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Glitches appearing massively after The Sims 4 Seasons launch!

Many Simmers like myself have been complaining that they have been experiencing a problem with their games and also Origin after both of their updates. Not only that many Simmers have been complaining that many of their CC have been damaged/broken when they add them to their games.

Many of the wonderful SimGuru’s are in fact looking into the issues so if you are experiencing any issues just let SimGuruNick or SimGuruArvin know.

And for Origin problems all you need to do is let EAHelp know.

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  1. The rest sim option doesn’t work either in my game. So I can’t reset sims who are in awkward actions or just plain glitched.

  2. I can’t upload to the gallery and the game has a lag problem. I have just about all the same problems as Deligracy.

  3. Everything is working perfectly fine, well, except for the skill cheats. I’ve tried multiple times, but I can’t seem to get them working. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon.

  4. I’m having trouble with the Christmas decorations, I’m trying to decorate both the tree and the house, but The decoration won’t show after the sim is done with the task. Someone else struggling with this?

  5. i have a weird lighting glitch on wood, tiles and other flooring options. removed my cc, and it still doesnt make a difference. help!!!

    1. many mods stop working with updates, and since there has been a recent update, that may be the cause, thought that’s just a suggestion.
      you could check if your mods have any updates

  6. I having a problem where my sim was playing in water during summer and started freezing. I followed the instructions and put on her cold clothes but i didn’t register and she and most of her siblings died in summer due to freezing.

  7. calendar is broken(only shows one day), pause and speed options are squeezed weirdly, sims randomly teleport, pizza delivery messes up (though this isn’t really new at this point)

  8. I am having a lighting problem on my Oakenstead lot in Willow Creek. It looks really green and gloomy. I am having a similar issue on the 4 lots (umbrage manor, parkshore, ophelia villa and hallow slough in willow creek. Except those lots look pink. Please help 🙂

  9. I am on a gaming PC, hardwired to the internet and have restarted the game a number of times with the hope the constant lag would go away, no such luck and doing that new Positivity challenge is not really any fun when your sim gets stuck. All this became an issue after the recent update.

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