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Add Symbols as item names in The Sims 4 Gallery

Make your downloads more interesting with symbols. I saw a few people using them on The Sims 4 Gallery so I decided to see which symbols would work within the game. I even found a few Sim related symbols that will work when you copy them into your game. Those are hidden symbols, when you place them in the game they will be converted into a Sims symbols (or simbols in short ;)).

When you want to save or upload something to the gallery you can copy the symbol from this website and paste them into your Sims game.

Sim related symbols

Copy the symbol to your Sims game to view the correct icon.

Symbol Name
Shopping basket
Clubs icon
Reward points icon
§ Simoleon

Non Sim related symbols

These symbols will also work within the game.

Symbol Name
Black star
White star
Left pointing index
Right pointing index
Female sign
Male sign
White heart suit
Black heart suit
White spade suit
Black spade suit
White club suit
Black club suit
Reversed A
Proportional to
Quarter note
Eighth note
Beamed sixteenth notes
Music flat sign
Music sharp sign
White diamond
Black diamond
Diamond with small diamond
White circle
Black circle
White square
Black square
Square with small square
Square horizontal
Square vertical
Square grid
Square diagonal down
Square diagonal up
Square diagonal
Circle half left
Circle half right
Triangle lower right
Triangle lower left
Triangle upper left
Triangle upper right
Large circle
Triangle upper dots
Triangle lower dots
Much less then
Much greater than
Arrow left
Arrow right
Degree Celsius
Degree Fahrenheit
Numero Sign
Trade mark sign
Euro sign
£ Pound sign
¥ Yen sign = yuan sign
Death sign
Reference mark
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