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The Sims Blog: Get To Work Is Now Available For Consoles!


The Sims team has released a brand new article on The Sims 4 Get To Work since it was released for console last Tuesday.

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Simmers, The Sims 4™ Get to Work* expansion pack is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and well, your Sims have some work to do. There are many ways to rake in the Simoleans, but this marks the first time you can accompany your Sim pals while they clock in some hours. You may have heard that the doctor, detective, and retail careers are pretty sweet. And they are! But did you know that a career as a scientist can not only bring genius-level inventions into your Sims’ lives, but can also transport them into an entirely new world? But, that’s not all. There’s definitely something different about this pack. As in, different species! Make way for some unusual dinner guests, because aliens have arrived. Let’s uncover this mystery.


Aliens in Disguise
If you find your Sims chatting up an unknown friend or love interest, take note of any suspicions. When Sims are very happy or playful, it’s almost as if they’re glowing. But an alien Sim will literally glow. If you can spot this in a neighborhood Sim you’ve never met, chances are they are from a far stranger place than Forgotten Hollow. But, don’t be shy! Aliens are perfectly capable of having friendly – and even romantic – relationships. So have at it, and have fun interacting with them.

This pack comes with loads of awesome Create-A-Sim features, as well as home items – though one item in particular is no ordinary home object. It’s a satellite dish that can perform many actions, from summoning aliens to hang out with your Sims to making the whole neighborhood feel sleepy or ready to dance all night. But beware how much your Sims get involved with this dish, as it may bring something unexpected, and unidentified! Your male Sim could have the voyage of a lifetime, whether he wants to or not. When he returns, he may just have a growing bump. Yes, that’s right. Aliens have the power to impregnate men. Talk about a modern family.

From Zero to Sixam
Choosing the Scientist career is an exciting one, and your Sim will have to work diligently to get to the highest level. Once your Sims are at the top of their field, there will be lots of inventions to be proud of, including the Wormhole Generator, which can be upgraded to a portal. But where does this portal lead, you may ask? Well, to Sixam, of course! Home of the aliens. What do you think you’ll find there? More spaceships? Friendly neighbors? Government documents? You’ll have to wait and see, Simmers, but trust us, there’s a lot in store.


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