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Huge Features To Be Added To The Sims Mobile, Now That Its Been Launched Worldwide!


Now that The Sims Mobile has been released Worldwide, Sarah Fuchs a producer on The Sims Mobile has announced some really cool information on the website Player.One .

Capture 1

Sarah goes on to talk about adding a New Zone to explore that will inlcude more venues, different careers, different Create-A-Sim, build/buy objects to try out.

Sarah also talks about expanding on the multiplayer feature. And finally for the game to incorporate live/real-world events into the game while they are happening in real time. like the solar eclipse and the Oscars.

It seems like the team are busy expanding on The Sims Mobile which I am exited to see where the team takes the game. We wll keep you posted on all news on The Sims Mobile when new content is released.

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