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Win the Finchwick Fair Competitions with these Easy Tips

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fair with lots of fun, good food and – more importantly – the competitions? The Sims 4 Cottage Living introduces the Finchwick Fair, a weekly event held each Saturday at the lovely Henford-on-Bagley’s townsquare Finchwick! Locals show off the best homemade delicacies and their most prized animals, competing amongst each other. Want to win some prizes too? Remember: the bigger the crops, the better.

Where to find the Finchwick Fair

The fair will be at the heart of the town of Henford-on-Bagley, in the Finchwick neighborhood. Each Saturday your Sim will get a pop-up when the event is starting and you can choose to travel there automatically. Want to show up a bit later to get your stuff in order first? Just travel to The Gnome’s Arms Bar, the fair will be right outside on the grass field of the townsquare.

Find Finchwick at the bottom of the Henford-on-Bagley world map.

How to Enter the Finchwick Fair with Livestock and Products

You can choose to enter the Finchwick Fair competitions with either livestock, livestock products – such as eggs – crops or baked goods. What contest you can enter depends on which Finchwick Fair will be held that weekend, but more on that later…

Whatever competition you may choose to participate in, it’s important to take the items with you to the fair, so make sure everything is in your Sims’ inventory before you head to the fair. Even animals should be in your inventory! To place an animal in your inventory you can click on them, go to the Actions… menu and then choose the Put in Inventory interaction.

Tip: Make sure products stay fresh enough until you can enter them in the fair, or else they’ll be spoiled by the time you get there.

Every Finchwick Fair will have two competitions to enter, each will have separate stalls for its contestants. Click on a stall and choose Submit Entry. Click on a stall and choose Submit Entry. You can choose to enter both active competitions for extra prizes. If you have multiple Sims in your household, every member can submit their own entries to the competitions.

Beware: Products you enter in the competitions will disappear after the event. Animals will return to your inventory. 

You are now entered in the fair competition(s). Good luck and may the odds – and the judge – be ever in your favor.

What Competitions can I Enter?

Now that we’ve established how to enter the competitions of the Finchwick Fair, let’s have a closer look at what contests there actually are, shall we? 

The Finchwick Fair will rotate between five editions, each one hosting two competitions for you to enter. You can see what edition is coming up by opening the calendar, find it next to your phone on the lower left corner of the UI. Here you can see a whole overview of what events are coming up for the next month, including the Finchwick Fair. Another option is to click the community information sign to read the fair flyer, which will show you information about the next fair only.

Finchwick Garden Fair

The garden fair (not to be confused with the oversized crop fair) is all about showing off your gardening skills. Bring your best quality harvestables with you and steal the show! No matter if it’s a potato, a green bean or just a regular apple, everything goes. But why not take some of these harvestables and bake your best fruit into a delicious pie?

Garden Competition The rarer the better. Submit your healthiest, happiest plant to this competition.
Pie Competition Share your tastiest, prettiest homemade pie to be judged!

As this edition of the fair is all about smaller harvestables, it is time to up your gardening game! Focus your time taking care of your plants. Fertilizers, but also other factors like golden chickens, will help bring your harvestable – and your pies – to the next level.

To determine what harvestable you should enter you should see which one is your best, literally. You can see what quality your harvestable is by hovering over it with your cursor, it should always be perfect. This will also show you its rarity, from common to uncommon to rare. Entering a rare plant of perfect quality will greatly increase your chances of winning.

To make the biggest chance at winning the pie competition its important you cook your pies with fresh ingredients of the highest quality. You can keep your pie fresh by leaving it in the fridge until you leave for the fair. This will prolong the time before it spoils.

Oversized Crop Fair

The oversized crop fair is rather similar to the garden fair, however, this edition is focused on the new oversized crops that came with Cottage Living. Pfft, regular sized crops…. don’t be silly now, I’m not some sort of small-crop peasant. Anywho…here are the competitions to this Finchwick Fair edition:

Oversized Crop Competition Haul in your biggest Oversized Crop to compete with others!
Pie Competition Share your tastiest, prettiest homemade pie to be judged!

The pie competition is the same as the one of the gardening competition. Just make sure you make the highest quality pie possible and you’ll stand a chance against the other competitors. 

The oversized crop competition is a bit more interesting. Obviously, you should start by creating a perfect quality oversized crop, but even then there’s a difference. As oversized crops grow to abnormal proportions, even the most perfect crop isn’t enough. Make sure your crops are worth at least the following amount of Simoleons to take a better shot at the first prize:

  • Aubergine | § 365
  • Lettuce | § 580
  • Mushrooms | § 740
  • Pumpkin | § 440
  • Watermelon | § 380

Tip: Oversized crops will take about a week to grow and will have an expiration time after you harvest them. Make sure to time this correctly.

Finchwick Llama Fair

This edition of the fair is all about your llama’s! Time for Emperor Kuzco, Sir Spitsalot and Miss Drama Llama to steal the show. And happy llama’s provide the best wool out there, so shear them and enter the wool competition while you’re at it.

Llama Competition Hoof it over and bring your Llama too for the Llama Competition!
Wool Competition Bring your best wool to be judged. The more colorful the better!

Before going to the fair you should take really good care of your llama. Give them lots of attention, increasing both your friendship level and their happiness, try to reach a very happy status. Maxing out your friendship with the llama you’re entering in the contest really increases your chances to win a prize. Make sure you clean the llama and their shed before putting the animal in your inventory.

Right before you put the happiest llama ever into your inventory, why not go ahead and give them a trim? Shearing the wool of a happy llama increases the quality of the wool it provides. Bring perfect quality wool to higher your chances of winning. The color of the wool seems to matter much less, so bring anything you want.

Tip: Give your llama an animal party treat to make them even happier!

Finchwick Cow Fair

Get ready to get mooooving! This fair’s contests are all about proving who’s the best farmer when it comes to their animals. It’s time to put your beloved cow – and their milk – to the test.

Cow Competition Make sure your cow is in the moo-d to win and come compete in the cow competition!
Milk Competition Bring your best tasting milk and compete for udderly awesome prizes!

To increase the chances of winning a ribbon for the cow competition it’s best to spend some time with your cow. Befriend them, feed and clean them before putting them into your inventory. The cow should be very happy and well fed. The better your friendship level with your cow, the greater your chances of winning are. However, the happiness of the cow is what matters most in this competition.

Cows can produce all sorts of milk. It does not seem to matter what sort of milk you bring to the competition, as long as it’s fresh and of perfect quality. Increasing your cow’s happiness before milking her will help get better results in the milk quality. Happy cows create better milk.

Tip: The happier your cow before you put her into your inventory, the higher your chances.

Finchwick Chicken Fair

The chicken fair is all about your feathery friends. Take your happiest and cluckiest chicken to the chicken competition where their general health and happiness will be judged. The second competition is all about eggs, and I don’t mean the ones you prepared in your kitchen… 

Chicken Competition Bring your luckiest, cluckiest chicken to compete in the chicken competition!
Egg Competition Bring your best egg and win egg-cellent prizes!

Time to prep your chicken for competition! Hen or rooster doesn’t matter, as long as they are very happy, healthy and well fed. Having a great relationship with the chicken you’re entering into the competition will help increase your win rate. Bringing the evil chicken who keeps attacking your Sim might not be the best idea… Give the chicken lots of attention before putting them in your inventory.

Happy hens lay better quality eggs. Try to bring any egg – no matter if it’s a boring white one or a blue one – of perfect quality to the fair. 

Tip: Lay eggs around your chicken coop that has a golden chicken wandering around. The chicken will ‘bless’ the egg, upgrading the quality of the egg in the process.

Bake your pie with fresh good quality ingredients for a better chance to win this competition.

How to Win First Place at a Finchwick Fair Competition

Okay, so let’s make a quick summary of the tips on how to win the Finchwick Fair competitions. It’s fairly – get it? – easy to win if you put in a little effort before the event starts.

Enter Happy Animals

Only the happiest of animals can win first prize in the Finchwick Fair. Work on your relationship with the animal – it should be maxed out for the highest chance – and make sure the animal is happy before you put them in your Sims’ inventory. They should be well fed and cleaned as well. A very happy status is crucial, this is even more important than bringing a rainbow cow or golden chicken. Long story short: the happier the animal, the higher your chances of winning first prize.

Tip: Dressing up animals doesn’t seem to affect the outcome of this competition.

Enter Huge Oversized Crops & Rare Harvestables

Oversized crops don’t seem to stop growing. While there’s a baseline of how much the crops will be worth – even on perfect quality – you can still increase their size even further. Keep a golden chicken nearby to ‘bless’ the plant or why not ask the befriended flock of birds to help out too? All these factors will increase the size of your crops tremendously.

Depending on what quality harvestables other competitors bring you could get away with bringing an excellent quality fruit or veggie. But why take the risk? Bringing a perfect, rare harvestable will give you the best shot at winning. If you’re entering the pie competition, use your high quality harvestables to make the best pie the judge has ever tasted.

Enter Products with a Perfect Quality

Bake pies with the freshest, best quality ingredients. Bring milk, wool and eggs of perfect quality. Keep their providers – may it be plants or animals – happy by taking proper care of them. Keep your produce fresh until the fair by putting them in the fridge.

Bribing the Judge

Still doubting you will win the competition? All is fair at the fair, even if it means bribing the judge for better prizes. You can offer the Judge §250, so they will give you an advantage during the competition. Getting your offer declined by the judge will actually have the opposite effect, so choose wisely. Sims with a higher mischief skill will have an easier time trying this interaction on the judge.

The mayor of Henford-on-Bagley is also the judge at the fair.

What Prizes can you win at the Finchwick Fair

Every participant in the Finchwick Fair will get a white ribbon as a reward, but first to third place will have its own color ribbon. You can expect a random gift in your inventory if you win a prize, together with a bit of money. Kaching! 

1st place

  • First Place Ribbon
  • Random gardening collectable
  • § 500

2nd place

  • Second Place Ribbon
  • Random gardening collectable
  • § 250

3rd place

  • Third Place Ribbon
  • Random gardening collectable
  • § 50

And with that, the Finchwick Fair is officially over. See you next week!
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