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The Sims 4 Collection Guides Completed

Today I finished writing every The Sims 4 collection guide and also added all The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat information! This took me around 4 hours each guide so I’m glad that all 14 are online now. It was really fun to discover some new things that I didn’t find while playing The Sims 4.

If you are planning to collect items in The Sims 4 for achievements it is recommended to read the guides, sometimes you will find some secrets to collect the rare ones.

After this I’m going to write every career guide there is at this moment in The Sims 4 so I’m preparing again for a lot of hours of fun ‘work’.

Here is a list with all The Sims 4 Collection Guides

Aliens Collection
The only way to collect aliens is to build a rocket ship and explore outer space. When your Sims is out there there is a chance they bring back an Alien.

Crystals Collection
When you display the Crystals Collection in a room you can either put on the emotional aura to become Energized or study them to become Focused.

Elements Collection
To collect Elements, start digging up rocks for Metals and Crystals. Collect and display the 15 different Elements on the Elemental Display Rack.

Fish Collection
Fish can be found at fishing spots in each world. You can catch them in the rivers and ponds. Use different bait to catch new Fish for your fish collection.

Fossils Collection
Fossils can be found in Limestones you gather by digging up rocks. You can find these rocks everywhere in The Sims 4. Complete you Fossils Collection!

Frogs Collection
There are a total of 25 Frogs to collect. Frogs can be found by searching dead logs, small ponds and wells. You can also obtain them by breeding them.

Gardening Collection
Combine the collecting of plants with the Gardening Skill. There are different ways to collect Flowers, Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables in The Sims 4.

Insects Collection
Insect can be found and caught anywhere in Granite Falls. Some Insects can only be found in the secret area in National Park, and some only when it’s dark.

Metals Collection
Complete the Metals Collection by digging up rocks just like with the Crystals collection. When you find metal, it will appear in your Sims inventory.

Microscope Prints Collection
To collect all Microscope Prints you will need to level your Sims Logic Skill. Gather slides from Plants, Fossils and Crystals to create the missing prints.

MySims Trophies Collection
There are a total of 20 MySims trophies to collect. You can find these little statues buried in the ground after you first find a treasure map when digging.

Postcards Collection
To collect these Postcards you will have to find pen pals on your computer. You can use the Bunchapals Postcard Corkboard to hang them all up.

Space Prints Collection
Space Prints Collection is one of the easiest collections to complete. You have to own is a Backyard Observatory to collect the 15 different Space Prints.

Space Rocks Collection
Space Rocks in The Sims 4 make great decor because of the different sizes they come in. They only can be found in outer space.


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