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Conservationist Career Guide

This is the new career path you can choose if you own The Sims 4 Island Living. We’ll going to tell you more about tasks, rewards and help you clean up the island. When you finally cleaned the island from all the trash there is a chance you can encounter an albino dolphin or attend a cute baby turtle event.

You’ve watched every nature documentary out there, and you know just how much the planet is in danger. From educating the public to performing research expeditions, you want to truly make a difference. Change won’t happen overnight, but keep at it and your hard work can lead to thriving ecosystems!

Career Branches: Environmental Manager and Marine Biologist.

Prepare for your Job as a Conservationist

Pick up the phone and choose the Conservationist career to get started. We got some tips and tricks for you to help you to make it easier to get promotions.

  • Level up Logic skill
    Research conservation on the PC, use the microscope, observatory, chess table, or read a logic skill book to improve the Logic skill.
  • Pick a helpful aspiration
    You can go for the Beach Life aspiration (This includes beachcombing and cave exploring) or you can pick The Curator aspiration (sell collectibles for extra money when you’ve completed this).
  • Go to work with a positive emotion
    Pick the right traits so your Sim gets a happy buff quite easily. Make sure your needs are almost maxed out or you can work from home.
  • Complete the daily task
    This will give a boost your work performance.
  • Maintain a good relationship with co-workers
    When you completed your first workday your colleagues will pop up in the relationship menu. Give them a call, text or invite them to your home to get a better relationship.

For the Environmental Manager branch

  • Level up Charisma skill
    Do special Social interactions with other Sims, talk to yourself in the mirror or if you have the Great Kisser trait go kiss some Sims to improve the Charisma skill.

For the Marine Biologist branch

  • Level up Fitness skill
    Swim around in the ocean, snorkel or go scuba diving to increase your Fitness skill. Or you could also just go for a jog…

Pick the right Traits

It’s helpful to pick the right traits for the job. This will boost your happiness of your Sim while working.

Child of the Ocean
Answer the call of the ocean! Sims with this trait will prefer water related activities and feel closer to denizens of the sea.

These Sims tend to be Energized, can Pump Up other Sims, and may become upset if they don’t exercise for a period of time.

Loves Outdoors
These Sims can Enthuse about Nature to other Sims and become Happy when Outdoors.

Career Promotions

Now it’s time to get those promotions to become an Environmental Manager or a Marine Biologist.

Every time your Sim has to work you can choose to go to work or work from home. If you choose to go to work your Sim will be gone for the next couple of hours and you can’t join them. If you choose to work from home you can complete assignments, but you will not be promoted until the next workday.

Daily Task

Spread Conservation Awareness to Other Sims
You only have to spread conservation awareness to 1 other Sim. This will make the other Sim focused, because they got inspired to help the planet and your own Sim will be happy that they listened.

You can find the option to Spread Conservation Awareness in the Friendly Social menu

1 – Wildlife Enthusiast

Deep in nature is where your Sim longs to be. Studying the wildlife for hours on end, they embed themselves in the environment. While there aren’t any important findings to share yet, your Sim dreams of the day they will be able to do important research and bring change to the planet.

§ 14/hour

2 – Field Assistant

Your Sims’ hard work has been noticed by their supervising Wildlife Technician. They are now being trained for real field work! Whether it’s carrying all of the equipment, filling all of the notes, or running all of the errands, your Sim is thrilled with their new responsibilities.


Promotion Tasks

Reach Level 2 Logic Skill

Promotion Reward

Friendly Interaction: Enthuse about Conservation

3 – Land Surveyor

Setting their sights on the bigger picture, your Sim is now focusing on how to preserve the land itself. Armed with a rolling measuring wheel and a soil testing kit, they crack down on slopes and erosion changes. This doesn’t mean the sea gets ignored… everything is connected on this planet!


Promotion Tasks

Reach Level 3 Logic Skill

Promotion Reward

Spray Invasive Species

4 – Wildlife Technician

Now that your Sim has more experience, they return home to their old research grounds. Your Sim studies the same animals as before, but with greater purpose and expertise. Greeting them like old friends, your Sim sees a whole new layer to their behaviors, patterns, and well-being. Now your Sim is able to make a real difference.


Promotion Tasks

Reach Level 4 Logic Skill

Promotion Reward

Write Conservation Article

Unlock this beautiful Conservationist Canoe and the ability to activate/deactivate a Flower Sail.

5 – Nature Historian

Accuring substantial experience in conservation, your Sim has been promoted to historian! While it’s more of a desk job, she serves as a font of knowledge for all up and coming conservationists. The biggest perk is getting copies of all reports that come in, allowing her to see the global picture and prepare future plans.


Promotion Tasks

Reach Level 5 Logic Skill

Promotion Reward

The Conservationist Canoe (You can find the special canoe in your Sims’ personal inventory)

6 – Conservation Director

Now leading full teams, your Sim works with professionals and volunteers alike to plan the future of nature preservation. That means they get to take all credit… or blame!


Promotion Tasks

Reach Level 6 Logic Skill

Promotion Reward

New Conservationist outfit in Create a Sim
Activate/deactivate Flower Sail

At level 6 of the career you’ll unlock an full-body outfit for your Sims.

Choose your specialization

Now it’s time to choose a path for your Sim in order to advance. If you go for the Environmental Manager branch you’ll have to level up charisma and submit global policies for the island. You also get a trait when you maxed out your career your application tend to be accepted more often. When you choose the marine biologist branch you’re going to study the wildlife, interact with dolphins and when you reach the highest level of your career you’ll get a trait to make friends with dolphins and mermaids faster.

As an Environmental Manager your Sim will spend a lot of their time on their PC and phone, trying to convince the masses.

The Environmental Manager branch

Use your expertise to consult on environmental policies, secure grants, and spread awareness to the masses. It’s time to widen the scope of your work!

Daily task: Prepare Grant Application
This is a PC interaction, Submit Grant Application (in your inventory) afterwards for them to actually impact the environment.

7 – Conservation Regulator

Now working directly with governments and corporations, your Sim travels constantly to evaluate compliance with local environmental regulations. Helping others save the environment has always been their passion, and now they have a very direct and powerful impact in its protection.


Promotion Tasks

Reach Level 8 Logic Skill
Reach Level 2 Charisma Skill

Promotion Reward

Consult on Global Policy
Prepare Grant Application
Submit Grant Application

8 – Sustainability Specialist

Your Sim is ready to take the next step on their career to reduce waste and consumption! Working with a number of recycling and energy conservation initiatives, they design new practices for reducing the environmental impact of Sims on the planet.


Promotion Tasks

Reach Level 8 Logic Skill
Reach Level 4 Charisma Skill

Promotion Reward

Write Conservation Paper

9 – Environmental Ambassador

Taking their mission abroad, your Sim is working with nations across the world to encourage sustainability ideals. It might take a few galas, fancy dinners, and pricey auctions, but they have a plan for getting the world on board and spreading the word of conservation.


Promotion Tasks

Reach Level 10 Logic Skill
Reach Level 6 Charisma Skill

Promotion Reward

Shoot Nature Documentary
Click on your Sim and choose Shoot Nature Documentary. The interaction costs §500. Your Sims disappears in a rabbit hole and afterwards you’ll get to name and describe the documentary. It will then show up in your Sims’ inventory and you can choose to license the documentary to make royalties.

You can use this unlockable “Can you see me now?” Camera to make pictures during your assignments.

10 – Chief Sustainability Officer

The best way to inspire care for the environment is to lead by example. Your Sims has joined the board of their company to set the standards for environmental awareness. Working from the top, they direct employees on how to advise, educate, and consult the masses. Your Sims’ slogan can be seen everywhere: Keep It Clean, Keep It Mean, Keep It Green!


Promotion Reward

Natural Speaker Reward Trait
Sims that are Natural Speakers have been empowered by nature with instinctive charisma. Being friendly is second nature. These Sims find it easy to Enthuse and Spread Awareness of their cause to other Sims, and find that their grant applications tend to get accepted.

“Can you see me now?” Camera
The camera will show up in your Sims’ personal inventory.

As a Marine Biologist your Sim will spend a lot of time in the water, researching the animals and scuba diving into the deep sea.

The Marine Biologist branch

From coral reefs to sea turtles, show your love of marine life and the sea. The ocean calls to you!

Daily task: Survey Ocean Wildlife
Find a green buoy in the shallow water of the ocean and click the Survey Ocean Wildlife interaction.

7 – Ocean Observer

Following the call of the ocean, your Sims turns their attention to the deep blue. It’s a big move for their career – monitoring costal erosion, surveying coral reefs, and recording the movements of fish schools. The brisk smell of the ocean breeze carries the promise of a beautiful world to preserve.


Promotion Tasks

Reach Level 8 Logic Skill
Reach Level 2 Fitness Skill

Promotion Reward

Enthuse about Marine Biology
Survey Ocean Wildlife

8 – Fisheries Specialist

Your Sim found their sea legs quickly! Sailing along the coast, they take samples and monitor the health of fisheries. Their invaluable reports help aid fishermen and scientists alike, informing ideal habitat conditions and keeping the fishing economy robust.


Promotion Tasks

Reach Level 9 Logic Skill
Reach Level 4 Fitness Skill

Promotion Reward

Survey Ocean Floor
This interaction is found on the red buoy in the deeper parts of the ocean. It requires the Rebreather scuba gear upgrade (§750), which you can also buy on the buoy itself.

9 – Aquatic Ecologist

Diving deeper and deeper into the ocean, your Sim is now trusted with a wide variety of research tools. Submersible drones, scuba gear, oceanography instruments… the new toys are fantastic! It’s not all wonders of the blue abyss, as your Sim is expected to help train fledgling marine biologists and lead year-long research expeditions.


Promotion Tasks

Reach Level 10 Logic Skill
Reach Level 6 Fitness Skill

Promotion Reward

Shoot Nature Documentary
Click on your Sim and choose Shoot Nature Documentary. The interaction costs §500. Your Sims disappears in a rabbit hole and afterwards you’ll get to name and describe the documentary. It will then show up in your Sims’ inventory and you can choose to license the documentary to make royalties.

New scuba suit color in Create a Sim

Unlock this solid black color swatch for the scuba suit on level 9 of the Marine Biologist career.

10 – Master of Marine Affairs

The resident expert, your Sim is the person to speak to when it comes to all things ocean-related. From dolphins to rumors of merfolk, nothing slips by their seasoned mind. They could easily live on the sea for months at a time without needing to return to the shore, and can name every organism they come across. At least, that’s what they tell their employees…


Promotion Reward

Master of the Sea Reward Trait
A Master of the Sea becomes friends with dolphins and mermaids faster, and can maneuver around the ocean much more easily.

Global Policies

If you chose the environmental manager branch you’ll get to consult on global policies. This will take effect in all worlds. Every time you consult on a policy it will grow with 20%. When you reach 100% the policy will take effect.

Fish Controlling Invasive
Invasive Fish species can be sold for twice their value and will become harder to catch.
Fishing Managing Overfishing
Fishing is prohibited between 12:00PM and 8:00PM, except during approved events. Sims caught fishing illegally can be fined.
Coconut Rebate
Households receive Simoleons everyday for coconut plants growing on their property.
Supporting Organic Produce
All produce is now grown organically. This makes food more expensive to cook, but may leave Sims feeling Energized after a meal.
Water Purifying Solution
An experimental water purifying solution will be mixed into tap water. Long term effects are unknown.
Littering Fines
Litterers can be fined if caught.
Energy Curfew
The power shuts off at 12:00AM every night and comes back at 6:00AM for all households.
Green energy Rebate
Bills are lower for all households, but there may be power outages at peak nighttime hours.
Not everyone believes in your cause. When working from home, you might encounter Sims with a red exclamation mark above their heads. You can confront them about their damaging behaviors or even fine them if needed.

Work From Home Assignments

Sometimes you’ll get an extra assignment to complete at home or you can choose to work from home and get these assignments. This is boost your work performance and gives you a head start when going to work. When you complete one of the assignments, you’ll get paid a part of your salary.

Research Conservation
Use the PC to research conservation topics and gain Logic skill. This will also be the first assignment to kickstart your career.

Clean Up Trash at Mua Pel’am (0/3)
Head over to the Mua Pel’am islands and search for fish nets and plastic in the water or on the beach. You can also click the sand and beachcomb for trash.

Survey Wildlife at Mua Pel’am (0/3)
Head over to the Mua Pel’am islands and survey tropical plants, waterfall, cave, rocks, algae, or fishing spots. Only successful surveys count towards the assignments. Information found on fish and harvestables will be entered into the notebook of your phone.

Spread Conservation Awareness to Other Sims (0/1)
Talk to another Sim and Spread Conservation Awareness to them.

Take Photos of Mua Pel’am (0/5)
Take photos of the wildlife and beauty at Mua Pel’am. Select objects in the world that can be surveyed to take photos of them. You can also use your phone to Take Photo while on the Mua Pel’am island.

Take Samples from the Ocean (0/3)
Take a few samples from the ocean to analyze. This interaction has a 30 minutes cooldown.

Write Conservation Article (0/1)
Use the PC to write an internet article about a conservation topic.

Take Waterfall Samples in Mu Pel’am (0/3)
Go to Mua Pel’am and Take Samples from the waterfall. This interaction has a 30 minutes cooldown.

Explore Cave in Mua Pel’am (0/1)
Go to Mua Pel’am and Explore the cave near Admiral’s Wreckage.

Plant Something (0/1)
Place any harvestable on the ground and Plant it.

Enthuse about Marine Biology (0/1)
Talk to another Sim and perform the friendly interaction Enthuse about Marine Biology.

Interact with a Dolphin (0/1)
Call over your dolphin friend and interact with it. Don’t have a dolphin buddy yet and not sure how to get one? We give an in-depth explanation on how to get a dolphin in The Sims 4 in our guide!

Snorkel in Mua Pel’am (0/1)
Use a green buoy to go snorkeling in Mua Pel’am.

Patrol the Ocean of Mua Pel’am (0/1)
Take your canoe with you to Mua Pel’am via your inventory and select Sail Around. You can also do this by Riding Around with your jet ski.

Survey Ocean Wildlife (0/1)
Go into the ocean and search for a buoy. Click on it to snorkel or dive. Mermaids can’t do this interaction, instead they need to find a red/white buoy. Click on it and select “Survey Ocean Floor”, this will complete the task.

Consult on a Global Policy (0/1)
Use the cell phone to consult on a global policy. These policies will affect all worlds.

Write Conservation paper (0/1)
Use the PC to write a paper detailing a conservation topic.

Earn extra money

If you want to earn extra money aside of your salary you can write a conservation paper on your PC to earn those extra Simoleons. Starting from level 9 in your career (both branches) you can also shoot a documentary. Just click on your Sim and they will disappear for a couple of hours to work on the documentary, this interaction costs §500. Afterwards you can name and describe the finished product which then pops up in your inventory. You can choose to license the documentary to get daily royalties.

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