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Learn the Knitting Skill and Unlock Patterns

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This skill is exclusive in The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting and can be learned by Sim who are kids, young adults, adults and of course elderly Sim. Kids even level up their Knitting and Motor skills.

How to activate the Knitting interaction

Place a Beginner’s Yarn Basket or a Super Stash Yarn Basket in your Sims’ inventory. Now you can start Knitting by clicking on the item in their inventory or clicking any object your Sim can sit on. This can be the new rocking chair, sofa, bed, but also next to the swimming pool or the toilet.

Place one of the Yarn Baskets in your Inventory to start Knitting

How to level up the Knitting Skill

Being Inspired will help build up skill faster. There are a few ways to level up this skill.

  • Start Knitting
    Place one of the Yarn Baskets in your Sims inventory and start knitting.
  • Get another Sim to teach you how to Knit
    (requires the other Sim to have level 5 Knitting skill)
    After you’ve reached level 5 you can learn other Sim how to Knit. If you want to be teached you should find a Sim with a higher level Knitting skill.
  • Read books
    You can buy books that will level up your Knitting skill. Just click the bookcase and select ‘Buy books’. Search for Knitting Vol 1, 2 or 3.

Watch our video of all the Knitables

Level up the Knitting Skill

The higher the knitting skill the better chance you get to craft a high quality item. You can make poor, normal, excellent or legendary quality items. The amount of profit you make when listing Knitted stuff on Plopsy depends on the quality. For example; my Sim made a Legendary quality Toddler-onesie for 40 Simoleons and sold it for 978 Simoleons. That’s what you call profit!

There’s also a chance your Sim will create a failed version when they’ve finished knitting clothing or objects. This ‘failed’ item will look different and is very unique. Failed items can also be legendary quality. When you’ve created a failed clothing item you can still wear them but you’ll be itchy when you do.

Level 1

  • Beanies

Level 2

  • Socks: Crew Socks, Low-cut Socks, Mid-Calf Socks

Level 3

  • Mailbox with Knitted Cozy
  • Plant Hanger, Hanger for Plants in coloured pots, Zigzag Hanger

Level 4

  • Rugs

Level 5

  • New interaction: Learn other Sims how to Knit
  • Women’s Sweater with Dress
  • Men’s Sweater
  • Children’s Sweater

Level 6

  • Poufs

Level 7

  • Decorations: Cactus in a Pot, Penguins with hats, Turtles, Octopuses, Ceramic Llama with Knit Cactus

Level 8

  • Toddler Onesies and Baby Onesies

Level 9

  • Sweaters with Scarfs

Level 10

  • Child toys
Learn other Sim how to knit after you’ve reached Knitting skill level 5

Unlock Hidden Knitting Patterns

There are a few items you won’t unlock by leveling your Knitting Skill level. The items below will be added to your knitting pattern list when you’ve completed the Lord/Lady of the Knits aspiration.

How to unlock Toy Yarny and Log Yarny

When you reach level 10 in Knitting, you’re still missing one pattern that you can learn. Yarny. You need the Sacred Knitting Knowledge trait to craft Yarny. This is a reward trait from completing the Lord/Lady of the Knits aspiration. You can also use a cheat to unlock it.

Toy Yarny is a lovely addition to all the existing toys and Sims can play with it. Log Yarny has a mild case of teleportation.

Unlock the The Forbidden Sweater

The ability to craft the Forbidden Sweater is unlocked once a Sim completes the Lord/Lady of the Knits aspiration. When Sims wear this sweater, they’ll be itchy forever.

What is the Sweater Curse

This term is used by knitters to describe the belief that when you give a hand-knit sweater to your significant other it will lead to a break-up. If you want to prevent getting the Sweater Curse, you’ll need to unlock the Knitting Knowledge trait by completing the Lord/Lady of the Knits aspiration. The curse only works if the other Sim is your girl/boyfriend or Lovebirds. You’ll need to give them a sweater for adults and the Sim who gave the shirt will get a curse that will last an entire week.

Keeping track of the patterns and colors you have unlocked

You can craft a lot of different clothing and objects. Every single color needs to be unlocked if you want to wear it. If you click on knitting and choose the preferred item you can see what colors you already made of that item.

How to dress babies with baby onesies

Knit a cute baby onesie and this will be placed in your inventory when it’s done. Now you can click the baby and pick the option ‘Dress Baby in Onesie’. The Sim will walk to the basket and will dress up the baby.

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