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The Sims 4 Comic Story: The Willow’s Way

Sims 4 Comic Story

The Willow’s Way, a comic story made with The Sims 4 about a couple and their struggle to find happiness

Hi fellow Simmers, today I want to introduce you to something special: a Sims 4 comic story!

Called ”The Willow’s Way” it tells the story of Bethany and Roland, a newlywed couple who has just moved to Willow Creek, thrilled to start their new life together.

But things don’t go as expected: various arguments and misunderstandings start to minate the relationship between her and Roland, who starts to come back home late almost every day,and neglects her and their little daughter, Caitlyn.

The poor Bethany is so desperate and cries herself to sleep almost everyday, gets hopeless and depressed and believes she will never find happiness again; and when she suddendly discovers that her husband Roland cheated on her, she runs away from home with her daughter, utterly desperate and heartbroken.

After wandering outside in the cold night not having a clue where should they head to, they stumble upon a familiar house: here lives Coleen, Bethany’s best friend, a loving and caring person who comforted and helped Bethany in her darkest moments, and even this time she doesn’t refuse her help: she offers Beth and her daughter a place to stay until they sort things out.

But the whole ‘sorting things out’ thing appears to be more difficult than expected;the walk to their long coveted happiness appears to be long and full of obstacles…Will they be able to make it?

Read ‘The Willow’s Way’ on the author’s blog here

As of now, the story isn’t completed yet, so expect to see lots of new adventures and maybe unexpected plot twists, so be sure to stay tuned on the author’s blog!

So what do you think of his comic strip? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments!

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