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How To Get Your Own Dolphin Buddy in Island Living

In The Sims 4 Island Living you can now swim with dolphins! Look out for dolphins jumping out of the water in Sulani during the day. You can find the dolphins next to a green/orange dive buoy. If you found a pod of dolphins, you can swim towards them and try making friends with them. The dolphins decide for themselves if they are comfortable enough to approach you. If it doesn’t work in the first try you can also try to call over the dolphin.

When you hover your mouse around the buoy, watch for the gear icon to appear. If you click there, you’ll find the interaction to call over the dolphin. Mermaids can summon dolphins anywhere in deep water while normal Sim need to be around the buoy.

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Mermaids have an instant soulmate relationship with the Dolphins. They can summon the azure dolphin immediately

Interactions with Dolphins

Interacting with a dolphin will increase your friendship status with them. This will unlock new options and tricks. When you already know a dolphin you can call them while in the water. Dolphins will stick around longer with your Sim when you have a higher conservation level.

  • Talk to Dolphin
  • Pet Dolphin
  • Ask To Be Squirted (only available with the trait: Child of the Ocean)
  • Playfully Splash Dolphin / Spitefully Splash Dolphin
  • Feed Dolphin
  • Name your Dolphin (requires being friends with the dolphin)

If you perform the Spitefully Splash Dolphin interaction (misschief interaction) it can lower your friendship with your dolphin.

You can feed the Dolphin with the fish you have in your inventory

Unlock Dolphin tricks

You can ask your Dolphin to do trick for you. If you have a better relationship with the Dolphin you can request more tricks. There’s also a chance that de dolphin will decline your request so build up a relationship with them so they can trust you more.

  • Fetch
  • Dance (curious)
  • Jump (chums)
  • Belly Rub (friends)
  • Kiss (best friends)

Fetch with Dolphin

When you play fetch with your Dolphin, your Dolphin can come back with a variety of items such as small electronics, fruits and vegetables, rare fish, treasures, or even the special kelp to turn Sim into a mermaid/merman.

Get an Albino Dolphin!

The normal dolphins are the grey dolphins you’ll find next to buoys in deep waters, mermaids can summon a special azure (blue) dolphin but there’s also a cute albino dolphin! Clean up the island and when you reach the final conservation stage, there’s a chance to encounter an albino dolphin when swimming around the diving buoy. After your first approach you can summon it whenever you’d like but he can only be summoned at the Mua Pel’am beach.

Summon an Albino Dolphin

Stay Safe in the Ocean

The ocean isn’t a place for just anyone, if you have a low fitness skill your Sim is more likely to get cramps from swimming in the cold water.

Also… watch out for sharks! They’re sometimes roaming in the deep waters. First you’d get a warning, but I strongly advise you to stay out of the waters for a while.

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