? How about a quilt handmade from 2.000 tiny Q505Bs? Maybe just a few Gibsonian chillout pods for the big party next weekend? Your Sim doesn’t ask questions. They just make it happen.

§ 299/hour – § 2.093/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 4 Rocket Science Skill
  • Max Fitness Skill to Level 10

Promotion Reward

  • Zero-G Training Bag

10 – Interstellar Smuggler

There’s no trade route too treacherous, no cargo too controversial for your Sim to covertly ship across the universe and into their customers’ covetous hands. Capitalism is capitalism. And a 2000% markup is a 2000% markup.

§ 413/hour – § 3.717/day – § 14.868/week

Promotion Reward

  • Retro Rocket ship
  • New Interstellar Smuggler outfit in Create a Sim
Space Rangers basically try to stop anarchy from happening in outer space. Let’s put a halt to this nonsense!

The Space Ranger branch

Space is wild and unruly – a bit too unruly. Taking a post in the Planet Patrol ensures that space remains safe for future generations.

8 – Planet Patrol

Your Sim’s drawn a pretty good beat. They’re patrolling planet illustria, which is scenic and upscale, with nice shops and restaurants. Luckily, they didn’t get the Bloodwar planet, which is also pretty scenic but has fewer restaurants.

§ 179/hour – § 1.432/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 2 Rocket Science Skill
  • Reach Level 8 Fitness Skill

Promotion Reward

  • Build Your Own Rocket Kit
  • Space Energy drink recipe

9 – Sheriff of the Stars

This galaxy is your Sim’s jurisdiction now. Even-handed with the punishment and generous with the attitude, they don’t take no nonsense from alien punks, no matter how many tentacles or ocular cavities or rows of teeth they have. Also, your Sim gets to talk like a sheriff!

§ 297/hour – § 2.079/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 4 Rocket Science Skill
  • Max Fitness Skill to Level 10

Promotion Reward

  • Astro-Bunny Beyond Infinity

10 – Space Ranger

When the universe is in danger, one Sim gets the call: you, Space Ranger! With their stout heart, keen wits, and a phozoplasmic Warp Pack strapped to their back, your Sim defends the known galaxies from evil!

§ 422/hour – § 2.954/day – § 11.816/week

Promotion Reward

  • Apollo Rocket ship
  • New Space Ranger outfit in Create a Sim
The Space Ranger branch rewards the Apollo Rocket ship (left) and the Interstellar Smuggler branch will give you the Retro rocket ship (right).
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