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A Spectacular Guide to Specters

Presented by EA GameChangers. Requires The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff DLC.

A new supernatural creature has been introduced in The Sims 4 with the release of the  Paranormal Stuff Pack. The neighborhood is not haunted by Ghosts (well, maybe just a few…), but by Specters! Specters are little apparitions that can roam around the new Haunted House Residential lot type and will gladly interact with your Sims, in good and bad ways.

Where can I find Specters?

Specters can appear on the current lot as long as the type has been set to a Haunted House Residential. These houses are full of paranormal activity, especially at night! Between 9PM and 6AM the following day your Sims can experience a bunch of paranormal happenings, but the cutest of all must be the haunting by Specters.

Summon Specters with Cheats

Instead of waiting for them to appear, you could also use cheats to summon them instantly. Check out our complete list of all the cheats for The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff to see what you need, even if you want to summon the rare yellow Specter!

Collect three different Specters in jars with the Paranormal Investigator Career

Different color, different behaviour

Depending on the spiritual serenity of the house different kinds of Specters can spawn. You’ll recognize them by their colors: green, blue or red. Each type of Specter will react differently to the Sims around them. There can be multiple Specters on your lot at a time. 

You can also come across Specters during your work as a Freelance Paranormal Investigator. Asking them to leave the lot will work best when Specters are in a good mood.

The Friendly Specters (Green)

Green Specters are most likely to spawn when the serenity of your Haunted House is high and cleansed. They are usually friendly towards Sims, but even then they could sometimes reject the interactions of your Sims. It’s the friendliest of all Specters so you shouldn’t have too much trouble socializing with them.

The Indifferent Specters (Blue)

Blue Specters are most likely to spawn when the serenity of the house is at a medium level. There’s some paranormal activity in the house, but it’s not terrifying just yet. Blue Specters are a bit hard to read as they look rather sad, yet they can react happily to your Sims when they like you. It’s a bit of a gamble to interact with them as they sometimes will choose to scare Sims near them.

The Mischievous Specters (Red)

Red Specters are most likely to spawn when the serenity of the house is terrible. When hauntings are at its worst, it’s when red Specters thrife. They love chaos so they’ll most likely scare your Sims often and even set fire to Sims visiting the lot. If you still want to interact with these little pyromaniacs, make sure to have some homemade gifts ready. There will be a bigger chance that they’ll like your Sim after you gifted them something successfully.

You are warned, Eliza!

Fun fact: Red Specters HATE the welcome wagon! Even when the serenity of your Haunted House is fine, three red Specters will try to chase off any Sim who dares bring over some questionable fruit cake.

The Rare Yellow Specter

Apart from the three regular Specters there is also a 1% chance you might get a rare spawn. This cute Specter will be yellow and is wearing a pair of glasses. Or… spectacles if you will. 

Being around the yellow Specter will make your Sims feel awkward, giving them an Embarrassed moodlet. Overall it’s a friendly Specter, but being in its presence can make your Sims very uncomfortable.

The right offerings can turn even the angriest Specters into happy blobs of joy!

How to get Gifts from Specters

When interactions are successful between a Specter and your Sim, you have the chance it will give you something in return for your kindness. Use the Attempt Communication interaction on a Specter and have a little conversation with it. All Specters are a little bit unpredictable so even the green ones can choose to reject your Sims’ efforts.

If a Specter likes interacting with your Sim it can drop an item on the floor for you. Various items are known to be given by Specters, from Wraith Wax (used to make Sacred Candles), jars full of candy and even a piece of someone’s soul!

The easiest way to appease Specters, even mischievous ones, is to gift them with something homemade. Give them something you’ve created, from cooking, to knitting, to woodworking… it doesn’t matter as long as it is made with love. Specters will most likely drop a gift for you in return. 

What happens when I offer my Soul to a Specter?

For some reason some Sims might think it’s a great idea to give away a piece of their soul to a Specter using the Offer Soul interaction. While even red Specters will surely appreciate your gesture, your Sim will age up a couple of days and they definitely feel miserable afterwards. They’ll become sad, with a moodlet saying something feels missing. Well doh, it’s just your Soul! Don’t panic, Guidry the Ghost can help you get some of it back, sort of. Which brings me to the following…

Specter Sip & Soul Scraps

The two most powerful items dropped by Specters are Soul Scraps and three variants of Specter Sip. The latter is a mysterious concoction presented in smoking goblets, made of either bronze, silver or gold. Gold is the most powerful of the three. Depending on who’s soul they are drinking, your Sim will absorb levels of random skills. Yup, Specter Sip is made with the offered souls from other Sims, maybe even yours… Yikes!

Soul Scraps are round sigils that Specters might leave on the ground. They contain the souls offered to them by either you or other Sims. When your Sim feels sad from giving away a piece of their soul, you can make them consume one of these things. It will not only make your Sim feel whole again, they even get back a couple of days of their life spawn. 

Become blessed with Specter Sprinkles

Specters who are in a good mood might bless your Sim with a playful moodlet when they pass by. These so-called Specter Sprinkles will cover your Sims with a purple aura and whimsical glitters. Sims will feel playful for at least 5 hours.

Quick summary to Specters

Specters will show up in Haunted House Residential lots. Depending on its serenity it will spawn Specters with different moods, but even then you can only predict the behaviour of Specters to a certain extent. Even the friendliest Specter can turn mean and vice versa. You can make any Specter like your Sims by bringing them homemade gifts or offering your soul if you’re feeling spicy. They’ll reward your Sim for their kind gesture by giving different types of loot, like Ectocakes, Unassuming Candy Jars and flaming goblets of Specter Sip, just to name a few examples. Either way… handle with care, these little guys are a handful!

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