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How to change your Sim into a Vampire

First you need to own The Sims 4 Vampires for it to work. Creating a Vampire Sim is one of the most creative things you can do in ‘Create a Sim’ mode with many options to choose from! But first I’ll explain the ways to can turn your Sim into a Vampire. There are two ways to change your Sim. You can create a Vampire in Create a Sim or your Sim can get bitten while playing the game. I’ll explain both situations.

Vampire Archetypes
Choose a Vampire Archetype to start with. You can customize everything after.

Create a Vampire in Create a Sim

Create vampireGo to the lower left corner of your screen. Click ‘Add a Sim’ and select ‘Add Vampire’. You have now more customization options for this Sim. Vampires have a normal form and a dark form. You can choose to make them completely different with markings, eye color, form, you can copy his original form with a few adjustments or you can completely remove the dark form and have only one form for human/vampire. If you want to change a Sim from the gallery into a Vampire you can only do this while playing and not in Create a Sim.

Vampire Sims in different life stages

You’ll be able to create a Vampire Sim in ‘Create a Sim’ starting as a toddler or child. You can even choose Vampire eyes, ears and skin color. But the powers and their dark form are only available from the Teen stage.

Get bitten by a Vampire to turn your Sim

When you have an existing Sim that you want to turn into a Vampire you need to do this another way. At first you need to do some groundwork. Start off by talking (about Vampires) to Sim who live in Forgotten Hollow. You can recognize vampiric interactions by searching for the ones marked with a vampiric bat. After you talked to a lot of Sims and maybe even became friends with them, Vladislaus Straud will reach out to you. Look for him after his first text message. You can ask Vladislaus Straud, the first Vampire in Forgotten Hollow to turn you. He lives in the mansion with the graveyard around it but can also be found in the center of Forgotten Hollow at his statue. You don’t have to be friends with him to do this. When you want another Vampire to turn you, you’ll have to be good friends with them.

Get Bitten by a Vampire
The first Vampire of Forgotten Hollow can sometimes pass powers to other Sim when he turns them.

“Have you ever read the vampire newspaper?
It has great circulation!”

The ritual

The first thing Vladislaus did was hypnotise my Sim. She became weak so he could easily bite her. After this, the Vampire grabs his own arm to make a wound and let my Sim drink from his Plasma/blood. After the process is complete your Sim has a craving for Plasma. Don’t worry, the Vampire who turned your Sim will send over a few Plasma packs to help you out. Actually turning into a Vampire takes a few days. In those few days your Sim slowly becomes disgusted for food. This will make your Sim uncomfortable and even very uncomfortable in a few days.

Turning Sim into Vampire
The Vampire will give you his Plasma after they’ve bitten you. This will turn your Sim into a Vampire!

And now we wait…

While your Sim is waiting before they are turning into a Vampire you can ‘Search for Information on Vampires’ on the computer. This will unlock Skill books for your Vampire Lore Skill. Every skill level will unlock a new book that will teach your Sim the basics of being a Vampire.

“What kind of books do vampires like to read? Something they can really sink their teeth into!”

…to become a Vampire!

A few days have past and your Sim turned into a Vampire. You will need Plasma, Plasma fruit or Plasma packs to satisfy your thirst.

Transformation to Vampire
After your Sim lost their appetite completely they will turn into a Vampire!

Change a Vampires outfit, markings and eye color

Most likely you want to change your outfit and body changes of your newly reborn Vampire. You can do this by clicking on a dresser and click ‘Change Sim’. Changes you make at this Sim won’t be copied to your normal Sim unless you use the copy tool in the lower left corner.

Change Markings, Teeth, Skin Tones

Click on the head of your Sim and choose the icon on the top: Face. You’ll get a lot of options to choose from. It’s easy to choose the type of Vampire first, you can find this option at Vampire Archetypes. You can change everything after but’s it’s a nice start! Now choose, skin details, eye details, teeth and much more!

Changing Eye color and ears

Now click on the eyes, this will give you a lot of options! White eyes, red, catlike eyes, gold looking eyes. When you click on the ears you’ll get options to make them pointy or round.

Creepy Vampire Creation
Create a beautiful Vampire, cute or make them your worst nightmare! It’s up to you.

“Why do you see so many vampires at restaurants? Because they love to go out for a bite!”

Filling up your Sims’ Vampire needs

Vampires have a few different need than normal Sims. They don’t have to go to the bathroom, hunger is replaced with thirst and energy is replaced with Vampire Energy.

Vampire Energy

Vampires use Vampire Energy to perform powers and protect themselves from the harsh rays of the sun that will slowly drain a vampire’s energy. When your Energy is fully drained, your Vampire Sim can easily die. Recover Vampire Energy by sleeping or using Dark Meditation.

  • Complete the Master Vampire Aspiration to store even more Energy.
  • Add power points to Occult Student/Disciple/Master to reduce the cost of powers.
  • Drink Sunlight Reversal Cocktail to give your Sim temporary immunity to the sun. This recipe for the bar can be unlocked when you reach level 11 of the Vampire Lore Skill.
Restoring Vampire Energy Meditating
Recover Vampire Energy by using Dark Meditation or sleeping.


Vampires do not get Thirsty very often, but be sure to drink from Sims or eat plasma fruit when they do. Otherwise they may attack a nearby Sim without warning.

You can obtain Plasma Packs on the computer, Harvest Plasma fruits and eat/drink them to satisfy your thirst, Create Plasma Packs from fish and frogs, or your Vampire Sim can drink Plasma from another Sim.

Cheat to fill up Vampire Energy and Thirst

If you want to use a cheat to fill up your Vampire Energy all you have to do is type in CTRL + SHIFT + C and input the cheat code testingcheats true. Shift + left click your Vampire Sim and choose Cheat Need > Make Happy. For more cheats visit The Sims 4 Vampires Cheats.

Drinking Plasma Packs
Your Sim can drink Plasma from other Sim or you can order Plasma Packs online.

Cure Vampirism (Vampire Hunter)

Reach level 15 of vampire lore skill to find the cure. The recipe is called ‘The Ultimate Vampire Cure’ and can be made at a bar. You’ll need 10 Garlic, 10 Wolfsbane and 10 Plasma Fruits. Find the ingredients in Forgotten Hollow or order seeds from the computer or grow them in your own garden. You can drink this if you are a Vampire or you can use it on someone else.

To cure another Vampire from Vampirism choose ‘The Ultimate Vampire Cure’ from your inventory (you’ll have to make this first) and click on the Vampire you want to ‘cure’. This option can be found under Mean interactions and it’s called ‘Slay Vampire’. Now you have to win the fight! Garlic braids in your inventory can help you win the fight more easily. After your Sim wins this fight the Vampire will turn back to their human form. Your Sim can truly be a Vampire Hunter! This won’t work on babies, toddlers and children. They’ll have to be a Teen before they can drink a cure.

Vampires Fighting
After you trow a cure at a Vampire you’ll have to win the fight to return them back to normal.

Vampiric Fun Facts

  • Vampires can also catch a fever.
  • Vampire Toddlers and Children aren’t affected by the Sunlight.
  • You can’t turn a Sim if a Vampire just drank Plasma from him/her. You’ll have to wait a few hours.
  • Vampires don’t have a lifespan, they will remain this age forever can can only die from unnatural causes.
  • Vampires can be out during the day as long as they have a ceiling over their head.
  • Really powerful Vampires sometimes pass down their experience to Sims they turn.
  • Vampire ghosts aren’t Sun resistant either.
  • When you have the Bat Form or Mist Form set to standard, if your Sim is teleporting while holding a baby or toddler it will teleport with you. Very useful when it’s past their sleeping time to bring them to bed.
  • Build up a good relationship with another Sim and they’ll probably be more willing to let you drink from them.

If you have any other questions about Vampires make sure you leave a comment below!

Vampire Sim
Vampires don’t have a lifespan, they will remain this age forever.
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    1. Maybe you can use a cheat to do this. I don’t there is another way other than in Create a Sim. This is the cheat: stats.set_stat commodity_BecomingVampire 2160

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