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The Sims 4 Snowy Escape – Lot Sizes on the Mt. Komorebi Map

Travel to a new world in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Mt. Komorebi. We’ve collected all the available lot sizes so Sims builders can start planning their builds! There are 3 neighborhoods: The snowy resort area Yukimatsu, the more traditional neighborhood Senbamachi, and the young, new and bright neighborhood Wakaba.

Yukimatsu (on top of the mountain)

The true beauty of the countryside can be seen from Yukimatsu, named for its snow covered pines. Located on the slopes of Mt. Komorebi, this resort area offers gorgeous vacation rentals, a variety of snow sports, untamed wilderness, and peaceful Onsen Bathhouse getaway. Whether it’s relaxation in a hot spring, seeing the sights of the Snow Festival, or an exhilarating climb to Mt. Komorebi’s highest peak, this year-round snowy wonderland has something for everyone.

Senbamachi (Traditional)

Senbamachi, the town of a thousand leaves, is the oldest in the region. Many locals enjoy the town’s connection to nature, especially with the bamboo forests surrounding the town and unique spritely creatures that make a home in their leaves. It’s said that if you walk the local trails long enough, you’re bound to meet the guardians of the trees who reward those who love and respect their dwelling.

Wakaba (young and modern neighborhood)

Like its namesake, Wakaba is young, new, and bright as the leaves of a tree in early springtime. This small town is up-and-coming in the region, home to beautiful, sleek new homes and an attractive town center featuring Mt. Komorebi’s official mascot: Yamachan. Tourists of all ages can enjoy the Festival of Youth, or simply take in the neighborhood’s natural beauty.

If you’ve reached the top for the second time of the Mt. Komorebi Mountain, you’ll unlock a secret/hidden lot. This lot size is 50×50 squares.

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