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Stranded Mermaid Challenge

Ever since you were little you’ve always wondered about the world above the surface. It just all looked so magical to you! Your childlike spirit makes you curious about everything out there, very adventurous of course, but it gets you into trouble as well as you tend to be a bit naive sometimes.

You see, not all Merfolk are kind-hearted like you. While you try to see the best in people, some creatures are just downright evil from head to tail and there’s nothing you can do about it. Unfortunately that’s exactly who you swam into the other day…

A Siren lured you in with her song and hooked you for one of her deals. A chance to walk above the surface?! You just couldn’t refuse! You realize now that you should have listened to your father and forget about the above-world, but your youthful excitement got the best of you! And now… it’s too late! You’re stuck, stranded on the surface… Unable to return to the sea.


Setting up the challenge

  • Make a young adult Mermaid (or Merman) in CAS and give her/him the following traits: Child of the Ocean, Childish, Romantic.
  • Give your Sim the Soulmate aspiration.
  • Your Sim must live in Sulani.
    • You can move onto any lot of your choosing, as long as you can afford it.
  • Change (if needed) the following settings in the Gameplay Options menu:
    • Play with autonomy on “Full”.
    • Lifespan should be set to normal.

Challenge Rules

  • Your Sim must remain a Mermaid during the whole duration of this challenge.
  • Use creative ways to keep your Hydration needs up.
    • You are not allowed to swim in either the sea or a pool.
      • However, you can still take a dip into a bathtub.
  • You may use your Mermaid Powers as long as you do not need to enter the water.
  • You can’t, under any circumstances, leave Sulani, ever.
    • Travel between lots on Sulani is allowed.
    • Get to Work: If your Sim gets pregnant, you may not have the baby in the Hospital.
    • Cats & Dogs: If you happen to have a pet, you may not take them to a Vet Clinic outside Sulani. This will not kill them, but they remain sick longer.
  • Feel free to do whatever you want on the island. You’re in a tropical paradise, so why not make the best of a bad situation, right?
    • Partake in local festivities, sunbathe, make sandcastles… you name it!
  • Do not use any cheats.
    • You may reset your Sim with testingcheats true if needed.

Extreme mode: Give your home lot the Off the Grid trait and live completely of the island!

After living upon the land for quite some time you got a little homesick. With your hoarding tendencies, you could not help yourself but to collect all kinds of shells that washed upon the Sulani shore, as their beauty reminds you of home!

The challenge is finished once you completed the Soulmate Aspiration and the new Shell Collection. If your Mermaid goes for a swim she didn’t hold up her end of the deal (more like scam, but okay) with the Siren, in which case you’ve lost the challenge.

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