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Rocket Science Skill Guide

The Sims 4 Rocket Science Skill

Rocket Science Skill in The Sims 4

Ideal Emotion: Focused
Best Career Choice: Astronaut

The Rocket Science skill will help you upgrade your rocket ship to go on space missions. The space missions are the daily task if your Sims choose the Astronaut career which is highly recommended.

If you choose the Astronaut career in combination with the Rocket Science skill you will have a lot of benefit from it. You can use the rewards you get from the Astronaut career to create an area with Focused aura objects. You will also get a nice salary to compensate the costs for the Rocket Ship and the upgrades. At level 10 in the Astronaut career you will even get one of the Rocket Ships for free. Get the Apollo Rocketship if you choose to become a Space Ranger or the Retro Rocketship if you choose to be an Interstellar Smuggler.

In space you are able to find rare collectibles like the Space Rock collection and the Alien collection. You can even find the rare Cowplant berry!

By reaching level 10 with the Rocket Science Skill you will earn the Achievement: It’s Not Brain Surgery

Level up your Rocket Science Skill

It’s Not Brain SurgeryIf you want to level up this skill faster make sure your Sim is Focused while leveling up. There are 3 ways to level up your Rocket Science Skill:

  • Build a Rocket Ship
    Start building your Rocket Ship to gain levels in the Rocket Science skill.
  • Upgrade a Rocket Ship
    After you build the Rocket Ship you can upgrade it to gain more skill levels.
  • Read a book about the Rocket Science Skill
    You can buy 3 volumes of Rocket Science books at a Bookcase or at the Computer.
  • Assist a teen or child school projects (Requires The Sims 4 Parenthood)
    Assist a teen or child on certain school projects to gain Rocket Science Skill.

Become Focused

Your Sim can Browse Simipedia on the Computer to get a +1 Focused moodlet for 4 hours. You can also buy the Future Cube. You can ask the Future Cube about Scientific Mysteries and this will give you a +2 Focused moodlet for 6 hours. There is a small chance this will fail but you can try again after.

Create the perfect area to become Focused

You can’t place the Rocket Ship indoors so you will have to create an area around the Rocket Ship with objects that give off a Focused aura. The Elements collection gives off an Focused aura or you can buy one of the Plumbob lamps: Alma Mater University Life Award or Time Travelers Into the Future Award. You can also unlock Focused aura items from specific careers; the Tech Guru career and the Astronaut career.

Building a Rocket Ship
Work together on building the Rocket Ship to speed up the process.

Building the Rocket Ship

The first rocket ship you want is the Steampunk Flyamajig. This rocket ship costs §5,000 and another §1,000 to build it. Building the Rocket Ship will take a lot of time from your Sims. To build it even faster you can ask another Sims to help with the Rocket Ship. This will level up the Rocket Science skill for both Sims.

Upgrade the Rocket Ship

Now it’s time to upgrade! This is highly recommended to get home safely after space missions. This will also help if you are looking for rare collectibles in space.

Install Landing Stabilizers §500
Assist with successful Rocketship landings.

Expand Fuel Storage Tank §700
With more fuel comes the ability to explore further into the depths of space.

Improve Maneuvering Thrusters §1,000
An essential upgrade for exploring and navigating new frontiers.

Expand Cargo Bay §1,300
More room to bring valuable cargo back to earth.

Install Ion Cannon Defence System §1,750
An essential upgrade for those worried about hostile encounters in space.

Install Landing Computer §2,500
Extra assistance for successful Rocketship landings.

Install Wormhole Generator (requires The Sims 4 Get to Work)
Generates wormholes for traveling past known limits.

Go on Space Missions with the Rocket Ship
Go on Space Missions to collect Aliens or Space Rocks.

Space Missions

Time to send your Sim on space missions! Your Sim will be gone for a few hours and you will have to decide the storyline of the scenarios. You will have more success on space missions if your Sim is happy or focused, a better upgraded Rocket Ship and a higher skill level in Rocket Science.

If you want to know what happens on each choice you make in space missions you should visit this page created by Matt Bird.

Crash landing

There is always a chance that your Rocket Ship won’t make it home in one piece. When this happens your Sims will get Dazed and has to rebuild the Rocket Ship and pay another §1,000. Your Sims can’t die while crash landing.

You can reduce the chance of a crash landing by upgrading your Rocket Ship if you install Landing Stabilizers, and a Landing Computer.

Go to the Alien World (The Sims 4 Get to Work)

When you reach level 10 with the Rocket Science skill you will be able to upgrade your Rocket Ship with a Wormhole Generator. This will give you the option to go to the Alien World Sixam. You can also go to the Alien world if you become a Scientist.

Rocket Science Skill Level Unlocks

Level 1

  • Explore Space (rocket ship)
  • Build Rocket Ships
  • Install Landing Stabilizers (rocket ship)

Level 2

  • Build and Upgrade faster (rocket ship)

Level 3

  • Expand Fuel Storage Tank (rocket ship)

Level 4

  • Build and Upgrade faster (rocket ship)

Level 5

  • Improve Maneuvering Thrusters (rocket ship)

Level 6

  • Expand Cargo Bay (rocket ship)

Level 7

  • Install Ion Cannon Defence System (rocket ship)
  • Build and Upgrade faster (rocket ship)

Level 8

  • Build and Upgrade faster (rocket ship)

Level 9

  • Install Landing Computer (rocket ship)

Level 10

Cheat – Max Rocket Science Skill

There is also a cheat to max your Sims Rocket Science Skill. Use the Cheat Console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C. Input the cheat code below to max out your skill level. If you don’t want to max your skill level you can change the number 10 with the preferred skill level from 1 to 9.

stats.set_skill_level Major_RocketScience 10

Visit the Cheat Code page for all skill level cheats.

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  1. With Parenthood you can also assist a teen or child on certain school projects to gain rocket science skill.

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