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How to Sell Craftables on Plopsy

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This is a new feature that requires you to have The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting. Plopsy is like the Sim version of Etsy and can be used to buy or sell crafted materials.

List Craftables on Plopsy

You’ve knitted a few objects/clothing or painted a few paintings for example. These items can now be sold on the online marketplace Plopsy. Click on the item you want to sell. This will always cost 5 Simoleons to do so. But totally worth it since you can make a lot of money with it.

What can you sell on Plopsy

You can sell almost every craftable you can place in your inventory except for foods and drinks. For example:

Things you can’t sell are objects that are created by the Fabricator and food/drinks that can expire.

When a buyer is found you can ship it in the mailbox. After the buyer received their package the next day they will give you a thank you, but sometimes they will write a complaint about the product. But whatever the feedback you’ll get, they’ll always pay you.

Buying stuff on Plopsy

You’re not only able to sell things on Plopsy but you can also buy stuff on Plopsy. Go to your phone or computer to browse Plopsy. The items will be randomized each hour. You can check the upper right corner how many minutes are left for the refresh.

The listings don’t actually come from real Sims but they do have very funny usernames.
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