Meet ThomasTV, the next big architect

Okay… maybe not a real architect, but at least an amazing builder in The Sims! ThomasTV, or simply just Thomas, is a 17 year old Simmer from the UK, creating content on YouTube for you to enjoy. Next to studying not just 1, but a smashing 3 subjects in college, he manages to upload videos almost daily! How does he do it? Let’s ask him personally.

Who could have known the creative future of Thomas, when he first started playing The Sims 3 back in 2011. Initially he wasn’t a huge fan of the game, but he became more & more passionate about it after watching tons of videos by other Simmers.


Creating on YouTube

Inspired by the Simmers in the community he decided to start making content of his own. His biggest inspiration for this was XUrbanSimsX, whom he later became friends with as well. That’s the beauty of this community; everyone shows support on and other. The Twitter community in particular seems to be one big family, according to Thomas.

Her passion and enjoyment for the content she made was truly inspiring. – ThomasTV about XUrbanSimsX

It took him a while to figure out which direction he wanted to take his channel. He experimented with his content before settling down with Speed Builds as his main content. Ironically he wasn’t the greatest of builders at first, making his Sims live in “big square boxes”. It is hard to imagine if you take a look at his current builds, but everyone has to start somewhere. The biggest tip Thomas could give any newbie builders would be to stay persistent, because practice makes perfect.

Willowhill Mansion is Thomas' personal favorite
Willowhill Mansion is one of Thomas’ many amazing builds

Thomas came far from the big square boxes that he used to make. Now he makes builds that stand out from the crowd. His personal favorite is Willowhill Mansion. The build is extremely detailed and luxurious. It’s perfect for a big family as it has enough room for Sims of varying ages.

Funnily enough, he has no time to build as much in his spare time. So whenever he is playing The Sims for his own entertainment, he enjoys the gameplay features that The Sims has to offer. Off-camera he loves spending time around the house, in comparison to his Let’s Plays, where he takes his viewers with him on many adventures.

Kelsie’s Life is full of drama!

His newest Let’s Play Kelsie’s Life is a good example of this. The LP has aspects of the newest expansion pack The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs implemented in it, but is not focused on it completely. Thomas realized a lot of creators will be playing around with the new expansion, so he decided to do things a bit differently. Storytelling and drama are a big part of the LP.

For those who are looking to start their own channel, may it be on YouTube or somewhere else, Thomas has some wise words. When I asked him what he wished someone told him when he first started out, he answered that people should just have fun with it. Worrying about schedules and perfection shouldn’t be your priority while creating content.

It’s not important to stick to a strict upload schedule every week, having fun comes first!

If you want to see the speedbuilds, occasional CAS videos or any other content by ThomasTV, you can visit his YouTube channel. For more updates on his newest creations, make sure to check out his Twitter and give him a follow to stay up to date!

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