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The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure Temple Walkthrough

In this walkthrough I’ll explain the way to the temple, possible outcomes when you have to make choices when entering new areas and the traps you’ll find in temples. Make sure you prepare yourself before going in!

How to find Treasures

You can find them anywhere after when you entered the first gate. Treasures can be found inside the temple but sometimes they’ll spawn in a random area. Make sure you’ll get them all before you leave the Belomisia Trailhead after completing a temple. You can find many different treasures: Simoleons, Omiscan Treasures, Relics, Artifacts, Adventure Gear and Fossils. Treasures will reset every time for each individual area when you complete the temple or when your Sim takes a new vacation in Salvadorado.

Walking through gates on the way to the Temple

Every time you enter a new gate you’ll get a pop-up with a challenge. Your Sim encountered a situation where he/she has to make a choice. The first and the last answer will always give the same result for that challenge. When you choose the second option, you’re taking a gamble. The outcome depends greatly on the skill that is mentioned just below the button. This doesn’t mean when you’re level 10 in Fitness for example that the outcome is always positive. There’s always a chance it could go wrong.

Every time your Sims are going on a vacation all gates and temples will reset. Below we have a summary of the possible outcomes when you pick one of the tree options.


Mysterious Pedestal #1

Nestled in the jungle is what looks like an ancient pedestal of some kind. On top is a shiny treasure, clearly placed there as an offering. It’s just there for the taking.

So, should your Sim take it or leave it behind?

Leave it

Your Sim gets uncomfortable because he/she was almost burned by a Totem.

Take it

(Higher Selvadoradian Culture Skill leads to better results)

Receive the treasure.


No changes.

Push it off with Machete

(Consumes Machete)

Receive the treasure


Mysterious Pedestal #2

Your Sim pulls back a curtain of vines and discovers a strange clearing in the jungle. There is a pedestal with a relic on top, surrounded by a circle of totems. The totems’ faces are fixed in a permanent snarl that strikes fear in your Sim’s heart. Should he/she turn back or check out the totems?

Leave it

Walk a really long way into the jungle around it, your Sim will get exhausted.

Check Out Totems

(Higher Handiness Skill leads to better results)

Construct a makeshift trap diffuser and take the relic with you.


Your Sim accidentally triggers a poison dart trap.

Disarm Totems

(Consumes Fire Foam)

Use the fire foam to cover the totems. You can safely get the relic.

Mysterious Egg

Mysterious Egg!

Your Sim is forging through the jungle when he/she almost trips over a large, strange-looking egg just lying on the jungle floor. Who knows what kind of creature is inside! What should your Sim do?

Leave Egg Alone

Your Sim gets a tense moodlet because of an alien attack.

Examine Old Egg

(Higher Rocket Science Skill leads to better results)

Recognize the creature and hatch out the egg by rubbing the egg. Receive an alien collectible.


Get burned by egg’s parents.

Poke at Egg with Flower

(Consumes Guzmania Pollenis Flower)

Egg cracks open and you receive an alien collectible.

Mysterious Egg

Watchful Observer

On a jungle trek, your Sim is watching the birds fly through the canopy when he/she almost stumbles over a very strange looking egg. A bird of prey is perched nearby and seems to be eying the egg hungrily. What should your Sim do?

Try to Scare Off Bird

Worried about the creature that runned off to the jungle.

Protectively Watch the Egg

(Higher Archaeology Skill leads to better results)

Bring the hatched creature to safety and receive a blessing.


Falls asleep while watching the egg and misses a scientific discovery.

Mist the Bird

(Consumes Drake’s Fire Quencher)

Bring the hatched creature to safety and receive a blessing.


Suddenly, Sloths! #1

There are rustles as your Sim makes his/her way through the jungle, and he/she looks up to see a whole troupe of sloths staring back. The sloths eye your Sim warily.

Should he/she find a different way around or walk among the sloths?

Take a Different Route

Get scratched by flying rodents.

Walk with the Sloths

(Higher Charisma Skill leads to better results)

Walk with the Sloths and spot a relic.


Your Sims will scare the Sloths and walks into a swarm of bats. This will make your Sim uncomfortable.

Offer Guzmania Pollenis Flower

(Consumes Guzmania Pollenis Flower)

Sloths will take your Sim to a beautiful overlook where your Sim will find a relic.


Suddenly, Sloths! #2

As your Sim rounds the corner, there is a stillness in the air. he/she looks up and notices a bed of sloths watching him/her. Your Sim is distracted for a moment and walks into a low-hanging branch, releasing a small band of fiery flies, which fly at the sloths and begin to bother them, scorching their fur in spots. What should your Sim do?

Let Nature Be

Your Sim regrets not helping the Sloths.

Distract Flies with Dance

(Higher Selvadoradian Culture Skill leads to better results)

The dance worked and the flies are distracted. The Sloths leave crystals behind for your Sim to take home.


Your Sims’ moves feel awkward and you trip. Your Sims ran away before anything worse can happen.

Mist the Flies

(Consumes Drake’s Fire Quencher)

Scare away the flies. As a thank you the Sloths have dropped a few crystals for your Sim.

Jaguar by the Lake

Jaguar by the Lake #1

While trekking through the jungle, your Sim stumbles upon a jaguar that seems to be stalking something at the edge of a lake. Should he/she sneak away or observe the jaguar’s actions?

Sneak Away

Try to sneak away but you’ll end up in a bat cave instead.

Watch the Jaguar

(Higher Fishing Skill leads to better results)

Watch the Jaguar catch a fish but it got spooked by bats. You’ll take the rare fish home with you.


Accidentally slide down a hill and get chased by bat swarm.

Help the Jaguar

(Consumes Plasma Bat Bait)

Your Sim releases flies to attract more fish for the Jaguar. Bats where also triggered by the flies and they scared of the Jaguar. It leaves behind it’s catch for you to take.

Jaguar by the Lake

Jaguar by the Lake #2

Your Sim hears a growl and slowly turns to see a jaguar patrolling through the jungle with something shiny in its jaws. The cat hasn’t spotted your Sim yet.

Should he/she stop moving and wait for it to leave or try to scare it?

Stop Moving

Get scared by a loud noise that grabs the Jaguar ‘s attention. This will make your Sim Tense.

Jump Scare Jaguar

Your Sims jumps and grabs a nearby branch and kicks the shiny object out of the jaguar’s mouth. You’ll get the shiny object.


Fall into a bush and get scratches.

Scare with Fire Quencher

Use the object to claim your crystal.

Capybara Encounter

Capybara Encounter!

As your Sim emerges into a clearing with a watering hole, he/she comes across a small family of capybaras out for an afternoon drink. They look adorable, though the smallest one looks a bit scorched and upset.

Should your Sim attempt to see what’s wrong or leave them in peace?

Watch and Enjoy

Your Sim feels sad he/she couldn’t help the Capybara.

Cautiously Approach

(High Charisma Skill leads to better results)

Slowly approaches the hurt Capybara and wash it in the water to make it better. Your Sim sees something shiny in the water and takes it with him/her.


Your Sims tries to lure out the hurt creature with some tasty greens but he/she gets bitten in the arm.

Heal Hurt Capybara

(Consumes Faraday Fizz)

The Capybara bounds off in the water and your Sim sees something shiny in the water and takes it home.

Capybara Encounter

Capybara and the Bees

While blazing a trail in the jungle, your Sim comes across a small group of capybaras hanging out by a watering hole. As he/she observes them, he/she notices one of them is approaching a huge swarm of bees. The capybara doesn’t seem to notice the impending danger.

What should your Sim do?

Wait and See

Bee swarm attacks your Sim.

Scare off Bees

(Higher Fitness Skill leads to better results)

Bee swarm attacks your Sim and gets uncomfortable.


Distract the bees and escape. You’ll find a treasure while you wait a moment to catch your breath.

Wave Around Flower

(Consumes Guzmania Pollenis Flower)

Distract the bees and find a treasure!

Abandoned Pack

Abandoned Pack

Your Sim stumbles upon what appears to be an abandoned campsite. Clearly, a previous adventurer has been through here, as there’s the remains of a small fire and an old tattered knapsack. There might still be something valuable inside… or something dangerous!

Should your Sim investigate?

Leave It Alone

Get frightened by the scorpion that’s skittering out of the knapsack. This will make your Sims Tense.

Search for Useful Gear

(Higher Logic Skill gives better results)

A poisonous scorpion appears from the bag but leaves into the jungle. Your Sims found some useful gear.


A poisonous scorpion appears from the pack and stings your Sim into their arm.

Search using Machete

(Consumes Machete)

A poisonous scorpion leaves the bag and you can pick up useful gear.

Abandoned Pack

Abandoned Campsite

Your Sim is blazing a trail through the thick jungle when he/she stumbles upon a campsite. It’s a pretty remote location, and he/she doesn’t see anyone nearby, but he/she’s not sure if it’s actually been abandoned.

Should your Sim take a look around?

Avoid the Campsite

Your Sim will be pretty shaken up by an encounter from a wild-eyed Sim.

Quietly Look Around

(Higher Fitness Skill leads to better results)

Take the artifact and get chased by a wild-eyed Sim.


Your Sim will be pretty shaken up by an encounter from a wild-eyed Sim.

Arm Self with insulation Powder

(Consumes Lightning Insulation Powder)

Use the Insulation Powder and take the artifact with you.

Archaeologist in Need

Archaeologist in Need

Your Sim is blazing a trail through the thick jungle when he/she comes across a distressed archaeologist who seems to have dropped her bag in some quicksand.

Should your Sim stop to help?

Keep Walking

Walk into quicksand and become exhausted trying to get out.

Fish out the Bag

(Higher Fishing Skill leads to better results)

Drop the bag in quicksand and get super embarrassed.


Fish out the bag and receive an artifact as a thank you.

Use Flower Stem to Recover Bag

(Consumes Guzmania Pollenis Flower)

Help out the archaeologist and receive an artifact in return.

Archaeologist in Need


Your Sim stumbles and drops his/her bag of personal effects – plop! – right into a patch of quicksand. Should your Sim reach in and try to get it or let it go?

Let It Go

Sad about losing vacation pictures.

Get It

(Higher Logic Skill leads to better results)

Accidentally pushes the bag further in and it is lost forever.


Use a stick to grab the bag and even find more adventure gear.

Use Machete to Grab Bag

(Consumes Machete)

Use the Machete to pull the bag out and even find some more adventure gear.

Carnivorous Vines!

Carnivorous Vines! #1

A glint catches your Sim’s eye, and he/she spies something shiny in the middle of a patch of vines. As he/she approaches, he/she notices that the vines seem to move menacingly and that a torn old boot sits among them. Is it evidence of another traveler who wasn’t so lucky?

Should your Sim attempt to retrieve the shiny object or leave the hostile plants alone?

Leave the Treasure

Get scared and run away.

Retrieve the Treasure

(Higher Gardening Skill leads to better results)

Your Sim recognizes the plant and know how to avoid the poisonous area of the plant. The treasure is yours!


Because your Sim underestimate the danger you’ll get poisoned.

Distract with Flies

(Consumes Plasma Bat Bait)

Distract the plant with the Plasma Bat Bait and take the treasure.

Carnivorous Vines!

Carnivorous Vines! #2

Your Sim is having a really enjoyable hike in the jungle, when he/she suddenly hears a Sim screaming a short ways off. He/she sprints in the direction of screaming, and finds a Sim that is being menaced by a carnivorous plant!

What should your Sim do?

Grab Sim and Run

Both end up filthy from sliding down a muddy slope.

Create a Distraction

(Higher Handiness Skill leads to better results)

Create a dummy to distract the plant and receive a bunch of stuff he collected as a thank you.


Nest of spiders drops on your Sim.

Confuse Plant with Spider Repellent

(Consumes Dr. Parker’s Spider Repellent)

Receive a bunch of stuff he collected.

How to get to the Hidden Temple

It’s easy to get lost the first time you’ll set foot in the Belomisia Trailhead. Maybe this will help you out when searching for the temple.

Step 1
The first entrance is in the upper left corner of your map. Start your journey there.


Step 2
Walk around the tree over the bridge. All the way on the back when you walk across the ruins you’ll find a new gate. Remove the vines and walk trough it.


Step 3
This area is full of gates! Take the one on the right in the middle. You will find the temple there.


You made it!
You’ve found the temple! Try to find some treasures while avoiding traps.


Different Temple Traps

Every temple is random generated. There’s no way to know which trap you have to deactivate beforehand. To be safe, first examine the trap. This will help you determine what kind of trap is activated. It will help if your Sims has a high level in certain skills. This is different for each kind of trap. If you were able to find the correct one through examining you can deactivate this trap to get through the temple more safely. If you don’t there’s a chance to be set on fire, get poisoned or get hit with a dart.

  • Pillars
    When you have a high Fitness skill there’s a chance that you can find the right one by just examine it.
  • Pillars (3 blocks)
    This requires a high Logic skill to easily pass trough.
  • Bowl offerings
    With a higher Archaeology skill there’s a better chance for success.
  • Totems
    You’ll need to talk to the totems, so a higher Charisma skill has and advantage to be more successful.
  • Skeletons
    These are complicated mechanisms to activate the right handle so with a high Handiness skill there’s a better chance of survival.
  • Pressure Plates
    This is a whole other mechanism. These work with emotion. A higher Selvadoradian Culture Skill can make a difference finding out which emotion your Sims need to be.
Be very careful when activating objects in temples...
Be very careful when activating objects in temples…

Change your Sims emotions in the Temple

Get Confident – Walk to the Hidden area with a crashed plane in the middle of the jungle. You can also look for a Tree of Emotions to harvest the fruit.
Get Energized – Walk to the Omniscan Royal Baths to get Energized. There’s also a Tree of Emotions right next to the pool you can harvest for fruit to change your emotion.
Get Flirty – Walk to the bridge area, you’ll get a Flirty moodlet when passing by. You can also look for a Tree of Emotions to harvest the fruit.
Get Inspired – Walk to the Cliff and get inspired by the view. You can also look for a Tree of Emotions to harvest the fruit.

Always harvest the Tree of Emotions, you'll need it to unlock gates in the temple!
Always harvest the Tree of Emotions, you’ll need it to unlock gates in the temple!
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  1. i want to now how to get to hidden path. and a specialy for go to island. too bad, what in write in this web, i had already know

    1. The paths to the hidden locations will be open randomly, every time you visit Selvadorada. Unfortunately there’s no way to tell what path opens which visit. You’ll just have to take a couple of holidays and try 🙂 Hope that helps!

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