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The 14th Stuff Pack For The Sims 4 Is Already In Development!

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If you have noticed SimGuruGraham has been changing his Twitter Avatar for the past couple of days ?


Many simmers think we could see the return of the Pest controll and many other simmers think it could be aimed at small pets ?

Bug_exterminator_girl images (1)

More news on this mysterious Stuff Pack has been released since SimGuruGraham ha changed his Twitter Avatar again.


This is a hint that the new Stuff Pack could be insect/bug themed.

SimGuruGraham who is one of the producers for Stuff Packs for The Sims 4 has changed his Twitter Avatar to a question mark and a green background. This means that he is hinting at another Stuff Pack being developed since he always change his avatar whenever there’s a new Stuff Pack announced.

We will keep you posted on this hint in the mean time follow SimGuruGraham on twitter to keep updated on Stuff Pack information.

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