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Swimming Pools in The Sims 4 first look

Swimming Pools in The Sims 4

Swimming Pools in The Sims 4!

We knew that in November there is an update planned in The Sims 4 with swimming pools, now they showed us a picture of it! The Swimming pools were announced on November and will be free or charge. When they are released there will be a new features.

They are also adding swim wear with this update! The swim wear will be shown as a different clothes category. The Swim wear was confirmed by SimGuruShannon.

New features

  • You have the ability to change the depth of the pools
  • Sit on the edge of the pool
  • Sims can have bladder failure in the pool
  • Sims can drown

SimGuruShannon tweeted this.

Take a look at the picture of The Sims 4 Swimming Pools!

Swimming Pools in The Sims 4

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