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How to Attract Birds to your Cottage Garden

Birds are part of the wildlife of Henford-on-Bagley in The Sims 4 Cottage Living. Once you befriend them, you’ll be able to summon them through dead trees, even in other worlds besides Henford-on-Bagley. They will even help you out in your garden by removing pesky little insects, how nice of them!

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How to Get Birds to Help Out with the Garden

Just like rabbits, birds can help your Sim in the garden. Rabbits will take care of the weeds and fertilize crops, while birds can help out by eating the insects from the plants and singing to your plants to help them grow. Dead trees can be placed in your garden to attract birds. Unlock this by befriending a flock of wild birds.

Tip: Birds will not show up during heavy weather conditions if you have The Sims 4 Seasons installed.

Your Sim can sing with the birds like a Disney princess.

How to Befriend Wild Birds

First you’ll need to look for a flock of birds living in the wilds of Henford-on-Bagley. You can find them in each neighborhood, just search for a large tree stump with multiple tree hollows. There you’ll be able to spot them easily.

Socialize with the birds or give them gifts they like if you want to build up a friendly relationship. Sims with the Animal Enthusiast trait can become friends a lot faster and will have more interactions. 

Each flock of birds will have a favorite type of gift. You can find out what they truly desire by asking them about their gift preferences in the social menu. Hover over the tree stumps to see what the favorite gift is for each flock.

Reap the Benefits of your Bird Companions

Once your friendship level is high enough, you’ll be able to ask the befriended flock of birds to help out with your crops. You can now place a dead tree for the flock of wild birds in your garden, and you’ll see them appear more often. Birds will sing to crops, which will help them grow healthier and even bring them to oversized proportions.

Tip: Bring befriended flocks of birds to any world by placing a bird home in your garden.

Birds will sing to crops to help them grow.

Get Gifts from Birds

When you are good friends with a flock of birds you can ask them for gifts. The birds will present you with any kind of collectibles. Think of things like Fish, Fruits or Treats, but also new patterns for cross-stitching.

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