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How to Get the Meat Plant in Eco Lifestyle

One of the new plants in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle is the cruelty free meat plant. This will let you grow meat and use it in meals. You can even name the meat plant!

How to obtain the Meat Plant

Here’s a step by step guide how to place the cruelty free meat plant.

  1. Get a Job as a Civil Designer.
  2. After the third promotion choose the Green Technician career path.
  3. After you’ve had your fourth promotion you’ll be a Design Guru (level 5 in the Civil Designer Career).
  4. Buy the A-OK-Boomer Vertical Planter.
  5. Click on the Vertical Planter and choose: Grow Cruelty Free Meat

Meat Plants only grow on the Vertical Planter. You’ll need to place this on your lot or use one of the vertical planters if you have a Community Garden active at the community space. If you want to level up in the Civil Designer career fast to unlock this plant you can always use cheats.

Taking Care of the Meat

Massage the meat regularly to make the quality of the cruelty free meat excellent. You can even level up your Fitness skill while doing this. After one day the cruelty free meat already starts to grow. And after around 2 days you can harvest it.

What you can do with the Harvested Meat

You can just eat the meat cub you harvested raw. Ew gross.
Or you can use it in many different dishes. It will count towards a vegetable, fruit or faux meat cube. Any meal that says; any fruit, any vegetable or faux meat cube, you can use the cruelty free meat to prepare it.

If you don’t want to use or store the meat you can always sell it for a small price.

Can Vegetarian Sims Eat the Cruelty Free Meat?

Yes and no. Unfortunately you can’t use the faux meat as a meat substitute. You’ll need to use the meat cube in a vegetarian safe dish for it to be labeled as vegetarian. Also growing fake meat is another thing. Vegetarian Sim gets uncomfortable being around cruelty free meat, because it can’t be just hanging there, right? Meat doesn’t just happily grow on walls. They will not touch it so you can’t massage the cruelty free meat as a vegetarian. But you can however harvest it.

Vegetarian Sims will get uncomfortable around the meat plant
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  1. I selected grow meat plant 3 sims sim days ago, and nothing is happening. the two planters on the vertical garden are gone, but it does not show the chicken wire looking addition that is in the trailer, it just looks like the horizontal wooden slates.

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