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How to Get Mermaids in The Sims 4

In this guide we’ll tell you everything there is to know about mermaids. How to change your Sim into a mermaid, special powers, hydration and more. Mermaids are exclusive to the expansion pack The Sims 4 Island Living, so make sure you get that pack when you want to include mermaids in your Sims 4 game.

How to Create a Mermaid in Create A Sim

In the lower left corner of your screen you can select a special occult lifestyle for your new Sim, look for the Mermaid icon and click on it. You’ll now get 2 icons for your Sim. The top one is your mermaid form and the bottom one is your normal form.

Some things have changed when editing your mermaid. You can’t select lower body clothing anymore, you get to customize the tail instead. You can choose between 4 different fins with each their own color swatches. If you look at the shirts you’ll find special mermaid clothing with shells and scales for a more natural fishy look.

How can you make an existing Sim a Mermaid?

If you want to make your existing Sim a mermaid you’ll have to buy or find a Mermadic Kelp. You can find Mermadic Kelp while diving for treasure (you need the treasure tool for this interaction to show up). These can also be found in the secret cave found on the island with the shipwreck in the upper right corner. When you’ll get the message “Underground Pools”, you found the special kelps. You instantly get 10 of them so enough for you whole family to turn. Eat one Mermadic Kelp it will turn a normal Sim into mermaid when you go into the water in the next 24 hours. Look out for the Strange sensations buff.

Strange Sensations
As thoughts of coral reefs and saltwater fills your Sims mind, they have the sudden urge to enter a large body of water. Should your Sim answer the call?

You can also buy a Mermedic Kelp to change your excising Sim into a mermaid in the reward store.

  1. Go to the Aspirations menu (shortcut key: G)
  2. Click on the gift icon in the upper right corner
  3. Find the Mermedic Kelp and purchase it for 500 reward points
  4. Find the Mermadic Kelp in your inventory and eat it
  5. Get your Sim into a pool or ocean to see your Sim change into a mermaid

Another way is to use cheats.

How can I undo my Sim being a mermaid?

Your Sim has to find 2 Mermadic Kelps and has to eat them within 4 hours of each other.

Get Mermaid/Merman Kids

If a Mermaid and Merman have a child together, the baby that is born will also be a mermaid. But this will not show until they’re a teen. If a Mermaid/Merman have a kid with a normal Sim, there is a 50% chance of it being a mermaid/merman. You can check if your child is a mermaid by going into Create A Sim. There will be an icon above the giving traits.

How to detect a Mermaid/Merman

Sim might act a little fishy when their around the water and you can ask Sim ’Are you a Mermaid?’. They won’t always give in if they’re just friends or acquaintances. You can also use a “Ordinary” Conch Shell to call out mermaid and merman (This only work when you’re a mermaid yourself). After that you can ask them about their weird behavior to call them out as a mermaid or merman.

Fun fact: When a mermaid eats fish dishes if will make her uncomfortable by eating a fishy friend.

Interacting with other Merfolk

When talking to another Mermaid/Merman you can do several special interactions. You can do a special Mermaids kiss without having a romantic relationship or you can sing 4 different Siren’s Lullabies. Those lullabies will each give the Sim song to a different buff.

Special Hydration activities

Some special activities will cost hydration. Change the weather, sing siren songs or even call over your special azure dolphin.

  • Call Over Azure Dolphin (-30 Hydration)
    This is your dolphin buddy when you’re a mermaid. Your friendship already starts out as soulmates so you can do every interaction available with dolphins.
  • Mermaid’s Kiss (-30 Hydration)
    The Sim being kissed by a mermaid can now dive underwater for longer periods of time.
  • Siren’s Lullaby: Aegan’s Question (-30 Hydration)
    This will make the other Sim Tense
  • Siren’s Lullaby: Charmer’s Lullaby (-30 Hydration)
    This will make the other Sim Flirty
  • Siren’s Lullaby: Inspiring Berceuse (-30 Hydration)
    This will make the other Sim Inspired
  • Siren’s Lullaby: Night’s Requiem (-30 Hydration)
    This will make the other Sim Sad
  • Aquatic Lure: Fishing Spots specific (-30 Hydration)
    You can only catch excellent quality fish when the aqua lure is active. But catching fish while you’re a mermaid will make your Sim sad because you’re hurting your fish friends.
  • Call Clear Skies (-75 Hydration)
    This will remove any rain or thunderstorms and will create a clear sky. Click on your own Sim for this interaction.
  • Call Rainstorm (-75 Hydration)
    Call forth a rainstorm on in the world. Click on your own Sim for this interaction.
  • Call Thunderstorm (-75 Hydration)
    Time for you to play Thor and summon a thunderstorm. Click on your own Sim for this interaction.
  • Summon Ocean Threat (-30 Hydration)
    This will make a Sim tense
  • Sirens Call (-100 Hydration)
    Lowers a Sims needs drastically

Fun fact: Mermaids can talk to fish in aquariums.

Summon ocean threat as a joke

Filling Hydration Need

Instead of hygiene, Mermaids and merman need to take care of their hydration. You need hydration to perform special mermaid interactions. You can’t actually die from dehydration but your Sim might smell like rotten fish when their hydration level is low. A lot of water related objects fan fill up their hydration needs.

  • Take a swim in the ocean
    This is the most logical way to fill up hydration. Take your Sim for a swim in the ocean.
  • Take a swim in the pool
    Pools will also work! When you’ve got invited to a party for example you can take a dive into the swimming pool.
  • Take a bath or shower
    Just like the hygiene needs, you can take a bath or shower for your hydration needs. When you’re in the bathtub the mermaid tail will be visible.
  • Drink a glass of water
    Water is always available when there’s a sink nearby. Easy way to fill up hydration a bit.
  • Wash hands/Brush Teeth
    This will increase your hydration a little bit.
  • Standing in the Rain
    If you have The Sims 4 Seasons, your Sim is able to get hydration from the rain.

Teach your Mermaid Better Swim Styles

When you level up your fitness skill your mermaid will swim more natural and more beautifully in the water. It’s easy to level up your fitness skill because it’s automatically leveling when swimming in the water.

Tip: If you Mermaid is a conservationist they can’t snorkel at the buoy, you’ll have to look for a specific red/white buoy. Click on the red buoy and select “Survey Ocean Floor” this will complete the Survey Ocean Wildlife task

Mermaids can also sleep in the water
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    1. Perhaps it’s easier to complete some whims, so you can buy it as a reward with 500 aspiration points.

    1. It should be on the floor on the beach. It’s more of a rare spawn though, so keep your eyes open! 🙂

  1. Hi! For me the “ordinary” conch shell is not working. My sim is a mermaid and i keep telling her to blow into it so she can make other mermaid friends 🙁 and i wait.and wait.and wait.and nothing. Maybe it’s a bug?

    1. You won’t find it in build buy mode. When you click on a buoy in the deep ocean (not the ones closer to the shore), you’ll see the option to buy different diving suits or diving equipment. You’ll find one for treasure hunting (I really don’t remember the name right now). That will enable you to hunt for treasure (always in the deep ocean not on the buoys near the coast aka the ones surrounded by fish and corals. Those you can only snorkel in.)

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