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Fix for (Skill) Cheats After Recent Update

Many of you guys are experiencing problems with cheats after the recent update dropped, but a Simmer under the name of TwistedMexi has just dropped a new mod that fixes the problems you may be facing when using the cheats UI. Including skill cheats!

How to install

Step 1 – Download the ts4script file (found on the bottom op the page)
Step 2 – place it in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods
Step 3 – Enable mods in you game options (Gameplay options > Other)
Step 4 – Restart your game (If the mod is loaded properly a popup will confirm it was loaded.)
Step 5 – You can now use every cheat again from our cheat code page.

Update by TwistedMexi

In the post, it will tell what you need to do to download the mod and what has been fixed.

Here is a mini description of the mod.

Via TwistedMexi


So I had some time to look at the post-seasons-patch code and honestly, I don’t see how these cheats are “bugged”, it was a very intentional change to which tiers of cheats are enabled.

You have 4 classifications of cheats:


Pre-seasons, Cheat and Automation were considered the same, and if you turned on testingcheats both types of cheats were enabled. Automation cheats were not meant for the public and many of those are the ones I released. Personally I think the amount of cheats would have been severely lacking had Automation cheats not been enabled by accident.

Post-seasons, Automation cheats are now blocked unless the game is truly in an automation mode (something devs have access to for testing)

I don’t believe that this was accidental as post-cats-and-dogs patch, the reason the “toggle_selectable_pets” cheat didn’t work was because they had classified it as a new type “ReallyAutomation”. This prevented it from being enabled with the rest of the cheat/automation type cheats.

As of seasons, the “ReallyAutomation” type is gone, and the toggle_selectable_pets cheat was changed to Automation. This implies they knew Automation cheats would now be blocked. The change equates to one line of code and is so straight forward I don’t see how it could be a “bug”.

I’m really hoping the guru’s reconsider and re-enable all of the automation cheats. They’re essential for many of the play styles simmers have out there.

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    1. Can you tell me where you placed your script file you downloaded? And did you enable mods in your game?

    2. Hey Sandra, you need to make sure your script mods are enabled in gameplay options -> Other. Check that and restart the game. If the mod is loaded properly a popup will confirm it was loaded.

  1. But then I can’t use mods now because my game will crash! Both my mods and cheats are bugged out now….

    1. Back-up your mods folder and empty the real one. Than place the script file in there, you will at least be able to use the cheats.

        1. I explained it in the post.

          Step 1 – Download the ts4script file
          Step 2 – place it in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods
          Step 3 – Enable mods in you game options
          Step 4 – Restart your game
          Step 5 – You can use every cheat again.

    1. Me too. How to fix it? I’ve empty the “Mods” folder. And fill it with the script file. After i restart the game, and the pop up said “maxis doesnt pre-screen or support mods”

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