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Changing Emotions with the Future Cube

The Sims 4 Future Cube

Gamble with your Emotions using the Future Cube

In The Sims 4 there is an interesting object called the Future Cube. The Future Cube can change your Sims emotion by asking it different questions. This is very useful because this will instantly gives you a +2 moodlet you may need to boost levels of certain skills. This is just one of the many ways to change your Sims emotion.

There is a small chance the Cube will fail you and you will get a +1 negative moodlet for 4 hours. After asking a lot of questions to the Cube I think there is a 25% that you will get a negative moodlet from it. But you can change the negative moodlet quickly by asking it another question. The best function this cube has is that you can take it with you in your inventory if your going to a venue, park or neighbor.

You can find the Future Cube by Paltry Predictions, Inc. in the Activities and Skills menu and look under Recreation. The Future Cube costs §325.

Future Cube Emotion Effects

There is a 75% chance you will get the positive moodlet.
QuestionPositive moodlet
(lasts 6 hours)
Negative moodlet
(lasts 4 hours)
'Ask Question'ConfidentFuture Looks Bright
The Future Cube is smiling upon you ... for now.

+2 Confident moodlet
SadFuture Looks Grim
Don't lose hope yet but, according to the Cube, Sandra's future isn't looking so pretty.

+1 Sad moodlet
'Ask about Love Life'FlirtyBright Romantic Future
Floating on the clouds from the Cube's warm predictions of everlasting love.

+2 Flirty moodlet
SadBleak Romantic Future
The Cube's prediction about Sandra's future love life is heartbreaking.

+1 Sad moodlet
'Ask about Scientific Mysteries'FocusedReady to Study
Feeling optimistic and full of purpose, thanks to the Cube's prediction. The pursuit of scientific knowledge never looked more promising!

+2 Focused moodlet
TenseFeeling Un-Smart
Will the universe ever reveal its secrets? According to the Cube, definitely not to you.

+1 Tense moodlet
'Ask For Creative Ideas'InspiredCreatively Inspired
The Cube predicted you'd be inspired soon, and the Cube was right! Creative juices are flowing!

+2 Inspired moodlet
TenseFeeling Un-Creative
The Cube confirmed what you suspected: creative juices just aren't flowing for you right now.

+1 Tense moodlet

The Sims 4 Future Cube Results
Sandra just got some bad news from the Future Cube I think…
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