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Scientist Career Guide (The Sims 4 Get to Work)

Scientist Career Guide

The Scientist career is one of the 3 active careers in The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack where you can follow your Sims to his or her workplace. If you choose for the Scientist career you’ll be working in the Science Lab. Your Sim will be able to conduct science experiments and invent new technology. Start the Scientist career as a Lab Tech and advance in your career to eventually become a Mad Scientist.

Inside the Science Lab

The Science is only accessible when you need to work as a Scientist. Join your Sim at their workday or manage your Sims at home. When working in the Science Lab you can find different objects you can use like the Chemical Analyzer, Chemistry Lab, Microscope, Rocket Ship and even plants so you can use them for your Serums.

Improve your Career Performance

Start your workday by being Happy or better by being Focused. You can do this by browsing Simpedia on the Computer at home to gain a +1 Focused moodlet for 4 hours. You can also use cheats to gain a +2 Focused moodlet for 12 hours. The best way to improve career performance are:

  • Going to work with a positive emotion (Focused).
  • Completing the Daily Task (get Breakthroughs).
  • Maintaining high relationships with Co-workers.
  • Learn and level up the Logic Skill to get a better result if you are analyzing samples on the Chemical Analyzer.
  • Learn and level up the Handiness Skill incase equipment breaks down.

Unlock Serums and Inventions with Breakthroughs

As a scientist, your Sim will want to invent new technology. In order to create new inventions, they must do research. When your Sim researches or experiments they will begin to build Breakthrough (identified by a light bulb on interactions). When they have a Breakthrough a new invention or serum will become available to them. These can be viewed in the notebook (located at the top of the phone menu) to view crafting notes.

Sims who are higher in the scientist career will have a better chance at creating a device that actually works. You can get breakthroughs in different ways:

  • Collect collectibles
  • Chat with the Invention Constructor
  • Performing Experiments
  • Reading Books
  • Taking Showers
  • While Gardening
  • Doing creative things
  • Analyzing
  • Jogging
  • Tinkering
  • Brushing Teeth

List with Breakthrough Unlocks

EUREKA! Have breakthroughs to discover new inventions and serums. You need to level up in the Scientist career to be able to unlock more possible breakthroughs. This is the order the Breakthroughs will happen:

  1. Momentum Conserver (invention)
  2. Synthetic Food Serum
  3. Sim Ray (invention)
  4. Red Hot Serum
  5. Hover Lamp (invention)
  6. Rose Perfume Serum
  7. Satellite Dish (invention)
  8. Snake Oil Serum
  9. Cloning Machine (invention)
  10. Slimify Serum
  11. Electroflux Wormhole Generator (invention)
  1. Ghost Goo Serum
  2. Need Fixer Serum
  3. Embiggen Serum
  4. Spark Drive Serum
  5. Ox Strength Serum
  6. Smart Serum
  7. Fixer’s Luck Serum
  8. Reaper’s Friend Serum
  9. Alien Aura Serum
  10. Age-Away Serum

Discover new Inventions as a Scientist

While you are working at the Science Lab your Sim will be able to get a breakthrough. This will unlock new ideas. Your Sim will be able to create the inventions of these ideas on the Invention Constructor.

Scientist Career Inventions
Use your good friend the Invention Constructor to create new inventions.

Using the Invention Constructor

In the Science Lab there is a machine called the Invention Constructor. It is located when you walk into the Science Lab through the 2 hallways all the way to the back, turn left. This machine is pretty special because you can actually build a relationship with this machine. Use the option to ‘Chat with Robot’ to build up your relationship. There is also an option to Brainstorm with the Robot, this will help your Sim getting a Breakthrough or get some spare (upgrade) parts.

To invent something click on the machine and choose ‘Invent Device’. Sometimes you will need materials to build an invention, these can be gathered by asking coworkers for the materials, around the Science Lab or on Sixam. When you need to upgrade an Invention, drag the invention on the Invention Constructor.

Invention: Momentum Conserver

Invention Momentum ConserverUnlock the Momentum Conserver at level 1 in the Scientist Career
Need 1st Breakthrough
Heralded as one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of all time, this device will keep going indefinitely once started unless it is manipulated by human hands. When you choose the option ‘view’ on the Momentum Constructor it will give your Sim a +1 Focused moodlet for 4 hours. This can be helpful in your career as a Scientist.

Invention: SimRay

Invention SimRayUnlock the SimRay at level 2 in the Scientist Career
Need 3rd Breakthrough (1 common Metal, 1 common Crystal)
The Sim Ray is a unique portable device with a lot of possibilities. Use the Invention Constructor to create the Sim Ray. Then drag the Sim Ray off the Invention Constructor into the inventory of your Sim. At first you only have one option to use the Sim Ray to Freeze other Sims. You can Upgrade the Sim Ray with more options by dragging it on the Invention Constructor. I created a list with useful and funny upgrade possibilities.

  • Upgrade: Transform Object (Level 3 Scientist career)
    Turn any object into another object, this includes career unlockables or even new collectibles. The original object will be gone and it can cause a fire.
  • Upgrade Mind Control: Change Outfit (Level 4 Scientist career)
    Click on a Sim to change their outfit to; swimwear, sleepwear, party, formal, everyday or an athletic outfit.
  • Upgrade Mind Control: Clean (Level 5 Scientist career)
    Makes a Sim clean the dirty objects on the lot.
  • Upgrade Mind Control: Sit (Level 6 Scientist career)
    Use the SimRay on a Sim to make them sit down.
  • Upgrade Mind Control: Eat (Level 7 Scientist career)
    Makes a Sim eat a meal.
  • Upgrade Mind Control: Sleep (Level 8 Scientist career)
    Makes a Sim instantly sleep anywhere.
  • Upgrade Mind Control: Panic (Level 9 Scientist career)
    Makes a Sim run around in panic.
  • Upgrade: Transform Sim (Level 10 Scientist career)
    Change the look of a Sim. Mostly it will only change the hair color.


Scientist Career SimRay
Use the SimRay to transform cheap objects into valuable objects and sell them for more Simoleons!

Invention: Hover Lamp

Invention Hover LampUnlock the Hover Lamp at level 3 in the Scientist Career
Need 5th Breakthrough
Both an excellent source of ambient light and also a magnet for the grubby hands of little children. When you choose the option ‘view’ on the Hover Lamp it will give your Sim a +2 Focused moodlet for 4 hours.

Invention: Satellite Dish

Invention Satellite DishUnlock the Satellite Dish at level 4 in the Scientist Career
Need 7th Breakthrough (3 common Metals, 3 common Crystals)
An advanced piece of equipment that can pick signals for orbiting satellites. The Satellite dish will deliver unbelievable signal strength from any location on the planet. The standard options on the Satellite Dish are ‘Contact Aliens’, ‘Prevent Abductions’ and ‘Neighborhood Hivemind’. With the Neighborhood Hivemind option you can do a lot of funny things with the Sims in your neighborhood:

  • Neighborhood Hivemind: Dance Party
    Surprise Dance Party!
  • Neighborhood Hivemind: Happy Town
    Gives the whole neighborhood a Happy moodlet and puts them in a Happy emotion for a while.
  • Neighborhood Hivemind: Knockout
    Puts every Sim in the neighborhood to sleep.
  • Neighborhood Hivemind: Angry Town
    Make every Sim in the neighborhood angry.
  • Neighborhood Hivemind: Bladder Epidemic
    Makes every Sim feel the need to relieve themselves, they must hurry to the nearest bathroom before it’s too late!

When you reach level 8 in the Scientist career you will be able to upgrade the Satellite Dish. This will increase the chance your Sim has to become abducted by Aliens!

  • Upgrade: Detect Aliens (Level 8 Scientist career)
    When you upgrade the Satellite dish it can be used to detect aliens. This will increase your chance of being abducted.

Invention: Cloning Machine

Invention Cloning MachineUnlock the Cloning Machine at level 5 in the Scientist Career
Need 9th Breakthrough (2 common Metals, 2 common Crystals)
A technological marvel, this sleek scanning platform functions as matter-replicator using Science! To clone objects or Sim you need to drag them to the Cloning Machine and select “Clone Object.” You are able to clone these things: serums, crystals, plates of food, metal, fruits and flowers. Sometime you will fail at cloning an object but the original will stay in place, just try again. To Upgrade, drag the Cloning Machine into the Invention Constructor, then click on the Invention Constructor and select Upgrade.

  • Upgrade: Clone Sim (Level 8 Scientist career)
    When you upgrade the Cloning Machine you can clone your Sim if you want. This Sim will be added to your household but won’t have the same skill levels as your own Sim.

Invention: Electroflux Wormhole Generator

Invention Electroflux Wormhole GeneratorUnlock the Electroflux Wormhole Generator at level 6 in the Scientist Career
Need 11th Breakthrough (2 uncommon Metals, 2 uncommon Crystals, 2 Elements)
This ultra advanced piece of technology allows brave Sims to travel to the Alien World filled with exotic and interesting things. Hopefully, you can find a way back home once you go through. The options on the Electroflux Wormhole Generator are: ‘Calibrate’, ‘Test Alien Environment’ and ‘Contact Aliens’. To Upgrade the Wormhole Generator so you can travel to the Alien World, drag the Cloning Machine into the Invention Constructor, then click on the Invention Constructor and select Upgrade.

  • Upgrade: Travel to Alien World (Level 10 Scientist career)
    This will allow your Sim to travel to Sixam, the Alien World.

Create Serums

Create Serums

Serums are made at the Chemistry Station. Experiment with Serums to change life of your Sim or other Sim. You can create Serums at the Chemistry Station with collectibles you can dig up in the neighborhood. Serums can change a Sims’ life for the better or for the worst. Serums are unlocked by breakthroughs. Try Experimenting on the Chemistry Lab in order to have a Breakthrough.

Tainted Serums
To create Tainted Serums you must first test a normal serum 3 times on your own Sim or others. (Test Serum is a Friendly social and Tainted is a Mischief social) After this you can create the Tainted Serums!
Synthetize Food Serum

Synthetize Food Serum

Drink this Serum to satisfy Hunger!
(Unlocks at Level 1 Scientist career on your 2nd Breakthrough)
• 2 Plants
Red Hot Serum

Red Hot Serum

Drink this Serum to make your Sim Angry!
(Unlocks at Level 2 Scientist career on your 4rd Breakthrough)
• 1 Basil
Rose Perfume Serum

Rose Perfume Serum

Drink this Serum to make your Sim Flirty!
(Unlocks at Level 3 Scientist career on your 6th Breakthrough)
• 1 Rose
Snake Oil Serum

Snake Oil Serum

Drink this Serum to cure your Sim of any and all sicknesses!
(Unlocks at Level 4 Scientist career on your 8th Breakthrough)
• 1 Daisy
Slimify Serum

Slimify Serum

Drink this Serum to make your Sim slimmer!
(Unlocks at Level 5 Scientist career on your 10th Breakthrough)
• 2 Carrot
• 2 Parsley
Ghost Goo Serum

Ghost Goo Serum

Drink this Serum to temporarily turn your Sim into a Ghost!
(Unlocks at Level 6 Scientist career on your 12th Breakthrough)
• 3 Mushroom
Need Fixer Serum

Need Fixer Serum

Drink this Serum to fill all of your Sim's needs!
(Unlocks at Level 7 Scientist career on your 13th Breakthrough)
• 1 Spinach
• 2 Metal
Embiggen Serum

Embiggen Serum

Drink this Serum to fatten your Sim up!
(Unlocks at Level 7 Scientist career on your 14th Breakthrough)
• 2 Plantains
• 2 Apples
Spark Drive Serum

Spark Drive Serum

Drink this Serum to make your Sim Energized!
(Unlocks at Level 8 Scientist career on your 15th Breakthrough)
• 1 Crystal
• 1 Strawberry
Ox Strength Serum

Ox Strength Serum

Drink this Serum to increase your Sim's fitness skill!
(Unlocks at Level 8 Scientist career on your 16th Breakthrough)
• 2 Spinach
• 1 Crystal
Smart Serum

Smart Serum

Drink this Serum to make your Sim a Temporary Genius!
(Unlocks at Level 9 Scientist career on your 17th Breakthrough)
• 2 Apple
• 2 Chrysanthemum
Fixer’s Luck Serum

Fixer's Luck Serum

Drink this Serum to increase the Handiness skill!
(Unlocks at Level 9 Scientist career on your 18th Breakthrough)
• 2 Scrap parts
Reaper’s Friend Serum

Reaper's Friend Serum

Drink this Serum to temporarily become best friends with Death/Grim Reaper!
(Unlocks at Level 10 Scientist career on your 19th Breakthrough)
• 1 Alien Crystal
• 1 Death Flower
Alien Aura Serum

Alien Aura Serum

Drink this Serum to temporarily give your Sim the brain power of an Alien!
(Unlocks at Level 10 Scientist career on your 20th Breakthrough)
• 1 Alien Crystal
• 1 Alien Metal
• 1 Alien Plant
Age-Away Serum

Age-Away Serum

Drink this Serum to reset your Sim's current age!
(Unlocks at Level 10 Scientist career on your 21th Breakthrough)
• 2 Alien Crystal
• 1 Quill Fruit
• 1 Xenopetrium

Scientist career unlocks

Scientist Career (Level Rewards)

While leveling up in the Scientist career you will be able to get a few rewards for your hard work.
Lab Technician (1)N/A
Apprentice Inventor (2)• Lab Coat (clothes)
• Journey to the Stars (poster)
Junior Tinkerer (3)• Flying Saucer Table Lamp
• Tin Foil Hat (clothes)
Serum Sequencer (4)• Chemistry Lab
Technological Innovator (5)• S1M5-4 Test Tube Pedestal
• Satellite Headgear and Outfit (clothes)
Ufologist (6)• Cautionary Tale Door
• X-180 Shatterproof Window
Laboratory Leader (7)• Hygienic Decontamination Pod (shower)
Pioneer of New Technologies (8)• Mad Scientist Outfit
Mad Scientist (9)• ?New Clothes
Extraterrestrial Explorer (10)• Out of this World Desktop
• Mystery Science Laboratory (styled room)
• ?New Clothes

Scientist Career Outfit Unlocks

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  1. How about The gardning asepct of The scienctis that Are Foundat
    ion in The notebook, how do i get that Working?

    1. You can just start leveling your gardening and create serums. It will be automatically added to your notebook when you discover something.

  2. Hello, great site. I noticed the Embiggen Serum did not have the requirements posted? It’s 2 Plantains and 2 Apples, just in case you needed them, though I’m sure it is just an oversight. Thanks for making a very informative site and a joy to read. 🙂

  3. I am trying to make the age away serum and I am not sure how to get an alien crystal, I have vistied the alien world dug up all the rocks and harvested all the plants imaginable yet it says I have no alien crystal, any help?

  4. Hey I’ve got this text bug thing on my game and it wont show me what I need to build the satellite dish and when i was looking at the invention part for the satellite dish it doesn’t say. I was hoping you could tell me what I need thanks 🙂

  5. I had my sim drink 3 normal serums, however, the tainted serum option is still grayed out. Is there a way to fix this or am I doing something wrong?

  6. Please help 🙁 I’m level 7 of the scientist career; at the beginning of the career i was able to mix serums with the chemistry lab but now it won’t let me, its only giving me the options of ‘Tinker’, ‘Experiment’ and ‘Push big red button’ , i’ve tried on different chemistry labs and even adding new ones but all of them are saying the same, please help i have no idea what else to do! thanks

    1. I looked into this earlier today and found out that the patch did break the chemistry set for active Scientists in the career. According to Crinrict, scientists that were once in the career have a hidden trait to indicate such, but active Scientists didn’t get the trait making the lab seem broke. The fix is to quit the career and then join again, using cheats to promote your Sim back up to where they were. Here is a link for more information about the workaround. Happy Simming!

  7. Does anyone know where the rocket is in the science lab…my sim has to work on it and i’ve searched everywhere….Please Help! 🙂

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