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Pipe Organ Skill Guide (Vampires)

The Pipe Organ skill is a new musical instrument skill you’ll get with The Sims 4 Vampires. It’s a bit similar to the Piano skill but this one is much more old fashioned. When playing haunting music, ghost will appear from the Organ!

Ideal Emotion: Inspired

Become Inspired

When you play the Pipe Organ it will give you an inspired moodlet +2 when you are a Vampire. You can also take a Thoughtful Shower to get a +1 Inspired moodlet.

Level up your Pipe Organ Skill

If you want to level up this skill faster make sure your Sim is Inspired while leveling up. There is only one way to level up your skill:

  • Play the Pipe Organ
    Buy a Pipe Organ and practice or play songs on it.
Child Playing Pipe Organ
Kids can also play the Pipe Organ to boost their Creativity Skill.

Pipe Organ Skill Unlocks

Increasing this skill will unlock new Songs and Interactions on the Pipe Organ, including the ability to Write Songs.

Level 1

Pipe Organ Skill

Level 2

Plunk for Inspiration

Level 3

Theme songs

Level 4

Cinema songs

Level 5

Jazz songs

Level 6

Circus songs

Level 7

Haunting Music songs
Drama songs

Level 8

Gospel songs
Write a new song

Level 9

Classical songs
Write new songs

Level 10

Avant-garde songs
write new songs

Vlad's Basement
What happens in Vlad’s basement, stays in Vlad’s basement.

Cheat – Max Pipe Organ Skill

There is also a cheat to max your Sims Pipe Organ Skill. Use the Cheat Console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C. Input the cheat code below to max out your skill level. If you don’t want to max your skill level you can change the number 10 with the preferred skill level from 1 to 9.

stats.set_skill_level Major_PipeOrgan 10

Visit the Cheat Code page for all skill level cheats.

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  1. Does anyone know the real song names that you can play on the Organ? I want to know one Musice of the Titlemusic you can play but i don’t know the english name for it… In German it has the name: “Das böseste vom Bösen”
    And i’m sorry for any Grammatic mistakes….

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