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How to Build a Tudor House in The Sims 4

Windenburg Starter

Let’s build a Tudor house in The Sims 4 (Get Together)

Tudor houses have a simple rectangular floor plan and are mostly timber framed. We are going to try to get the right style to create one your own in The Sims 4. To make it a little easier I recommend getting The Sims 4 Get Together for all the stuff you need for this tutorial. It contains a lot of new Tudor styled building items.

Let’s start by building walls. Tudor houses looks very detailed with all the woodwork so we try to match the width of the walls with this style. Use 3, 4, 5 or 6 tiles for each wall and make space in between that is 1 tile deeper to get the right effect. When you want to place a wider wall, make sure the next floor doesn’t, so it doesn’t look like a box. This will work for modern houses but not the Tudor style.

Tudor wall paintings

When placing wall paintings, use a combination of stones and wooden frames to match your floor plan design. Look at the example above if you aren’t sure where to place them.

Tudor roofs in Sims 4

Almost all the roofs you will find on a Tudor house are Gabled roofs or Half Gabled roofs, try to avoid the Hipped roof to cover the house. Make the roof a little higher after you placed it, it will fit the style better this way. Use small roof tiles and the colors of the roof are usually brown, grey or red. Match the roof trims to the wood you used to paint the walls of the outside of the Tudor house.

exterior trim

Now we add a little detail to the house. Go to exterior trims and use a nice wooden trim to decorate the ‘hanging’ floors of your house. Hold alt to choose the placement of the trim for each wall.

Tudor roofs and windows

Time to add doors and windows to the house. Place a narrow door on the first floor. Do not use the end of each wall to add a window or door, only choose the middle wall part to place them. The best windows to use are the ones from The Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack. You don’t have to add windows on the stone wall painting but it’s optional if you want to. You can use those stone wall patterns to place flowers against the wall without covering up windows this way.

Decorating the roof is also important. Every Tudor needs at least one chimney so try to place them on the side of the roof or maybe one in the middle, whatever fits your house. In roof sculptures there is also a dormer window to place on the roof: Royal Pointed Roof. Don’t place them to high because we want to make the illusion there is an attic in this house.


When you go to wall sculptures in build mode there are a few things you can use to help you finish the outside of the house. Let’s try to add a small balcony or planter boxes against the windows. After this you can add corbels when you have hanging floors.


As you can see I changed the house a little when writing this tutorial and taking screenshots, this way you can see my building process. When you are going to decorate the house, add a fireplace and wooden looking staircases to fit the Tudor style. A herb garden will also compliment a Tudor house.

I hope you found this building guide useful! If you have any hints or tips for the readers, leave a comment below.

Show off your build at twitter or facebook, I’m very excited to see the results.

Windenburg Starter
If you want to download this starter house, you can download it in The Sims 4 Gallery
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