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The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Features!

Today we learned so much on The Sims 4 Jungles Adventure and what it will be released with it so here is all the confirmed features.

  • New Vaction World (Selvadorada)
  • New Bar Venue Type (Cantina)
  • New Aspirations (Jungle Adventurer & Archaeologist Track)
  • New Aspiration Reward Traits
  • New Dance Moves
  • New Sims To Meet
  • New Skills ( Archaeologist Skill & Cultural Skill)
  • Two New Radio Stations (Latin pop &¬†Traditional Latin)¬†
  • New Buffs
  • New Lot Traits (Creepy Crawlies & Peace And Quiet)
  • New CAS Items & Build/Buy Mode
  • Open World (Apart from loading each Neighbourhoods)
  • New Jungle Creatures (Spiders, Bee’s, Snakes etc)
  • Tombs (Which can cause Curses, Rewards etc)
  • New Death (To Be Announced)
  • Villa’s
  • New Collectables (Plants and Fish &¬†Archifacts)
  • Skeletons
  • Bottle Water (Shower In a Can)
  • Insect/bug Replections
  • South American Inspired Foods/ Foods you can take with you
  • New Venture Stalls
  • New Woohoo Spot
  • New Jungle Challanges that can have postive and bad outcomes
  • Kids, Toddlers and Pets can go on vacation
  • New Natural Pool
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