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How to Successfully Run Errands in Henford-on-Bagley

Everyone knows everything about everyone in a town like Henford-on-Bagley, the small-town-world of The Sims 4 Cottage Living. And if you don’t know everything yet, you will make it your business to do so, literally. You can run errands for some important folk in town. May it be catching up with the latest gossip or looking after the wildlife in the Bramblewoods, you’re the Sim for the job. At least… you will be thanks to this handy-dandy guide! 

The First Step to Running Errands

Any Sim aged teen or older will be able to run errands for the people in Henford-on-Bagley. You don’t even have to live there yourself. To start up an errand you will have to speak to specific citizens of Henford-on-Bagley and use a special social interaction called Offer Help with Errands. You can see an overview of the errands you are currently doing in the career interface of your Sim. Each Sim can have up to three errands active at a time.

Start by offering your help to the locals.

Who Can I Run Errands for?

Not everyone in Henford-on-Bagley can give you errands to do. There are a few Sims that have a unique role in town, so-called NPC’s. While the town is designed to have certain Sims in these roles – like mayor or pub owner – the game will replace them with other Sims if they happen to die or get removed otherwise. Adding them to a played household will also give their role to another Sim. But for now, let’s meet the Sims who are – usually – the Sims you should look for.

Lavina Chopra

Lavina is the mayor of Finchwick. She takes pride in her job as the mayor, being a good neighbor to others and in raising her teen son Rahul by herself. Every Saturday she judges the competitions of the Finchwick Fair.

Rahul Chopra

Rahul is the grocery deliverer for the grocery store of Henford-on-Bagley. He yearns to explore the world outside the small town, but is too afraid to leave his mom by herself. Whenever you order some groceries, chances are Rahul might show up at your doorstep.

Agnes Crumplebottom

Iconic NPC Agnes Crumplebottom has returned to the game, including her purse to slap people with. This golden oldie hates anything related to romance and will let that be known to anyone who listens – and she will make them listen. Oh, and not to forget, she runs the garden shop in Finchwick together with her cousin Agatha.

Agatha Crumplebottom

Agatha is the co-owner of the garden shop on Finchwick’s townsquare, which she runs together with her cousin Agnes. However, they are quite the opposite, seeing as Agatha is all about lovey dovey things – especially other people’s lovey dovey things. This lady is quite the gossip!

Kim Goldbloom

Kim is the owner of the grocery store of Henford-on-Bagley. She runs the stall at Finchwick’s townsquare, so she can often be found working. Kim is a real people’s person, which is great as she practically knows everyone in town thanks to her shop.

Sara Scott

Sara is the pub owner of the bar The Gnome’s Arms in Finchwick. She moved from the city to live a cottage lifestyle in Henford-on-Bagley together with her husband Simon. But don’t let that fool you, this girl is ready to party!

Michael Bell

Michael is the creature keeper of the wildlife in Henford-on-Bagley. He’s living in the woodlands of Bramblewood where you can usually find him near his cottage. Unless he’s off doing some animal-related things in the woods – he loves that. You can also trade items with him for things like animal clothing.

These two neighborhoods are the most important while running errands in Henford-on-Bagley.

Which Errands are there?

There are two types of errands you can do, but the gist is the same. Each NPC comes with a set of errands for you to do, but not all of them are available at each given moment. If a Sim no longer has errands to offer, you can come back at a later moment when they might need more help. 

Tip: If you have multiple Sims in one household, only one of them can be working on a certain errand. Go to other NPC’s to ask for different errands to do.

Errands to Introduce the NPC’s

The first kind of errand functions as an intro for each NPC of Henford-on-Bagley. The biggest difference is that these errands are not repeatable. All Sims in your household will be able to do the errands once, though.

Welcome to Henford-on-Bagley!

I already know you’ll love it here, but in case you need any convincing, I’ve arranged a little self-guided local tour! Take up these few – and fun, if I say so – errands and I’ll make sure you get a small bundle of rewards at the end!

Errand for: Lavina Chopra


  • § 175
  • An assortment of berries
  • Llama wool
  • Animal treats


  • Catch a fish in Old New Henford’s Lake
    Travel to any lot in the Old New Henford neighborhood. If your Sim is unskilled in fishing they’ll need to hit level 2 of the fishing skill first before they’ll successfully catch a fish here. Keep trying until you level up.
  • Browse the garden or grocery shop in Finchwick
    Click on either of the two market stalls at the Finchwick townsquare and use the interaction to buy items there. You don’t actually have to buy anything, just open up the menu once.
  • Ask the grocery deliverer about their dreams
    Find Rahul Chopra and use the Ask about Dreams interaction.
  • Discuss the grocery deliverer’s dreams with the mayor
    Return to Lavina and tell her about Rahul’s answer. You can find the interaction in the friendly social menu.
Find the lake in the middle of the Old New Henford neighborhood.

Taste for adventure

Have you been outside this village? I was born here and have been looking for a chance to explore beyond the borders of the woods and fences that seem to have defined my whole life. Would you mind helping to show me a bit of what I might be missing, or maybe even talking to the mayor about my dreams?

Errand for: Rahul Chopra


  • § 175
  • Postcards
  • Livestock upgrade part
  • Grocery delivery coupon


  • Take a photo outside of Henford-on-Bagley
    Travel anywhere outside Henford-on-Bagley and take a photo using your phone or a camera.
  • Give the photo to the grocery deliverer
    Use the Give Photo interaction on Rahul to give him the photo you made earlier.
  • Chat about mayor with grocery deliverer
    Use the Chat About the Mayor friendly social interaction.
  • Make a cross-stitch
    Place a Make it Sew Cross-stitch Kit on the lot and click on it to start a cross-stitch.
  • Deliver the cross-stitch to the mayor
    Find Lavina Chopra and give them the cross-stitch hoop you made earlier.
  • Convey mayor’s feelings to the grocery deliverer
    Lavina is supportive of her sons’ dreams. Give him the news by using the friendly social interaction to convey the message.
  • Give a chocolate pie to the grocery deliverer
    Bake a chocolate pie, you can do so at cooking skill level 5. Put it in your inventory and give it to the grocery deliverer.
  • Give a chocoberry to the grocery deliverer
    Obtain a chocoberry and give it to Rahul. Chocoberries can be bought at the grocery shop and the garden shop in Finchwick.

Another useless tourist

What’s this? Who are you? What do you want from me? Oh, you want to help? We’ll see about that. I’ve been meaning to get a pumpkin and that pub’s been a hotspot of disgustingly flirty Sims! Show me you know the first thing about growing things and berating folks and maybe I’ll have more for you to do. Ugh, and I could use a drink!

Errand for: Agnes Crumplebottom


  • § 175
  • Grow-fast fertilizer
  • Cross-stitch pattern


  • Plant a pumpkin
    To plant a pumpkin, click on a garden patch and purchase oversized pumpkin seeds. Plant the pumpkin in a garden patch.
  • Scold grocery owner
    Find Kim Goldbloom – most likely at the grocery shop stall in Finchwick – and use the special interaction which allows you to scold her on Agnes’ behalf. 
  • Bring some milk to Agnes Crumplebottom
    Buy some milk at the grocery shop for 15 Simoleons or if you have your own cow you can harvest her milk. Give a bottle to Agnes by clicking on her and using the Deliver Milk… interaction in the friendly social menu. You’ll be able to select what milk you want to give from your inventory.

Not so useless?

Well, maybe you aren’t so useless after all. If you really want to prove yourself, I’ve got some even bigger errands for you to do. And don’t say I didn’t warn you! I expect these will take you more time than just a shake of a llama’s tail, if you catch my meaning.

Errand for: Agnes Crumplebottom


  • § 300
  • Cross-stitch pattern
  • Cowplant berry
  • Super grow-fast fertilizer


  • Harvest a homegrown pumpkin
    Remember the pumpkin from the Another Useless Tourist errand? Well, it’s time to harvest it! Tend to the plant and wait for it to be fully grown. Then harvest the crop.
  • Deliver a pumpkin to Agnes Crumplebottom
    Go find Agnes and deliver the pumpkin to her. 
  • Deliver a cross-stitch to Agnes Crumplebottom
    Place a Make it Sew Cross-stitch Kit on the lot and click on it to start a cross-stitch. Once it’s done you can deliver the hoop to Agnes.
  • Deliver another cross-stitch to Agnes Crumplebottom
    Repeat the previous step, just make a cross-stitch hoop and deliver it to Agnes.
  • Deliver <color here> llama wool to Agnes Crumplebottom
    If you have a llama you can shear them for their wool. Obviously, white llama’s will give white wool, while beige llama’s give beige wool. You can also recolor your llama’s fur with animal treats if you need a more exotic color wool. Give the treat before shearing. Another option is to buy the wool at the Garden Shop, but not all colors are available at each given moment.
  • Deliver a jar of mayonnaise to Agnes Crumplebottom
    To create your own jar of mayonnaise you’ll need cooking skill level 3. The recipe calls for one regular egg. Use the canning ability by clicking on a fridge and create the recipe. Then bring one of the jars to Agnes.

Tip: If you have a llama, you can shear its wool to bring down the price of making a  cross-stitch pattern.

Do I gnome you?

Oh, what’s this? A fresh face? Always lovely to see someone new around the village. Can you be a dear and help me out with some things? I’ve heard that there’s some juicy gossip around but I’ve only got two ears. Can you find a gnome who knows some things, and some Sims who don’t know what they’re missing? You’ll help, won’t you? Oh, of course you will, I can see it in your eyes!

Errand for: Agatha Crumplebottom


  • § 175
  • Decorative gnome
  • Oversized crop seeds


  • Talk to a gnome
    Click on any gnome statue and use the … Talk to? interaction.
  • Report gnome gossip to Agatha Crumplebottom
    After speaking to a gnome, return to Agatha and use the Report Gnome Gossip social interaction.
  • Deliver a dessert to Agatha Crumplebottom
    Prepare a homemade dessert or buy one and bring the dessert to Agatha. A quick spot to purchase the dessert is the pub in Finchwick Square.
  • Find 2 single Sims
    Ask Sims if they’re single in the romantic social interactions menu. Keep asking around until you’ve found two single Sims.
  • Report on single Sims to Agatha Crumplebottom
    After meeting two single Sims, return to Agatha and use the Report on Single Sims interaction.
Ironically enough Agatha was one of the single Sims I met. “Hello Agatha, let me tell you about the lovelife of Agatha.” Agatha: “Wait a minute….”.

Meddlin’ and peddlin’

Ooh, I knew I could count on you. You’re just what this village needs – a fresh pair of ears for catching all the gossip! Now, I’ve got an urge to do some meddling… well, actually – – I prefer to think of it as matchmaking! And my dear cousin Agnes has left me all this stuff to sell, which sounds frightfully dreary to do on my own. Think you can help me on both counts?

Errand for: Agatha Crumplebottom


  • § 300
  • Decorative gnome
  • Flirty potion
  • Super vitality fertilizer


  • Offer Roses to 2 Single Sims
    You’ll get two roses in your Sims’ inventory. Find two single Sims – most likely the ones from Do I Gnome You? – and give them the roses. 
  • Encourage one Sim who received a rose to flirt with the other Sim
    Click on one of the Sims who you’ve given a rose to and click the special interaction to encourage them to flirt with each other. It does not matter if they do not know the other Sim beforehand. 
  • Buy Extra Seeds from Agatha Crumplebottom
    Click on Agatha and use the Buy Extra Seeds interaction. This will cost you § 25, but you’ll earn more money back.
  • Sell 3 <harvestable> seeds to other Sims
    You will have a new Sell <harvestable> Seeds To interaction which allows you to sell the seeds you just bought from Agatha to other Sims. The better your friendship with the other Sim is, the easier this gets. Being in a good mood also helps.
  • Buy Extra Plants from Agatha Crumplebottom
    After successfully selling the seeds you’ll need to buy another batch to sell. This time it will cost you § 50 and it will give you full grown plants to sell.
  • Sell 4 <harvestables> to other Sims
    Just like before, click on Sims to try and sell them the crops. It will most likely not work to try and sell the crops to the Sims from the previous task.
  • Celebrate with Agatha Crumplebottom
    Apparently selling a few crops & playing matchmaker to a few strangers is reason to celebrate. Find Agatha and click on her to use the special interaction 

Too busy

It’s lovely to see a new face around these parts, but I’m just too busy right now to make a proper introduction of myself. If you’ve the time and mind to be a help, would you be a dear and grab some of those grocery orders? Oh and I’ve forgotten to eat again! Not to mention that bouquet I was going to make for my friend!

Errand for: Kim Goldbloom


  • § 175
  • An assortment of eggs, milk, flour, cheese and sugar
  • Animal treat


  • Collect 4 grocery orders
    Ask Sims around town if they need groceries by using the Collect Grocery Order interaction.
  • Relay grocery orders to the grocery owner
    Go back to Kim and use the Relay Grocery Orders friendly interaction.
  • Deliver a dozen white eggs to the grocery owner
    Obtain 12 regular white eggs and deliver them to Kim Goldbloom. Choose the Deliver Dozen Eggs friendly interaction to give them to her.
  • Deliver single serving of food to Kim Goldbloom
    Cook a single serving of any type of meal and bring it to the questgiver. You can also buy a meal at the bar if you want, just make sure to stop your Sim from eating it.
  • Deliver rose to the creature keeper
    You’ll be given a rose in your inventory. Find the creature keeper in the Bramblewoods neighborhood and give them the rose.
  • Give Creature Keeper’s regards (and mushrooms?) to grocery shop owner
    After giving them the rose, Michael Bell will give you a few mushrooms in your inventory. Go back to Kim, then give them the regards of the creature keeper. You can choose to hold on to the mushrooms or give them to Kim Goldbloom together with the regards. Both are friendly interactions.

Signature drink

My pub’s been rather successful, but I’m always looking for the next big thing. I think I have a lead on a new and exciting drink we could offer here – and only here! But running the pub keeps me busy and I could use a little help. What do you think? Would you like to help make some mixology magic happen?

Errand for: Sara Scott


  • § 175
  • Drink recipe
  • Some cooking ingredients
  • Freshly prepared meal


  • Deliver a blueberry, a raspberry and a chocoberry to the pub owner
    Obtain a blueberry, raspberry and a chocoberry and then use the special interaction in the friendly social menu to deliver it to Sara.
  • Order and drink a Bagley Berry Fizz sampler
    After delivering the berries, return to Sara and order a sample of the drink. You’ll have to pay a whopping § 1 for the sampler.
  • Deliver a charming mushroom and a verdant mushroom to the pub owner
    Obtain the two mushrooms and deliver them to the pub owner. Find the interaction to give it to them in the friendly social menu. 
  • Order and drink a Verdant and Funk sampler
    After delivering the mushrooms to Sara, visit the pub once again and order the sampler for §1.
  • Tell the pub owner which drink to serve
    Pick your favorite drink of the two and tell Sara your choice. Find the interactions for both of the drinks in the friendly social menu.

Tip: If you can’t seem to find the option to order the samplers, make sure to click on More Choices…. when clicking on the pub owner.

Mushroom madness

Do you like mushrooms? I love them! There are some really good ones out in these woods and I could use some help foraging them. You seem like a lover of the natural world that surrounds us. Why don’t you stick around and I can show you some of what I know?

Errand for: Michael Bell


  • § 175
  • An assortment of produce
  • Flowers
  • Mushrooms
  • Fertilizer
  • Piece of animal clothing


  • Deliver 3 chocoberries to the creature keeper
    Obtain 3 chocoberries and bring them to Michael Bell. You can buy chocoberries at the garden and grocery shop market stalls in Finchwick. Use the Deliver 3 Chocoberries interaction to give the berries to the creature keeper.
  • Deliver 6 spicy mushrooms to the creature keeper
    Forage around the Bramblewoods and search for a fairy ring with mushrooms. Harvest the mushrooms and deliver them to Michael Bell. You can also get mushrooms as a reward for doing other errands.
  • Eat mushroom mash
    After delivering the mushrooms and the chocoberries, you will have a serving of mushroom mash in your inventory. Your Sim will receive a dazed moodlet for the next 4 hours.
  • Talk to a flock of birds while mashed
    While still under the influence of the dazed moodlet, search for a dead tree with small birds around it. Click on the tree and use the Talk to (and Really Listen) interaction.
  • Admit hearing the birds to the creature keeper
    Return to Michael and use the Admit Hearing the Birds friendly interaction.

Tip: Chocoberries also grow in the Bramblewoods. Find them near the ruins.

Mushroom fairy rings look something like this. Don’t be misled by the color of the mushrooms, you’ll identify them automatically when you harvest them.

Repeatable Errands

Next to the introduction errands each NPC will have a set of errands they will ask you to do. Not all errands will be available at once, so they will rotate what errands they offer you. Sometimes they run out of errands completely, in this case you can come back another day. 

These repeatable errands are rather small compared to the other errands. You will also notice that some errands are very alike. This is because each errand will have its own title, while some still ask you to do the same tasks. We have grouped these errands together for your convenience. Please note that some errands will rotate between tasks.

Sow what’s new

How’s that garden of yours going? You do have a garden… right? I’m always on the lookout for some new plants! So it’s settled then, you’re going to help me?

Errand for: Agnes Crumplebottom or Agatha Crumplebottom

Other titles: ‘Helping things grow’ and ‘Prepping plants’


  • § 90
  • Oversized crop seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Berry or mushroom


  • Harvest a homegrown <harvestable>
    Plant the harvestable that the errand asks for, look after the plant and wait for it to be fully grown. Then harvest the crop.
  • Deliver <harvestable> to questgiver
    After you’ve harvested the plant, you can deliver it to the Sim who gave you this errand. 

A simple request

You ever have one of those days where you’ve got too much to do and not enough time to do it? I need some ingredients for my next meal, but I’m not sure when I’ll have any spare time. Would you be able to help me out?

Errand for: Kim Goldbloom, Sara Scott or Michael Bell

Other titles: ‘Tummy pangs’ or ‘Who’s hungry?’


  • § 90
  • An assortment of ingredients
  • Fertilizer
  • Freshly prepared meal


  • Deliver <edible item> to the questgiver
    Get whatever snack or meal the Sim is asking for and deliver it to them. You’ll have a friendly interaction to do this once you have the items in your inventory.

Tip: The questgiver requires a single serving of each meal. Let’s say they ask for cheese. You will then need to use the Pick Up Serving interaction on a cheese to grab them a serving rather than bringing them the whole block of cheese.

Creature comforts

I’m not sure if you’ve got any creatures of your own, but I’ve been looking to get my hands on some fresh ingredients. Could you bring some to me and save me a bit of time going back and forth on my own?

Errand for: Kim Goldbloom, Rahul Chopra

Other title: ‘Livestocking up’


  • § 90
  • Animal treat
  • Livestock upgrade part
  • New treat recipe or animal clothing
  • Grocery delivery coupon


  • Deliver <animal product> to questgiver
    Whatever it may be the Sim will ask for, the source will be one of the livestock animals. Collect a specific type of egg, a flavored milk… you name it. Obtain the item and bring it to the questgiver.

A friendly visit

I’ve been meaning to pay a visit to some of my friends around the village, but I’m awfully busy. Would you mind taking a stroll and seeing how everyone’s doing?

Errand for: Rahul Chopra, Lavina Chopra or Sara Scott

Other titles: ‘Go say hello’ and ‘Be a good neighbor’


  • § 90
  • Local meal
  • Some berries
  • Any upgrade part
  • Cross-stitch pattern


  • Get the village package from… someone
    Click on Sims around you while you’re in Henford-on-Bagley and use the Ask for Village Package interaction. One of them has it, so just keep asking around.
  • Deliver the village package to the questgiver
    Go back to the Sim who gave you the errand and give them the package you just got from the villager. Find this interaction in the friendly social menu.
Wild animals will roam the Bramblewoods. Search for a dead tree to find a flock of birds and a tree stump for wild bunnies. Foxes will roam freely.

Second nature

There’s a lot of nature out there and try as I might, I can’t keep an eye on all of it. I wouldn’t mind having a second set of hands from time to time. Something between a friend and a business partner, you know? Think that could be you?

Errand for: Michael Bell

Other titles: ‘Creature report’ and ‘Critter care’


  • § 90
  • An assortment of fruit
  • Wool
  • Animal clothing


  • Watch <wild critter>
    Find the wild animal the errand asks for and click on them to watch what they are doing. If your Sim has the animal enthusiast trait they will have the admire interaction instead. If you need more than one animal you need to do each interaction on a separate critter.
  • Converse with <wild critter>
    Use any social interaction on the wild animal. If you need more than one animal you need to do each interaction on a separate critter.
  • Give report to the creature keeper
    When you’re done looking after the animals, report back to Michael with a friendly interaction.

What’s the scuttlebutt?

There’s gossip out there and I don’t know what it is! I mean, I don’t need to know it all, but I really want to. Can you go and figure out what the latest is? I’m too busy to go myself, but I really must know!

Errand for: Sara Scott, Lavina Chopra or Rahul Chopra

Other title: ‘Sniff out the secrets’


  • § 250
  • Grocery delivery coupon
  • Flowers
  • Cross-stitch pattern
  • Uncommon flavor of milk


  • Find the mystery gifter
    Ask Sims wandering Henford-on-Bagley if they’re the mystery gifter everyone is talking about. You will have a friendly social interaction for this.
  • Reveal Mystery Gifter to questgiver
    Meet up with the Sim who gave you the errand and tell them who the mystery gifter is. You’ll have a friendly social interaction to do this.
  • Deliver a Full Pie to the Mystery Gifter
    The questgiver will give you a pie in your Sims’ inventory. Deliver the pie to the Sim you revealed as the mystery gifter as thanks for their nice gesture. You’ll be able to pick which pie you want to give, in case you have multiple.
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