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The Best CC for a Cottage Core Aesthetic

Am I the only one who absolutely loves the cottage core aesthetic? I mean, just look at it! The flowy dresses and skirts, the earthy tones and the multitude of patterns are just a few elements of the whole aesthetic that I love. If you feel the same, then I have the prettiest custom content clothes for your Sims to get them ready for life on the farm! 

In anticipation of the newest Expansion Pack, The Sims 4 Cottage Living, I wanted to put together a lookbook of my favorite cottage core outfits that perfectly suit the pack’s theme. These custom content pieces will make your Sim look fabulous while they’re doing their chores!

Five Looks to fit the Cottage Vibe

The new pack will offer a lot of different activities for your Sims. Because of this I’ve put together five lovely outfits that fit the cottage core aesthetic, but still let your Sim be ready for any adventure they might have. No matter if it’s taking care of the chickens, working in the garden full of oversized crops, cuddling with a befriended bunny… Your Sim will be ready.

Romantic dress

For slow walks by the lake or through the forest, befriending animals or cross stitching on a mossy old log. This outfit is perfect for any Sim who loves nature, crafting or tending to the farm animals.

Clothing & Accessories

Make-up & Nails

Cottage Cowgirl 

For those brave Sims who love a challenge, this outfit is the perfect choice. Befriend the cows, and tackle the farm life head on!

Clothes & Accessories

Make-up & Nails

The Classic Strawberry Dress

What can be more fitting for the farm life if not the famous strawberry dress? This iconic dress is perfect for a date, a night out exploring the town’s magic or for having a walk through the forest befriending a cute bunny! 

Clothing & Accessories

Make-up & Nails

Overalls for All

These overalls are perfect for those hard working Sims who are taking care of the animals, tending the garden and cooking all day. The hairstyle is simple, yet beautiful and practical, making even those Sims covered in dirt look fabulous!

Clothing & Accessories


Farmer by Day, Librarian by Night

This outfit is perfect for those Sims who love doing chores around the house, cooking or cleaning and at the end of the day just want to relax with a good book by the fireplace. I can simply imagine her to be a modern day Belle, with a huge library in her house, singing while she tends the garden or cooks dinner.

Clothing & Accessories

Make-up & Nails

More Country in Fashion

Haven’t got enough yet? Lucky for you, there’s even more amazing custom content out there. Here are some links to four creators and their cottage core items. Give them some love by checking them out!

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