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Wellness Skill Guide

Wellness Skill Guide

Give Massages, practice Yoga and start Meditating

Ideal Emotion: Focused

The Wellness skill is an exclusive skill your Sim can learn in The Sims 4 Spa Day game pack. Sims can master their mind, body and emotions. Improve this skill through yoga, massage, and meditation to unlock the power to freeze needs and teleport!

If you have The Sims 4 Get to Work you can open up a shop that sells spa & wellness items and objects.

Level up your Sims’ Wellness Skill

If you want to level up this skill faster make sure your Sim is Focused while leveling up. There are 3 ways to level up your Wellness Skill:

  • Read Wellness books
    You can buy 3 volumes of Wellness skill books at a Bookcase or at the Computer.
  • Practice Yoga
    Attend classes at a spa or practice Yoga on a Yoga Mat at home.
  • Meditating
    Buy a Meditation Stool and start Meditating!
  • Giving Massages
    Give massages to other Sim on the Spa Venue or at home.

Become Focused

There is a great way to become focused if you do the yoga routine: Mind Concentrating. This will give your Sim an 8 hour Focused moodlet. If you buy a Tea Brewer you can make Pitch Black Tea that will give your Sims the Focused moodlet. And when you want a very long Focused moodlet, give your Sim a Lavender Aromatherapy Massage at the Spa.

Practice Yoga Routines

Practice Yoga

Practicing Yoga will get your Sim fit and muscled when you do this often. So if you want to train the Wellness skill without making your Sim muscled, try to do this by massaging Sims or Meditation.

There are a few options on the Yoga Mat; doing a Yoga routine, practice Yoga and do poses individually. Practice yoga and doing poses only help up leveling the Wellness skill and getting fit while Yoga routines give different moodlets.

Getting moodlets from Yoga routines

Your Sims gets all their yoga routines at the start of the Wellness skill. If you do these routines you get a +1 moodlet based on the routine you have chosen. There is also a chance to get a Confident moodlet because your Sim is getting fitter by performing many Yoga poses. To level up the Wellness skill faster make sure you do the Mind Concentrating routine to get your Sim Focused. There are 3 routines:

  • Brain Boosting
    This will give your Sims an Inspired moodlet for 8 hours.
  • Mind Concentrating
    This will give your Sims a Focused moodlet for 8 hours
  • Energy Centering
    This will give your Sims an Energized moodlet for 8 hours

Meditation and Teleportation


Meditating doesn’t come with a lot of options but it has great benefits! The first thing is of course, teleportation but there are some secret benefits! They can learn all different kind of skills and even improve friendships with other Sims. Unfortunately, this can take a while before you are getting these benefits.

Learning to Teleport

After you reached level 7 in the Wellness skill your Sims will be able to teleport. Travel around the neighborhood by Teleportation. You will also get this option when your Sims is Levitating above the meditation stool. This can take a while for your Sims to start levitating but it really does look calming.

Giving massages

Giving Massages

Massages can be given on a Massage table or a massage chair. Give your Sims Aromatherapy massages on the Massage Table when you want a long lasting specific emotion for your Sim.

Massage Table Massages

  • Aromatherapy Massage
    Choose between the 4 different massages:

    • Lavender Aromatherapy Massage
      This will give your Sims a Focused moodlet for 12 hours.
    • Lotus Aromatherapy Massage
      This will give your Sims a Confident moodlet for 12 hours.
    • Rosemary and Mint Aromatherapy Massage
      This will give your Sims an Energized moodlet for 12 hours.
    • Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Massage
      This will give your Sims an Inspired moodlet for 12 hours.
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    This will give your Sims a Happy moodlet for 24 hours.
  • Fertility Massage
    This will give your Sims a Happy moodlet for 12 hours and increase the Sims’ chance of having twins or triplets.
  • Sports Massage
    This will give your Sims an Energized moodlet for 12 hours.
  • Stone Massage
    This will give your Sims a Happy moodlet for 24 hours.
  • Swedish Massage
    This will give your Sims a Happy moodlet for 12 hours.

Wellness Skill Unlocks

Unlock new poses, massages, recipes and interactions.

Level 1

Do Yoga Routines (yoga)
Practice Yoga (yoga)
Perform Basic Poses (yoga)
Meditate (meditation)
Give Swedish Massage (massage)

Level 2

Discuss Cognitive Focusing Methods (interaction)
Bake Sugar Free Carob Coconut Cake (recipe)
Perform the Boat Pose (yoga)

Level 3

Give Aromatherapy Massage (massage)
Perform Triangle Pose (yoga)

Level 4

Offer Mental Relaxation Tips (interaction)
Perform the Tree Pose (yoga)

Level 5

Give Deep Tissue Massage (massage)
Perform the Warrior Pose (yoga)
Might Levitate (meditation)

Level 6

Give Sports Massage (massage)
Suggest Visualization Techniques (interaction)
Lord of the Dance Pose (yoga)

Level 7

Teleport when levitating (meditation)
Make Superfood Salad (recipe)
Perform Bridge Pose (yoga)

Level 8

Give Stone Massage (massage)
Recommend Self Esteem Exercises (interaction)
Perform Headstand (yoga)

Level 9

Give Fertility Massages (massage)

Level 10

Mentor Sims in Yoga (interaction)
Brew Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea (recipe)
Share Detox Secrets (interaction)

New Recipes to unlock

The new recipes are a nice addition if you didn’t leveled your cooking skill. The first recipe you will get by leveling up the Wellness skill is the Sugar Free Carob Coconut Cake and this can give you a +1 Happy moodlet. The Superfood Salad recipe doesn’t give any moodlets while the Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea gives you a +2 Focused moodlet for 4 hours. You can make the special tea at the Tea Brewer found in the kitchen appliances tab.

Cheat โ€“ Max Wellness Skill

There is also a cheat to max your Sims Wellness Skill. Use the Cheat Console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C. Input the cheat code below to max out your skill level. If you donโ€™t want to max your skill level you can change the number 10 with the preferred skill level from 1 to 9.

stats.set_skill_level Major_Wellness 10

Visit the Cheat Code page for all skill level cheats.

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  1. if only I had money ;-; I can get the get to work and spa day instead of watching youtubers play and have fun;-; I guess ill stick to the normal base game until im older to buy my own game

  2. Now if that Teleport ability could bypass the loading screen, then I’d be very impressed! lol. Thanks for the guide!

    1. Hi,
      Your Sim needs to have level 10 of the skill you want him to mentor,or you can buy the Mentor reward trait from the Rewards Store. Also,you can have your Sim mentor another one while this Sim is practicing the skill you want to mentor (e.g: you cam mentor a Sim on guitar skill when this Sim is playing guitar.)
      Hope this helps!

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