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The Sims 4: Simlish Voice Actors Tease The Upcoming Simlish For Future Content

Voice actors Krizia Bajos and Scott Whyte have just started to post teases on future content for The Sims 4 over at their Instagram accounts!

One of the voice actors kritzer has posted some really interesting but funny clips of her and Scott Whyte doing Similsh on her Instagram Story. There are only a few clips but hopefully, she will spoil us with more amazing clips of her and Scott doing more Simlish.

Check out their Instagram accounts to see all the fun clips of them doing Simlish:

Also for more news on our speculation for Expansion Pack 7, check out our first speculation article here:

Speculation: More Clues Have Been Spotted About The Sims 4’s Expansion Pack 7 Releasing In June 2019!


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