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Host Séances and Perform Powerful Rituals with the Medium skill

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Sims interested in the paranormal can now interact even more with the (un)dead and other supernatural beings. With The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff comes the ability to learn the Medium skill. It will make life a lot easier when living in a Haunted House Residential or pursuing a career as a Freelance Paranormal Investigator.

Hone your spiritual power! Sims embarking on this journey will eventually be able to do things like summon the dead, or host their own Séance with other Sims.

How can you level the Medium skill?

The Medium skill gets improved by interacting with the Séance Table which you can purchase in Build & Buy mode. You can also add a bit of spice to your rituals by decorating the table with the Lady Ravendancer’s Crystal Ball or Sacred Candles. The Medium skill is a minor skill, meaning it’s maxed out on Level 5.

Tip: Being in the Focused Mood increases how fast your Sim learns the Medium skill.

Tip: If you have The Sims 4 Realm of Magic installed your Spellcaster Sims will level up the Medium skill even more quickly.

Children can learn the Medium skill too. This will level up their Mental skill as well

Medium skill Level Unlocks

Leveling the Medium skill will unlock more rituals and the ability to ask Guidry the Ghost for permission to become a Paranormal Investigator.

Level 1

Your Sim has started their paranormal journey! Continue performing Séances to level up!

  • Commune with the Departed
    Your Sim reaches out to creatures of the afterlife. They might receive a message back, but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be a nice one!
  • Sense Spiritual Volatility
    Check how haunted your current location is at the time. 
  • Perform Ceremony (only available at Haunted House lot)
    Perform a ceremony to make the house a little less haunted. Be warned, this ceremony drains Sims of their energy! Successful ceremonies also make Sims a little less scared!

Level 2

Your Sim can now host Séances with other Sims. Group Séances provide increased benefits. Teamwork makes the dream work!

  • Group Séance
    Your Sim can invite up to three other Sims to join them in a Séance activity. The other Sims won’t need the appropriate skill levels for the specific ritual you’re going to perform. Having other Sims to help will higher your success rate.

Level 3

Your Sim can now call upon the dead with the new Invoke the Dead and Summon Bonehilda Séances.

  • Invoke the Dead
    Your Sim will try to summon a Specter or…. This interaction doesn’t always go according to plan, so be warned!
  • Summon Bonehilda
    Call upon the help on the skeletal housemaid Bonehilda. She’ll perform chores around the house as well as keeping the spiritual serenity.
This Sim has successfully performed the Ghastly Ritual AND summoned Bonehilda

Level 4

Your Sim can now perform the Ghastly Ritual on Séance Tables! Let’s get weird!

  • Ghastly Ritual
    Turn yourself into a Ghost for 4 hours. 

Level 5

Your Sim is now a top notch Medium! They will be able to perform powerful Séances with less energy decay and gain an increased chance of successfully interacting with Specters. Sims can also create a Séance Circle anywhere in the world now!

  • Create Séance Circle
    Click either on your Sim or on the ground where you’d like to create a chalk Séance Circle. This interaction costs §5 each time.
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