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Criminal Career Guide

The Sims 4 Criminal Career Guide

Criminal Career

Not every Sim wants to play by the rules. You can make tons of Simoleons and have fun, too, as an outlaw.

The earnings from the Criminal Career isn’t much but with this career you can take what is yours. There are more ways than one to earn some extra Simoleons like Pickpocketing or Divide Funds.

The first few promotions you will only need to train you Mischief Skill to get promoted. To do this you can perform Mischief interactions. If you want to train the Mischief skill faster you can make your Sims Angry by performing mean interactions on other Sims. You can also read a book about this Skill but will cost you some Simoleons to purchase.

Daily Task: Mischief Interactions

Use Mischief Interactions on Sims.

Ideal Emotion: Playful

You can get your Sims Playful by watching Comedy on your television, watch funny video’s on the computer or read the book ‘Make Them Laugh ‘Til They Cry‘ that you can buy for §30 from your bookcase.
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Criminal Career

PositionDaily PayRequirements for PromotionRewards
Tough Guy/Gal (1)§63• Mischief Interactions (daily task)Interaction: Don't Talk About Crime Club
Petty Thief (2)§91• Level 2 Mischief
• Mischief Interactions (daily task)
Object: Emblems of Espionage
Ring Leader (3)§136• Level 3 Mischief
• Mischief Interactions (daily task)
Object: Duffle o' Cash

Interaction: Pickpocket
Felonious Monk (4)§161• Level 5 Mischief
• Mischief Interactions (daily task)
Object: Vintage Baseball Bat Sculpture
Minor Crimelord (5)§192• Level 6 Mischief
• Mischief Interactions (daily task)
Clothing: Fedora

Criminal Career Boss BranchBoss Branch

Max level Weekly Pay: §12.460

The streets are your playground. You know there are only two paths: up to the top, or down with the fishes. You? You’re going up. Rewards include a Fisticuffs Punching Bag to hone your skills.

As a upcoming Boss you will need to train your Handiness Skill for your promotions. You can level this skill by repairing or upgrading objects, read a book about Handiness or start with Woodworking. I suggest that you go and repair objects because this is also your daily task after reaching level 8. When your Sims is Focused it will boost leveling this skill.

Daily Task: Mean Interactions / Upgrade Objects

The first two levels of this branch you will need to perform Mean Interactions on other Sims. After reaching level 8 this changes in Upgrading Objects. You can upgrade objects like the stove, sink or even the computer.

Ideal Emotion: Focused

You can Play Chess or Browse Simpedia on the computer to become Focused.

PositionDaily PayRequirements for PromotionRewards
The Muscle (6)§636• Level 7 Mischief
• Mean Interactions (daily task)
Object: Stolen ATM
Getaway Driver (7)§1.911• Level 7 Mischief
• Level 2 Handiness
• Mean Interactions (daily task)
Object: Bars of Gold
Safe Cracker (8)§2.233• Level 9 Mischief
• Level 4 Handiness
• Upgrade Objects (daily task)
Object: Stolen Necklace of the Late Duchess Pinky
The Brains (9)§2.681• Level 10 Mischief
• Level 6 Handiness
• Upgrade Objects (daily task)
Interaction: Search For Bank Blueprints
The Boss (10)§3.115N/AObject: Fisticuffs Punching Bag

Clothing: Boss Suit

Criminal Career Oracle BranchOracle Branch

Max level Weekly Pay: §8.848

Why be part of the machine, when you can take it down? There are plenty of ways to skin a cat, or an enterprise, and you’ll figure them out. Rewards include the ability to divert funds from your neighbor!

The Oracle Branch is a more technical branch to be in. You should buy a reliable computer to complete your daily task Hack or Make Viruses to get a promotion. In this branch there are some very nice rewards like a computer and a Matrix looking Coat form your Sims.

Daily Task: Hack or Make Viruses

Use the computer and hack into systems or create viruses. You can find these options under ‘program’ on the computer. This trick will get your household some extra money.

Ideal Emotion: Focused

You can Play Chess or Browse Simpedia on the computer to become Focused. When you use hacking as your daily task there is also a good chance to get this moodlet.

PositionDaily PayRequirements for PromotionRewards
DigiThief (6)§344• Level 7 Mischief
• Level 2 Programming
• Hack or Make Viruses (daily task)
Object: Spy Satellite
Elite Hacker (7)§584• Level 8 Mischief
• Level 4 Programming
• Hack or Make Viruses (daily task)
Object: Hot & Cold Tech Spec Poster

Interaction: Hack The Mainframe
An0nymous Ghost (8)§1.170• Level 9 Mischief
• Level 6 Programming
• Hack or Make Viruses (daily task)
Object: The Indispensable
Net Demon (9)§1.638• Level 10 Mischief
• Level 8 Programming
• Hack or Make Viruses (daily task)
The Oracle (10)§2.212N/AObject: Mayhem Portable Computer

Clothing: Matrix Suits
Criminal Career Matrix Suit Reward
Reach max level in the Criminal Career when in the Oracle Branch to get this awesome Matrix Coat.
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