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Wicked Whims To Include An Attraction System Very Soon!

The created for Wicked Whims has announced over at their official website that an Attraction System will be coming to the Wicked Whims modvery soon!  Here is what they has to say over at their official Tumblr account:

Via WickedWims

Attractiveness is the pure attraction to Sim outside appearance. Every detail matters, from the clothing type and style, the colors, accessories, hair, eyes, including body shape, and even voice and the way they move.
Everybody is attractive and unattractive in their own way, seen through the eyes of others. But appearance can be altered to fit the needs of your chosen one.

Refined Taste

Everyone has some sort of style, if you like it or not, the way you look defines your attractive attributes. Any visual elements that Sims represent themselves with are taken into account when measuring how attractive they are. Any distinct element of a Sim is quantified, including Custom Content, and compared with preferences of others.
Everyone has their preferences. Maybe you like long hair, or the color green, or fancy dresses, or maybe you dislike glasses or hate facial hair. Whatever you like or dislike is important in finding the match of your dreams. All of your Sims’ preferences are compared with others, and if someone posses everything you desire, that makes a perfect match for a partner.


But opinions change, and so do preferences. At any point, any Sim, or group of Sims, can get their preferences adjusted. Anything can be liked, dislike, or simply ignored – to fit what seems to be correct with Sims personality.
In most cases, figuring out what fits isn’t necessary. Any Sim with a romantic partner will automatically adjust to be attracted to them. Sims with still alive parents will learn from their style and know its value. Others will try to fit with what is the most popular or just like whatever they are already into. And obviously, you can decide what is better and regenerate preferences based on one of these rules.


Unique World

Every world is different, populated with varied looking Sims, and many opportunities to find a match. If your game has mostly similar looking Sims, that will establish a very strong common style, making Sims that stand out that much more unique. But if your game is filled with very distinct looking Sims, standing out isn’t enough to get noticed.
Each and every attractive attribute has its value. If everybody has long beautiful hair, then there isn’t much value in having long beautiful hair. That creates a great opportunity for any Sim that is bald, making being bald so much more rare. Having rare style means that you stand out, and if someone likes your bald Sim then they will be so much more special for them.


When spending time at a public venue or at a house party, you get an occasion to look at other Sims. Maybe you will notice someone new at the other side of the bar, or walk right by them – a particularly attractive individual. It’s pretty rare, but when someone so extremely attractive shows up, you will remember them. Or take action on the spot.
Still, a missed opportunity to interact is nothing to cry about. Sims will remember every hottie they encountered and think or dream about them. It’s easy to idealize someone through daydreaming, so getting to meet them again makes it that much more special as if they got even more attractive in your eyes.
Don’t ignore the desires of your Sim. You don’t meet someone that fits your type so perfectly every day. Let the heart speak.

Magnetic Relationships

While looking around for someone to socialize with, it’s easy for your eyes to lock on the most attractive face. Sims are encouraged to interact with anyone they found the most alluring. It’s not a rule, and with how random Sims can behave, it’s not even so obvious… but they try.
And when they get to socializing, being attractive makes it so much easier. Your every word creates an aura of romance, and your jokes seem to be a little bit funnier. Building a relationship becomes a lot easier, although it’s the opposite if you’re seen as unattractive. Being seen as ugly in someone’s eyes isn’t the end of the world, you still have a chance if you try hard enough.

Clear Intentions [Future]

Establishing relationships doesn’t have to be as vague as talking about one thing or another, hoping that it will have an effect. Being upfront about your intentions speeds up the process of building a relationship and immediately tells you where things can go.
Perhaps you’re not interested in building a romantic relationship with someone attracted to you – friendzone that Sim, making your intentions very clear, and stop them from bothering you. Or you’re not looking for a stable relationship, but instead, for a one night stand with a hot Sim – make it clear by being upfront about it. Establishing your intentions speeds up the process, avoiding the needless amount of socializing to achieve your goal.

Perfect Partner [Future]

Not being someone’s type doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Getting to know the Sim should allow you to learn why you’re not being seen as attractive. Gaining that valuable knowledge allows you to adjust your looks and become what is desirable to them. When you’re desperate to be with that one person, trying to impress them might be the only thing left sometimes. Adjusting your looks can make a huge difference.

Story Progression [Future]

Sims attractiveness could lead to the creation of romantic pairs or friends with benefits via Story Progression. Sims that find each other very attractive might consider meeting and developing a relationship. And without you even knowing, now they are together.
Attractiveness being the only indicator of who fits together isn’t enough for a reliable romance Story Progression, but it could contribute to it in the future.

Technical Details

The ‘Sims Attractiveness Switch‘ setting allows the user to globally disable attractiveness in the entire world.
The ‘Attractiveness Relationship Scoring Switch‘ setting allows the user to globally disable attractiveness from influencing relationships building.
The ‘Attractiveness Storytelling Switch‘ setting allows the user to globally disable attractiveness storytelling notifications and moodlets.

Hey! If you want to help support the development of WickedWhims, consider checking out my Patreon page. You will get a chance to try out the Attractiveness system and let me know what should be improved.

There is no exact release date on when this update will be coming to the mod. But once the mod has been released or the creator has announced that the update for the mod has been released, we will let you know on our website


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