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Joining the Secret Society in The Sims 4 Discover University

In The Sims 4 Discover University you can join a secret society. It’s actually really hard to find them yourself so we thought it would be easier to write a guide for you.

The secret society are a group of Sims ‘worshipping’ Sprites. Sprites are small glowing creatures who have been mistreated by humans. Your job is to make them happy.

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How to get into the Secret Society

Your Sim has to make an offering to any school statue. Offerings has to be some sort of food, flowers, crystal etc. But it has to be something of excellent quality or a rare item. If you offer poor quality items to the statue, your Sim will get a tense moodlet.

Surreal Focus Buff
Your Sim has a mysteriously good feeling about that offering. Almost as if he has somehow made someone, somewhere very happy. The world feels a little more… sparkly.

Once you made the right offering and get the Surreal Focus buff, the secret society will come to your home at night (or the next night). It doesn’t matter where you are at that moment. If you don’t want to join you can just click ‘no thanks’ when the pop-up appears.

What are the benefits from the secret society?

Sprites can give you great benefits but you’ll have to keep them happy. They give extremely useful 12 hour buff to help you study, improve your chances with your crush, stops your hunger decay or learn skills faster.

Sprite seeing

After you’ve been accepted as a member, your Sim is able to see sprites when it’s dark around the campus. When you get a visit from a Sprite, you must entertain them.

Sprites love a good show, so make sure to entertain them with socials with other Sims. A happy Sprite is a generous Sprite, and your Sim certainly wouldn’t want to be a bore…

If you managed to entertain them enough they will give your Sim very useful moodlets. For example, if you received the moodlet it will get your Sim focused but it will also remove any feeling of hunger or lethargy. If you don’t manage to entertain the Sprite, you’ll get a negative moodlet.

If you want to get rid of the negative moodlet you can go to the Ritual grounds and click on the stone to make an offering to the Sprites.

Leveling within the Society

Every time you’ve completed a task, it will raise your membership bar.

New Member

The secrets of the sprites has been held precious for generations. It is truly a gift to be awoken to their blessings. Bestow the sprites with respect (or sweets) and they will graciously return the favor. Snub them and things may not go as well for you.

They will give you the official Order of Enchantment Robe and Mask for their new member status.

Seasoned member

When your Sims advance to a Seasoned Member, you can now perform the Sprite Attack on others. You’ve also received new Robes!

Senior Member

What do you have to do to stay a member

Joining the secret society might be easy but now you have to keep them happy. You get chores your Sims need to take care off.

You’ll have to keep them happy and you will get surprise visits and have to tend their garden.

  • Offer Food at the Ritual Altar
    Travel to the Ritual grounds and Make an Offering of a food item to show the Sprites your loyalty.
  • Tend to Sprites’ Garden
    Water, Weed, or Harvest the Sprite’s plants near the Ritual Altar.
  • Offer a Crystal at the Ritual Altar
    Travel to the Ritual grounds and Make an Offering of a crystal to show the Sprites your loyalty!
  • Offer a Harvestable at the Ritual Altar
    Travel to the Ritual grounds and Make an Offering of a Harvestable to show the Sprites your loyalty!
  • Offer a Metal at the Ritual Altar
    Travel to the Ritual grounds and Make an Offering of a metal to show the Sprites your loyalty!
  • Be friendly to 5 Sims

Secret Society Event

If you join the secret society, you will unlock a new event: Sprite Celebration Ritual

Sprite Celebration Ritual

Location: Ritual Grounds in Gibbs Hill
This event happens around 2 times a week.

Celebrate the blessings of the Sprites with a congregation of gift-giving and mirth. Learn whether you’re in good favor with the Sprites – or if they’re feeling neglected.

Where are the Ritual grounds at Campus

The Ritual grounds can be found between both Universities in the middle of the map. The Ritual grounds are right next to the ruins.

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  1. Thanks for that.
    Does anyone know how to disable the Sprites? They are very annoying.
    I am not a member of the sociaty anymore, so leaving didn’t help.

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