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Doctor Career Guide (The Sims 4 Get to Work)

The Sims 4 Doctor Career

Doctor Career

The Doctor career is one of the 3 active careers in The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack where you can follow your Sims to his/her workplace. Your Doctor Sim will work at the hospital but they also make house calls.

You will start as a Medical Intern but you can climb your way up to become the Chief of Staff. By leveling up in the Doctor career you will unlock clothing, objects and even a Trait: Sickness Resistance. What will you do as a Doctor? Flirt with your co-workers? deliver babies? or diagnose patients?

Inside the Hospital

The Hospital is only accessible when you need to work at the Hospital. Join your Sim at their workday or manage your Sims at home. When working in the Hospital you can find rooms for patients, analyzing, performing surgery, a room with X-Ray Machines and a room for Medical Treadmills. These are the ones you will be using.

Start your workday at the Hospital to diagnose patients, treat patients, perform surgeries, deliver babies and determine the gender of babies on pregnant Sim.

Improve your Career Performance

Start your workday by being Happy or better by being Focused. You can do this by browsing Simpedia on the Computer at home to gain a +1 Focused moodlet for 4 hours. If you are at the Hospital you can ‘Research Health Reports on Medical Journal’ on the computer to get a +2 Focused moodlet. You can also use cheats to gain a +2 Focused moodlet for 12 hours. The best way to improve career performance are:

  • Going to work with a positive emotion (Focused).
  • Completing the Daily Task.
  • Maintaining high relationships with Co-workers.
  • Learn and level up the Logic Skill to get a better result if you are analyzing samples on the Chemical Analyzer or the X-Ray Machine.
  • Learn and level up the Handiness Skill incase equipment breaks down. You can also use it to upgrade the Chemical Analyzer or the X-Ray Machine for better results.

Doctor career visible symptoms
Examine the patient to give them the right diagnose. Look for visible symptoms.

Start your day in the Hospital

First you will need to diagnose your patient that come in to the hospital. You can use the X-Ray Machine, run tests, or bring the patient to the examination table to check his eyes, ears and take his temperature. Another option is to put your patient on the Treadmill to diagnose them.

Tip: Stick with one patient while you are completing the tasks for your career goals instead of trying to get all the patients from the front of the desk to their bed and tests them.

Diagnose your patient from visible symptoms

Sims will show visible signs about their illness. This makes it easier for you to diagnose a patient. The list below will help you out to diagnose a patient from visible symptoms. Most of the symptoms can be lead back to more than 1 disease. The longer the patient stays in the hospital the more symptoms this Sim gets.
• Releases steam from ears
• Signs of headache
Bloaty HeadTreat Bloaty Head with Shot
• Rub tummy
• Thought bubble with food/thermometer
• Giggling
• Tiger stripes on their body
• Passing gas
Gas-and-GigglesPrescribe Medication for Gas-And-Giggles
• Spots on their body
• Sneezing
• Coughing
Llama FluGive Llama Flu Vaccination
• Stars spinning over their head (dizzy)
• Whirly spots on their body
• Dizzy
Starry EyesTreat Starry Eyes with Meds
• Head will occasionally release steam (feverish)
• Spots on their body
• Itchy
• Thought bubble with thermometer
Sweaty ShiversInoculate for Sweaty Shivers
• Itchy
• Giggling
• Tiger stripes or Spots on their body
Itchy PlumbobSurgery
• Head will occasionally release steam (feverish)
• Rub tummy
• Thought bubble with bottle of Pepto
Burnin' BellySurgery
• Stars spinning over their head (dizzy)
• Sneezing
• Itchy
• Coughing
• Tiger stripes, Spots or Whirly spots on their body
The Triple ThreatSurgery

After you diagnosed your patient they will need treatment to cure the disease. The patient who are ready for their treatment will have a red heart sign above their head. After the treatment the patient is ready to go home.

Deliver babies at the Hospital

Delivering babies at the Hospital can be done by your Doctor Sim when reaching level 8 in the Doctor Career. When pregnant Sims comes into the hospital and is going into labor you will have to bring them immediately to the Surgery Table to deliver the baby. When your Sims is level 6 in the Doctor career you can determine the sex of the baby before a pregnant Sim is going in to labor. This will also work on male Sim who have been impregnated by abduction.

Tip: You can influence the gender of your Sims offspring by eating Strawberries and listening to Pop music for a girl, and eat Carrots and listen to Alternative music for a baby boy. You only have more chance for that gender but it isn’t always certain.

Making House Calls

In your career as a Doctor you will sometimes get an ‘urgent’ notification that you need to make a house call. Making house calls is not a top priority, if you want you can skip it. When to wait to long the house call will vanish but it won’t effect your work performance in a negative way. If you’re accepting the house call just click on the front desk (the counter and not the computer) to travel to the right location. When you arrive on the location you will get a main goal assigned. You need to complete this goal to get a performance boost in your career. When you are done click on your Sim to go back to the Hospital.

House Calls
When put on a House Call you only have to treat the patients, you don’t have to diagnose them.

Doctor Career (Level Rewards)

When your Sims is reaching a higher level in the Doctor career you will be able to unlock career rewards such as; Diploma's, eye chart, and a Sim Skeleton Model. Doctor Sims can also unlock new interactions: give medical advise or give bad medical advise, new romantic interaction 'check for fever' and determine if pregnant Sim is going to have a baby boy or a baby girl.
PositionDaily PayRewards
Medical Intern (1)§144N/A
Orderly (2)§184• Intern outfit (clothes)
• Doctor Xavier Ray's Display
• Not So Blind Eye Chart
Medical Assistant (3)§280• X-Ray Machines are now available for use at work
• Give Medical Advice
Medical Technologist (4)§392• Patient outfit (clothes)
• Defeat the Darkness Surgical Light
• Medical Treadmills can now be used to examine patients
Assistant Nurse (5)§680• Restless Thankless Medical Stool
• Surgery Tables at work can now be used
• Check Hotness
R.N. (6)§950• Doctor of Medicine Diploma
• Determine Baby Gender on Pregnant Sims
Doctor - General Practioner (7)§1,350• Doctor uniform (clothes)
• Seat of Health
Medical Specialist (8)§1,950• The Diligent Doctor's Desk
• Sickness Resistance Trait
• Deliver Babies
Surgeon (9)§2,450• Skelly Sim
Chief of Staff (10)§2,800• Doctor Career Styled Room

Sickness Resistance Trait

Sickness Resistance TraitResilient immunity, Sims will have a lower chance of getting sick and will recover from sickness faster. The Sickness Resistance Trait is obtained by reaching level 8 in the Doctor career.

Doctor Career Outfit Unlocks

*Special thanks to KitOnlyHuman for helping me compiling the visible symptoms list!

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