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Who is Guidry the Ghost?

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You might have seen him manifest a lot these days: Claude René Duplantier Guidry. But who is this mysterious Sim and why is he here? Luckily he’s very happy to answer these questions (and many more) himself! So ladies and gentlesims, introducing Guidry the Ghost!

Guidry the Ghost is one of the new NPC’s being introduced with the Paranormal Stuff pack for The Sims 4. He’s a friendly guy, who – for some reason – always shows up in a flirty mood. He’s happy to help your Sim with their life in a Haunted House Residential.

Fun fact: Guidry died by being smashed by his murphy bed. Yikes!

Where can I find Guidry?

The nonchalant Sim that he is, Guidry comes and goes as he pleases. He’ll appear in your Haunted House Residential lot, starting at 9PM on the second day of living there. His visits aren’t always clockwork, but expect to see him at night. 

If you don’t want Guidry to show up any longer, but want to remain living in a Haunted House Residential, you can turn off his visits. You can do so by using the Disable Guidry Visits interaction on the Helping Hand clutter item.

Find one of these statues to disable Guidry’s visits

Interacting with Guidry – new social menu

When interacting with Guidry you will get the regular suggestions on what your next interaction should be, he’s almost a normal Sim… Almost! If you choose to click More Choices… you’ll notice that he has his own social menu called Guidry (how fitting!) which is full of questions and other problems you might need help with. Let’s go through what his answers come down to.

  • Who are you?
    His full name is Claude René Duplantier Guidry, but he’ll tell you to call him Guidry instead. Guidry is a paranormal expert who’s ready to help you wherever he can.
  • Any advice living here?
    Not that it is of any help, but he’ll basically just tell you to embrace how haunted your life will become and to take it all in. Just go with it. 
  • Can I make this place less… Spooky?
    As the state of your Haunted House declines, you can choose to perform a cleansing ceremony on the Séance Table. 
  • How do I become less scared?
    Get some Sacred Candles to burn around the house. Sims will feel safer that way as it protects them from negative entities. Get some Wraith Wax from Specters to craft some candles yourself or purchase them from the Reward Store for 500 points per three candles.
  • What’s a Paranormal Investigator?
    While reminiscing about his past life, Guidry goes on to tell you that Paranormal Investigators are seekers of the unknown. If your Sim is able to impress him with their Medium skill, he might be able to get you certified so you can start your freelance career.
  • What’s the deal with Specters?
    After some philosophical chatter about hopes and dreams, he explains that the key to winning a Specters heart is to give them gifts. They’ll reward your kindness with loot and help you to keep a good standing with ‘the rest of the entities of the house’!
  • What’s up with those creepy objects?
    Any of the creepy items popping up in and around the house are cursed. Get rid of them as soon as you can, as they will make your Sim miserable otherwise.
  • Why are you here?
    Guidry explains that all ghosts need a place to haunt and if it’s okay with you he’d like to haunt your place for a little while. In return he’ll help you with the paranormal.
Guidry is happy to help your Sim out with their paranormal perdicaments
  • I can’t get a chance to eat! (Your Sim needs to be hungry)
    Out of nowhere an Ectocake, which appears to be some sort of cupcake, appears in your Sims’ inventory. Thanks Guidry!
  • I can’t get a good night’s sleep! (Your Sim needs to be tired)
    Guidry jumps up in the air and restores some of the Energy need of your Sim. Do you reckon he used to be a Spellcaster in his past life?
  • I may have sold my Soul. (to a Specter, that is…)
    He’s completely confused on how you managed to do such a thing, but gives you a Soul Scrap item to hopefully fix your soul back to normal.
  • I’m terrified! Help me! (Your Sim needs to be Terrified)
    Guidry acknowledges your feelings and proceeds to gift you Wraith Wax to craft Sacred Candles to keep yourself safe. He then proceeds to call Evergreen Harbor citizens hipsters. Find the wax in your Sims’ inventory.
  • Someone terrible appeared! Help! (Certain NPC has to appear first)
    Yikes! This someone is bad news. To help you ward your house from her, Guidry gives you a Bizarre Idol. He also advises you to summon Bonehilda in case the idol isn’t enough to defend yourself. Bonehilda got you covered!
  • Wanna… Have a drink? (Your Sim needs to be Flirty)
    Guidry explains that things are quite tasteless now that he’s dead, but offers you a drink instead. He gives you the Specter Sip. That’s a creative way to let someone know you’re not interested…

How to get your Paranormal Investigator License

In order to enter the Paranormal Investigator trade your Sim will have to woo Guidry for a license. Because he used to be a Paranormal Investigator himself, which he gladly reminds you of when given the chance, he will use his connections to get you certified. 

Before that your Sim will need to have mastered their Medium skill so that they can convince Guidry they are able to deal with the paranormal. Once you’ve done that you will notice that the What’s a Paranormal Investigator? interaction has now changed into I want to become a Paranormal Investigator! in his Guidry social menu. You will then get the following pop-up message:

Click on the I’m ready! option and he will give you the license. The license is not an object, but actually a Reward Trait. Use the other inteaction if you want to wait a little before becoming a P.I. for good.

  • Paranormal Investigator
    This Sim is a certified Paranormal Investigator, issued by the Claude René Duplantier Guidry. Sims with this license are eligible to join the Federal Bureau of Spooky Investigation as a freelance investigator.

You could also buy the trait in the Reward Store for 3000 points, but to be honest I’d say it’s fairly overpriced. The Medium skill is very easy to level up and that way you’ll have a good reason to keep Guidry around… Next to him being hauntingly charming of course.

Use a cheat to get your license

You can also use a cheat to give your Sim the Paranormal Investigator License. Make sure the testingcheats true cheat is turned on and then enter the following:

traits.equip_trait trait_Freelancer_Career_ParanormalInvestigator_License

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