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Hiking in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape

Mt. Komorebi is filled with many beautiful hiking trails in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape. These can be explored alone, but are much more fun as a group hike. Simply find a Hiking Info Board and select the destination you wish to hike to.

There are many great locations to explore. Stroll through the Bamboo Forest or hike to the Thousand Leaves Temple in Senbamachi. See the Historic Traveler’s Shrine or hike over frozen bridges to the Natural Cove in Yukimatsu.

These hikes are very peaceful and provide a great social experience, but be wary of any active wildlife in the area.

At the end of each hike you’ll find a Hiking Board so you can walk back to the beginning.

Go Hiking with a Group

Form a group by clicking on the preferred Sim and choose actions > Add to Group. You now have the option to hike as a group and tighten your relationship with other Sims and fill the social meter bar!

Watch out for Wildlife!

Creepy bugs crawling around your Sim? No thank you! Check the information board if wildlife is active before going on a hike. Be prepared and order some bug repeller at a vending machine if there’s lots of wildlife active right now.

  • Attack by Denkimushi
    This will be a very SHOCKING experience. Your Sim will be dazed for the next 4 hours, make sure you don’t encounter them again… Having a higher fitness skill or a jar of crawling critter powder can help avoid future pain.
  • Attack by Giant Hornets
    This will also make your Sim dazed by the sting. Having a higher logic skill or a jar of emergency emetic potion can help avoid future pain.
  • Bats
  • Fireflies
    They won’t harm you and it even makes your Sim happy if they encounter them.

Forest Spirits

You can collect or make a wish to the forest spirit. The spirit will grant you a (rare) Simmi Capsule or some Simoleons. Collecting them will create wall decoration of the spirit. If you catch a yellow spirit, it will become a yellow spirit doll.

Kodama is an unique forest spirit your Sim can encounter on their hike. They can bless your Sim or curse your Sim with different emotions.

Don’t get Injured

When the weather is freezing and the ground shimmers a bit you should postpone your hike. There’s a major chance Sims will slip and get injured on the trip.

Hiking Locations

There are many locations in the different neighborhoods where your Sims can hike. Each route offers the option to hike scentic loop, jog an exercise trail and go on a meditative walk.

Yukimatsu neighborhood

  • Hike to Cave Statue
    You’ll eventually reach the cave with the three monkeys. You can make an offering of good fortune, shout and listen for echo and take pictures or selfies.
  • Hike to Historic Shrine
    This track will bring you to the shrine. You can use interactions like take pictures and watch the shrine.
  • Hike to Natural Cove
    At the natural cove you can find digging spots for rocks or find other items.

Senbamachi neighborhood

  • Hike to Bamboo Forest
  • Hike to Mountain Shrine
    A Shrine that can be found in the Bamboo Forest.
  • Hike to Temple
    Write a wish on the wishing board before the temple.

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