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3 Starters to get you going in The Sims 4 Discover University

Move right into the center of the beautiful town of Britechester, the new world of The Sims 4 Discover University. To get your Sims started on the right foot, we’ve made three themed houses for you to begin your journey to better education. All houses can be placed on the Honeydew Fields lot in Britechester. Make sure to first use the bb.moveobjects on cheat before placing the starter of your choice.

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Lobster vs. Dragon Starter

Haven’t made up your mind yet about what university to go to? No biggy! This simple, but sufficient starter can house up to two Sims. Perfect for rivaling roommates, or maybe a set of opposite twins. Each will have their own styled bedroom, heck… they even have their own favorite chair in the common room!

Traits: Study Spot, Good Schools, Convivial
Value: §18.983
Download the Lobster vs. Dragon Starter

Britechester Starter

Want to show off your University of Britechester spirit? You can house your Sim in this classical styled starter. The house is suitable for up to two Sims, provided that they can sleep in the same bed. It has enough room to study, and if your Sim needs a little break from all their homework you can spend some time outside playing pingpong with your friends.

Traits: Study Spot, Home Studio, Peace and Quiet
Value: §18.993

Download the Britechester Starter

Foxbury Starter

For Sims who want something more modern and high-tech, you might consider enrolling into the Foxbury Institute. Get in the right mindset by living in this Lobster spirited house, full of all the things your Sim will need to get started. The house is suitable for up to two Sims, provided that they can sleep in the same bed.

Traits: Study Spot, Science Lair, Fast Internet
Value: §18.293

Download the Foxbury Starter

So which one of these starters is your favorite? Are you team Dragon or team Lobster? Let us know in the comments below!

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