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Handiness Skill Guide

The Sims 4 Handiness Skill Guide

Handiness Skill in The Sims 4

Ideal Mood: Focused

Leveling up the Handiness Skill is highly recommended. You are able to repair objects very fast and gather parts to upgrade items. Who wouldn’t want a self cleaning toilet right?

You can also use this skill to create your own furniture, decorations or even instruments! You will need the Woodworking Table for that. You can make serious money if you reach the max level of the Handiness Skill and start creating bathtubs, and Camping Mascot Sculptures.

Level up your Handiness Skill

There are 5 ways to level up your Handiness Skill:

  • Read a book about Handiness
    You can buy 3 volumes of Handiness books at a Bookcase or at the Computer.
  • Repair items
    Repair broken objects at your home to improve your Handiness Skill.
  • Upgrade items
    Use upgrade parts to improve objects in your house.
  • Woodworking
    Craft sculptures, furniture or instruments on a Woodworking Table.
  • Carving Pumpkins (Requires The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff)
    Use the Pumpkin Carving Station to create Jack-O-Lanterns.

Repairing items

When your are playing The Sims 4, there is always a chance objects will break in your Sims home. Every item that breaks can be repaired without having to level your skill but it is most recommended for your Sims safety. While repairing electronic devices as computers or stereo’s there is a chance that you can find parts in the trash pile it leaves behind. You can use these parts to upgrade other items.

Upgrade items

Before you can upgrade anything you need parts. Parts can be found while searching through the trash pile of a repaired object, break down electronics to gather them or buy them on the computer. For every different item upgrade you need different parts. If you are Focused while upgrading the items it decreases the time needed to upgrade.


Level up your Handiness Skill by Woodworking

Ideal Mood: Focused

When you want to start on Woodworking you will need the Woodworking Table. You can buy this for §1.800, it’s a bit pricey but you can earn your money back by making sculptures, furniture or instruments.

Your Sims is getting a huge profit when they are Focused when Woodworking. The items are more likely to be of ‘Excellent Quality’ which sell for a higher price than normal or good quality items. Excellent quality furniture also have better stats on comfort and environment.

Tip: You have the ability to change some of the objects their color to match your Sims interior. This will work with the Mirror, Wall Hanging and the Wall Shelf that can be obtained if you have The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat.

Emotional Sculptures

When your Sims enters a specific emotional state they have the option to craft an Emotional Sculpture after reaching level 2 in the Handiness Skill. Your Sims needs to be Angry, Flirty, Sad or Playful. There are a total of 12 different Emotional Sculpture, 3 for each emotion.

Woodworking Objects

 ObjectMax Sell PriceRequirements
Horse SculptureHorse Sculpture (§10)§40Level 1 Handiness Skill
Knife BlockKnife Block (§5)§20Level 1 Handiness Skill
BarstoolBarstool (§15)§24Level 2 Handiness Skill
Angry SculptureAngry Sculpture (§7)§30Level 2 Handiness Skill + Angry Emotion
Flirty SculptureFlirty Sculpture (§7)§30Level 2 Handiness Skill + Flirty Emotion
Sad SculptureSad Sculpture (§7)§30Level 2 Handiness Skill + Sad Emotion
Playful SculpturePlayful Sculpture (§7)§30Level 2 Handiness Skill + Playful Emotion
Bunny SculptureBunny Sculpture (§10)§40Level 3 Handiness Skill
Dragon SculptureDragon Sculpture (§10)§40Level 3 Handiness Skill
Elephant SculptureElephant Sculpture (§10)§40Level 3 Handiness Skill
End TableEnd Table (§52)§210Level 4 Handiness Skill
Large Bear SculptureLarge Bear Sculpture (§15)§60Level 5 Handiness Skill
Large Lumberjack SculptureLarge Lumberjack Sculpture (§15)§60Level 5 Handiness Skill
Dining ChairDining Chair (§45)§180Level 6 Handiness Skill
Dining TableDining Table (§157)§630Level 6 Handiness Skill
GuitarGuitar (§300)§1200Level 8 Handiness Skill + Level 8 Guitar Skill
ViolinViolin (§212)§850Level 8 Handiness Skill + Level 8 Violin Skill
Child's ViolinChild's Violin (§45)§180Level 8 Handiness Skill + Level 8 Violin Skill
BathtubBathtub (§377)§1.510Level 9 Handiness Skill
ToiletToilet (§55)§220Level 10 Handiness Skill

Woodworking Objects (Outdoor Retreat)

These Woodworking Objects are only available with The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat.
 ObjectMax Sell PriceRequirements
Garden PotGarden Pot (§15)§60Level 2 Handiness Skill
Garden PlanterGarden Planter (§17)§70Level 2 Handiness Skill
MirrorMirror (§87)§350Level 3 Handiness Skill
Wall ShelfWall Shelf (§87)§175Level 4 Handiness Skill
Wall HangingWall Hanging (§125)§500Level 5 Handiness Skill
Camping Mascot SculptureCamping Mascot Sculpture (§375)§1.500Level 7 Handiness Skill
(Learn the Woodworking Schematic from the wooden campground Mascot in Granite Falls)

Camping Mascot Sculpture Schematic

You can obtain this schematic by clicking the Wooden Camping Mascot near the Ranger Station in the middle of the campground in Granite Falls. Your Sims needs to be level 7 in the Handiness Skill in order to ‘Learn Woodworking Schematic‘.

Camping Mascot Sculpture Schematic
Click on the Camping Mascot Statue to learn this Schematic.
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