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Exciting new Features from the exclusive Snowy Escape Livestream

Time to dust off your skiing-gear and pack your bags for a trip to Mt. Komorebi, the new Japan-inspired world from the upcoming pack for The Sims 4: Snowy Escape! We were invited to join an exclusive livestream of the new expansion pack. SimGuruGraham showed a lot of fun and exciting details about the new pack that we want to share with you. So stay tuned for some cool ins-and-outs of the upcoming content!

Here’s a quick summary of the most exciting features:

Watch the Official Gameplay Trailer

New aspirations

In this pack your Sim can choose two new aspirations: Mt. Komorebi Sightseer and Extreme Sports Enthusiast. Thrillseeking Sims can pick the Extreme Sports Enthusiast for a life full of snowboarding, rock climbing and adventurous expeditions to the peak of Mt. Komorebi.

For the Mt. Komorebi Sightseer aspiration tasks will include eating food at the town’s festivals, taking a swim in the Wakaba river & taking a selfie with the Mt. Komorebi mascot, YamaChan. You can find a giant statue of him in some of the neighborhoods and he plays a big role at the festivals.


The Children’s festival takes place during the weekends. There’s a special void critter hunt much like Pokémon GO going on at the festival. Toddlers and kids can even craft paper samurai hats.

Another festival that takes place in the traditional neighborhood is the Festival of Lights. Paper lanterns will flow down the river, fireworks and even bonfires. You can also purchase exclusive clothing at one of the stalls.

There’s also a Festival of Snow near the Onsen Bathhouse that has the most amazing sculptures that will light up the neighborhood. If this isn’t enough to lighten up the place, there’s also a fireworks event happening during this festival.

New Foods and Drinks

There are 15 new foods and drinks in Snowy Escape. Hot Pots are a great new addition in this pack. This will take the cooking moment to the table with other Sim to enjoy. This will make cooking a bit more social.

New ways of eating food

You can now choose how Sim will eat their dinner. You can choose between forks, wooden, plastic or steel chopsticks.


Lifestyles are about the lived experiences of our Sims. You can obtain them if you’re doing a lot of extreme sports in the next couple of days for example. But they can also fade away when your Sim isn’t really active in that lifestyle anymore. If you really want them to be gone you can buy a potion in the reward store or you can call a lifestyle coach.

Some of the lifestyles you can unlock are Workaholic, Hunger for Love, Frequent Traveler and Health Food Nut. There are 16 different lifestyles you can acquire for your Sims.


Sentiments are a new addition in The Sims 4. They will give Sim certain emotions from things that happened in the past or happening right now. For example your Sim can hold grudges with other Sim. When those Sim come near each other they will have a stronger reaction and will have an effect on your Sims’ emotion.Or when you’ve had a great experience hiking with family and you’ve taken your own path after the hike and go skiing. The Sim will start to miss them and starts feeling sad.

New Deaths

In The Sims 4 Snowy Escape you can expect 2 new deaths.

  • Death by Vending Machine
    When an item is stuck and you make an attempt to take it out, it can cost you your life.
  • Death by Falling
    When you fall off the cliff during rock climbing there’s a chance it’s not just an injury… Don’t go climbing with icy weather conditions.

New Woohoo Spots

Two new and very exciting new woohoo spots for your Sims:

  • Woohoo in the Hot Springs
    You can woohoo in the hot springs in the Onsen Bathhouse or place a hot spring at your lot.
  • Woohoo in Ice Cave
    During the Mountain excursion you can come across an ice cave. It might be sealed and frozen over or it might be available to your Sims.

New Collectibles: Simmi

Simmies are the new collectables in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape. You can find them in vending machines for example or find them at festivals. If you’re really lucky you can even find golden Simmies. You can collect 12 different Simmies and 12 rare golden variants of them.

The World and lots

There are a total of 14 lots in the new world. One of the neighborhoods is a more traditional Sinbamachi, the other neighborhood looks a bit more modern and of course the snowy mountain neighborhood.


You can hike together as a group and enjoy the nature around you. You may encounter wildlife such as creepy critters so be prepared for that. You can go on different hikes such as bamboo forest, meditative walks or do an exercise trail.

New Social Event: Mountain Climb Excursion

You can form a group and go on a mountain excursion. Just like all the other social events, there are different tasks to complete. You must choose an excursion leader and the excursion team members. You can form a group of max 4 Sim to climb the mountain.

You’ll start off at the Onsen Bathhouse so you can prepare for your journey to the top of the mountain. Take a nice warm dip in the hot springs to heal your past injuries a bit faster, get some food from the vending machine and of course take a bathroom break.

You will start your journey on top of the slopes. You can either use rock climbing gear or you can try and free climb your way to the top. But don’t worry, they didn’t include avalanches in this expansion pack. They did include some extreme weather you’ll have to look out for.

You’ll come across base camps. More dangerous routes and eventually you’ll reach the top of the mountain.

Skiing, Snowboarding and Sledging

To start your journey of becoming a great snowboarder or skier you can start with taking the bunny ramp to test your skills. Sledging will also take place at the bunny ramp. Sim can even go sledding with toddlers. It looks so cute! Kids can go skiing and snowboard from the large slopes.

The large slopes that require a gondola to reach the top will have different intensity levels and different grades in difficulty. Each time they will choose a new path down the mountain on the same slope. Snowboarders can record a POV Snowboarding video and earn royalties from them. It’s great to see the developers included a way to make money from these activities.


There are a few weather conditions that will determine whether the slopes are safe enough to use. For example with icy conditions, the slopes will be very slippery and Sims can injure themselves.

There’re also new weather conditions in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape. Thunder snow storms are one of the new weathers. It’s a blizzard with lightning that can be quite deadly.

When you’re mountain climbing, the chances that extreme weather will occur will get greater when you’re reaching for the top.

What will be in the new Base Game Update

Sunken entryway, platforms you can create a fully raised decorative platform to place plants for example. They come in all shapes and sizes!

You can now go on vacation anywhere!
Go on vacation in ANY of the available worlds, not just destination worlds.

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