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Learn Rock Climbing in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape

Adventurous Sims love the challenge of scaling mountain cliffs. Rock Climbing can be learned if you own The Sims 4 Snowy Escape. Learn Rock Climbing to eventually start your journey to climb Mt. Komorebi. To start out you’ll need to start at the cliffs across the bunny ramps.

How can you level the Rock Climbing skill

Rock Climbing skill is built up by tackling Climbing Routes as well as researching climbing techniques with skill books and the computer.

Climbing Gear

Purchase/order rock climbing gear from the computer to get started safely. This will assist with difficult climbs, but wears out over time and must be repaired or replaced.

Rock Climbing Level Unlocks

Leveling the Rock Climbing skill will unlock new ways to climb as well as allow access to new areas and vistas.

Level 1

Rock walls are no longer obstacles, rather fun challenges to be conquered. Your Sims’ new skill in Rock Climbing allows them to climb up and down small walls, as well as Equip and Remove Climbing Gear.

Level 2

Your Sim is now skilled enough to climb the small Climbing Wall Courageously, as well as build skill by climbing up and down and trying a Breaking Point Climbing Session. Your Sim has also unlocked new Snow Goggles to wear.

Level 3

Sims can now do Pre-Climb Stretching in addition to Attempting Climb on medium height Climbing Routes.

Level 4

Sims can Chalk Hands to improve their chance of success, as well as more ways to climb the medium height Climbing Routes.

Level 5

Your Sim has unlocked the Climbing Suit to wear, as well as the ability to try a Breaking Point Climbing Session on the medium height Climbing Routes.

Level 6

Sims can now push themselves by attempting a climb on the tallest Climbing Route, as well as chat to other Sims about the Beta of a Route.

Level 7

Sims can self-craft Energy Bars to help them on long Mountain Excursions as well as Climb Cautiously on the tallest Climbing Route.

Level 8

More tall Climbing Route actions like Practice are now available to Sims.

Level 9

Your Sim is now able to tackle the most technical climbs by Climbing Courageously on the tallest Climbing Route as well as self-crafting useful Protein Bars.

Level 10

Sims has reached the pinnacle of Rock Climbing and can Coach Rock Climbing to other Sims and offer Tips.

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