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The Sims Team Teases A Pack Announcement Over At Their Official Youtube Channel!

A Simmer who goes by the name Bastii has released a screenshot over at his Twitter account that shows that you will be able to see a pack announcement during EA Play over at The Sims official YouTube channel!

As you can see there is a private video which could be the pack’s announcement trailer and also a video which is called ‘The Sims 4 EA Play Stream 2019’ were you can watch The Sims Team livestream The Sims 4 at EA Play.

We will be covering all the news that will be announced during EA Play so stay tuned Simmers.

For more information on EA Play read these article that we have made down below and don’t forget you can still get tickets for free by clicking this link.

The Sims 4: EA Play’s Announcement Live Stream Schedule & No Maxis Monthly Live Stream For June 2019!

The Sims 4 Will Be Attending This Years EA Play


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