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The Sims 4 Mod: Ownable Cars

Sims 4 cars mod

Give your Sims a brand new car with this mod!

I am sure I’m not the only one who thinks cars would be a pretty cool addiction to the game…And what If I say that now you can have them? Yes, that’s true, no kidding!

How could this be? Thanks to the awesome Simmers community, of course! Mod the Sims member Dark Gaia managed to make a mod that brings ownable cars to your Sims!

Let’s see how this whole thing works:

The mod includes five cars, and they range in price from 10000 to §20000. They can be found in the Hobbies and Activities > Misc sort in Function Mode and Outdoors > Activities in Room Mode. They must be placed on terrain and you have to make sure your Sims have enough space to reach them. To drive the cars, just click on them and select ‘Drive To…’ and the map screen will pop out. Once your Sims will get to their chosen destination, they’ll receive a ‘Traveled in Style’ +3 emotional moodlet,and (this is super awesome!) the emotion of it will depend on which car your Sim used!

This is the complete cars list:

  • Smoogo Minima – costs §10000 and gives the driver a Playful moodlet.
  • Smord P328 – costs §12500 and gives the driver a Focused moodlet.
  • Tofunda Wagon – costs §15000 and gives the driver an Energized moodlet.
  • Vorn Stallion – costs §17500 and gives the driver a Flirty moodlet.
  • Bwan Speedster YL – costs §20000 and gives the driver a Confident moodlet.


This mod is compatible with all the expansions and stuff packs released so far, and it should work also if you have the base game only.

Of course, the cars don’t have any animations because, as the mod developer says ‘EA didn’t design the meshes to be animated’ so there’s nothing much that can be done about this, but I personally think the mod is pretty cool also without animations.

Download the Sims 4 Ownable Car Mod Here

As always, remember to follow the installations instructions on the mod download page very, very carefully, and please note that you should register a free account on Mod The Sims website in order to download the mod.

Happy Modding!

Source: Mod the Sims


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  1. i download the drivable car and put it in the mod folder and when i opened the sims 4 game i couldnt get the cars in there. was there something i did wrong?

    1. Maybe not, the game received a lot of patches since this mod was released, so if this mod is not yet updated, it might not work properly.
      Also, the game now has a feature that automatically disables mods after updates, so check in your game settings if this option is enabled or not.

  2. This is pretty cool, but it would be awesome if the car would show in the sim’s inventory when they’ve driven somewhere so they have the option to drive back home. It would also be cool if they autonomously used the vehicle when they left for work or are otherwise not home.

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