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Prepare your Jungle Adventure in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure you’ll get a new vacation world called Salvadorada. You can only access that world with your Sims when going on vacation.

Preparing for Vacation

You need to save Simoleons for your trip to Salvadorada. It doesn’t cost that much to rent a house but you’ll need some extra cash for useful items to get through the temples. Take this item with you:

  • Pop Up Archaeology Work Bench
    You’ll need this if you want to level your Archaeology skill. It’s easier to bring it with you in your inventory but you can also purchase it on the market place in Salvadorada by talking to the vendor.
  • Tent
    You can bring a tent to set up in the jungle or even by the temples.

You’ll need to take in count that when you travel with a toddler for example you’ll need to bring a toddler bed. The same goes for pets. You can’t edit the lots when you’re on vacation in play mode.

Remove vines gardening
A high level gardening skill will help you remove vines more efficiently

Helpful skills

Level these skills as much as possible to obtain more treasures from temples:

  • Archaeology
    Uncover artifacts, examine the bowl puzzle more thorough and get a benefit when running into obstacles.
  • Charisma
    Examine the Totems more thorough and get a benefit when running into obstacles.
  • Fishing
    Get a benefit when running into obstacles.
  • Fitness
    Examine the Trap Pillars more thorough and get a benefit when running into obstacles.
  • Gardening
    You can use your hand to clear vines blocking path obstacles without hurting your hands.
  • Handiness
    Examine the Skeleton obstacle more thorough and get a benefit when running into obstacles.
  • Logic
    Examine the 3 Block Pillars more thorough and get a benefit when running into obstacles.
  • Selvadoradian Culture
    Will help you avoid Fireflies and Lightning Bugs in the Jungle. Examine the Pressure Plates more thorough and get a benefit when running into obstacles. When you maxed out this skill it will unlock the secret menu in the marketplace where you can buy more helpful adventure gear.


How to get to the Vacation World: Selvadorada

Click on the phone, go to travel and click on Go on Vacation. You’ll get an overview with the vacation world’s your own in your game.

Selvadorada world overview

Pick a Vacation home

You’ll need a vacation home that fits the needs of your household. Look at the number of beds and the traits of the lot.

Prepare for an Adventure through the Temples

When you rented a lot you’ll immediately get 2 helpful items to start off your journey. A spider repellent and a machete. In the temple you’ll find bushes you can “Fertilize” to relieve your bladder.

Market Place Adventure gear
At the Market Place your Sim can buy useful adventure gear to take with them

Buy helpful items at the Marketplace

The Marketplace can be found on the lower right corner on the map. Vendors are standing outside with their cart to sell numerous of things to help you with your journey to the jungle. The inventory changes a few times a day so when you can’t find one of the items right now it can show up later at the same vendor. When you maxed out the Selvadoradian Culture skill you’ll be able to buy more stuff from the market. Just approach a vendor and ask about the secret wares in the marketplace.


  • Grilled Cheese Ready to Eat
    The perfect food when you’re exploring temples. This food won’t spoil.


  • Waterfall in a Bottle
    You can shower with just one bottle.


  • Liquid Rush
    Energy drink that will help your Sim stay awake on long hikes.

Helpful objects for encounters

  • Omiscan Machete
    Use it to clear the path through the jungle without hurting your hands on the vines.
  • Faraday Fizz
    Will help you cure from electricity related encounters.
  • Plasma Bat Bait
    A box full of flies. This will lure bats to the box instead of your Sim.
  • Dr. Parker’s Spider Repellent
    This will avoid being attacks by spiders.
  • Guzmania Pollenis Flower
    Used as a diversion for stinging hornets and bees.
  • Drake’s Fire Quencher
    Use this to prevent aggression from heat-creating insects.
  • Ancient Bone Dust
    You can purchase this item on the secret market when you reached max level in the Selvadoradian Culture skill. You can trade this item with any local to receive a cure for poison.
  • Fire Foam
    Your Sim will use this when he/she catches fire.
  • Lightning Insulation Powder
    This will prevent electrical insects hurting your Sim.


  • Omiscan Doll
    Toy for kids to play with.
  • Traditional Harvest Basket
    This can only be used as decoration.
  • Omiscan Stone Lotus
    Small decoration statue

You’re now all set up to explore the jungle and find the Hidden Temple.

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